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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ranger Ghost.


AskJobAgain What was the job you mentioned before? Neutral 50 Interested now? {Beat, nods} All right. 1
GREETING GREETING Surprise 10 Hnh - didn't even hear you come up the ramp. {Beat} You don't broadcast your movements. I like that. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Curious, but not in a nice way, more wtf} Hnh. Heard your footsteps coming up the ramp, didn't sound like a trooper or one of the merchants. 3
Neutral 50 You a Courier? If so, this might be your lucky day... if you don't mind walking a bit {emph} and your eyes are good. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Change your mind? Offer's still open, {beat, to herself, concerned} lot of smoke from Nipton in the East, could use a set of eyes over there. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 You check out the Nipton Town Hall yet? Smoke trail's not getting any shorter. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Thanks for the assist. Wish others around here had your drive. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 You a Courier? If so, this might be your lucky day... if you don't mind walking a bit {emph} and your eyes are good. 8
GhostDismissiveGoodbye Never mind, I'll be going now. Neutral 50 {Dismissive} Mind yourself on the plank going down. 9
MojaveOutpostQuestion Anything you can tell me about the Outpost? Neutral 50 Not much to tell, one of the worst posts in the NCR if you're looking to be anything more than a babysitter. 10
Disgust 10 {Slight frustration in these lines} Full up here, but just enough so we {emph} can't send out patrols. Got to maintain a "standing force," Jackson's orders... {corrects self} NCR's orders. 11
Disgust 10 Can't spare men for patrols or escorts, so caravans are backing up here like a Brahmin with a bottle in its ass. {Sighs} Typical NCR bullshit. 12
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic004 Haven't been to Nipton yet. Neutral 50 If there were any survivors, they're going to be in the Town Hall. If you can get inside, let me know if you find anyone. 13
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic005 Depends on the work. Neutral 50 I think there's trouble in Nipton - no traffic from there on the roads, and while I can explain that away, the smoke from the town I can't. 14
Neutral 50 I'm sure it's been hit - what I need to know is if they survived it. Might be Powder Gangers with all that smoke in the air. 15
Neutral 50 If there's anybody left, they'd be in the Nipton Town Hall. Go there, check it out, let me know what you find. 16
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic006 What's the pay? Disgust 10 {Mocking, but not to the player} The pay? The pay is a good goddamn thanks from the heart of the Republic! 17
Disgust 10 {Scoffs} Just shitting you with the NCR line, done wonders for morale around here. President Kimball keeps saying getting shot at is its own damn reward. 18
Neutral 50 Do this job for me, though, I'll do what I can. People know I hate most everyone, so if {emph} I put in a word for you... that's gold. 19
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic010 [NCR] If I can help, I'm here to assist. Happy 10 {Studying player} Hnh. Maybe Jackson got some additional soldiers after all. {Positive eval, player's not jaded} Didn't take you for a trooper at first, you seem a little... livelier than most. 20
Neutral 50 All right, if you're here to assist, good, that's what I want to hear. 21
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic011 I'll do it. Happy 10 All right. {Beat, smiling} Look at you, all fired up and ready to go. Wish the others around here had that kind of attitude. 22
I'll do it. Neutral 50 {Get serious} Listen - I don't want you getting killed for this, so if you head there and run into trouble, I'm asking for eyes and ears, {emph} not your life. All right? 23
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic012 Already been there, Nipton was attacked by the Legion. Surprise 20 {Surprised, not good news} Legion this far West? You're fucking kidding me. 24
Fear 10 That's not {emph} outside the border, they're moving in - and fast. {To herself} Nipton wasn't the most friendly town, but... 25
Fear 10 {Sigh} All right - thanks for checking on that, wish it set my mind at ease, now I'm more on edge than ever. 26
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic013 Why don't you go check it out? Neutral 50 Got my post. Don't think I wouldn't go, too - if trouble's hit Nipton, town's got enough camping spots to rack up some easy kills. 27
Neutral 50 Not about to have Jackson bust my ass again, though, even if I came back with Caesar's head - rather be sitting here than in a cell. 28
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic014 Hear any news from the West? Disgust 10 {Dismissive} Kimball's Kimball, not sure which end is his ass or his head. Caravan families are causing trouble, Big Circle getting tense - the usual. 29
Disgust 10 Look, you want gossip, go to the bar downstairs and listen to a whole lot of nothing. Me, I got to keep watch, {grumbles} then fill out the daily log. 30
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic015 Not interested. Neutral 50 Had to try. Smoke trail's getting thicker by the hour - {under her breath} wish Jackson could spare some men. 31
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic016 If I pass through there, I'll check it out. Disgust 10 Better than nothing. {Beat} But close to it. 32
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic019 Town's been attacked, not sure by who. Neutral 50 {Skeptical} Well, if you didn't see anyone, they might be gone - be just like Powder Gangers to hit and run. 33
Neutral 50 See what you can find in the Town Hall, there might be survivors. 34
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic020 Did you have friends there? Anger 10 In Nipton? Hell no. Town was a shithole, asking to be burned. Just not by Legion. Nobody deserves that. 35
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic021 Didn't mean to be the bearer of bad news. Neutral 50 Unless you burned the town, don't take blame that's not due. Things are going to get uglier before the year's out. 36
vMojaveGhostvMORangerGhostTopic022 If that's all you wanted, I'm done. Sad 10 Well, thanks for hoofing it there and back, even if it was bad news. Wish we could spare the troops to go hunting, but... {irritated} orders are to stay put. 37
Disgust 10 {Tired} Fucking Mojave's going to hell, and all I can do is sit here and watch. 38