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This is a transcript for dialogue with Major Knight.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Slightly bored} Caravan, citizen, pilgrim, or...? 1
GREETING Happy 10 {Nods to player} Been doing a lot of good work out there, setting an example for the others - I know Ranger Jackson appreciates it. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Back again, I see. Something you need? 3
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic000 Anything I can do to help around here? Neutral 50 More than you already have? Might want to ask around, but truth is, you've already helped out a lot in the short time you've been here. 4
Anything I can do to help around here? Neutral 50 I suppose you could talk to Ghost, up on top of the barracks - uh, Ranger Ghost. Something about trouble in Nipton, maybe. 5
Anything I can do to help around here? Neutral 50 {A little surprised by the offer} Help? Oh, well... you could speak to Ranger Jackson. He might have something for you. 6
Neutral 50 He sort of runs things around here, mostly ends up sending reports back West that aren't filled with the best news. 7
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic001 I need repairs. Neutral 50 All right then... just sign here, here, and... here. 8
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic002 What kind of trouble? Neutral 50 Not exactly sure... radio's been on the fritz, and since I haven't heard any shooting, I don't think it's urgent. Can't hurt to go ask her. 9
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic003 Can you tell me about the Outpost? Neutral 50 NCR border guard duty mostly. It's our job to make sure the caravans can move safely along I-15 and Highway 95. 10
Neutral 50 Not the best posting or assignment, but it beats being sent East, or patrolling the Colorado. Legion's pretty thick there. 11
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic004 Who are you? Neutral 50 {Surprised a bit that someone would care to ask} Me, I'm Knight - Major Knight. I've been stuck here dealing with these caravans for ages now, but somebody's gotta do it. 12
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic005 Not exciting enough for you? Neutral 50 It ain't so bad. If Caesar's Legion decides to push West through Nipton ol' Mojave Outpost here will be the front line. 13
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic006 I've helped out around here, sending troops to Primm will fortify the NCR in the region. Neutral 50 I see the wisdom in that. I'll radio for a unit to head up to Primm and offer some additional support. 14
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic007 I'd like to talk to you about Primm. Neutral 50 {Slight surprise} Primm? {Recalling to himself} Hayes' unit is stationed up there, were having problems with some of the NCRCF convicts. What can I help you with? 15
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic008 Hayes is undermanned and is requesting some additional support. Neutral 50 {Frowns} I'd like to help - {beat, hates this} but we can't spare any more units. {Reciting the official line, even though he hates it} We have to maintain a minimum headcount at the Outpost, orders from the West. 16
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic009 One of the convicts from NCRCF is looking for a pardon so he can protect Primm. Anger 5 {Disbelief} One of the Powder Gangers? {Slight anger, they're like terrorists} They've been nothing but trouble for us - why would we want one of them anywhere in an official capacity? 17
<Barter Options>
Having Primm - and the trade route - under NCR control would help the West. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I see the wisdom in that. I'll radio for a unit to head up to Primm and offer some additional support. 18
If the NCR runs Primm... I bet you could sell it to... someone... somewhere. Neutral 50 [FAILED] {Player just said something stupid} NCR is not in the habit of buying and selling towns... unless that was some sort of joke on your part. 19
<Speech Options>
His sentence was almost up, and he isn't tied to the Powder Gangers. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hmm.{Pensive pause} All right. If his sentence was closing up I can see about getting him pardoned. 20
Neutral 50 Primm is important to our trade up from California, so having someone there who owes us a favor... that couldn't hurt. 21
Come on, he's just a convict. How bad could he be? Neutral 50 [FAILED] I don't think so. I'm not going to put my word on the line for some random convict. 22
Do you think I could "buy" a pardon for 200 caps? Neutral 50 {Slightly uncomfortable, voice down} Well, having a sheriff who was a convict is better than no sheriff at all... and if he has the qualifications... all right, hand it over. 23
Do you think I could "buy" a pardon for 200 caps? Neutral 50 If you {emph} had 200 caps, we could talk business - until then, we don't have anything to talk about. 24
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic013 Never mind, I'll be leaving now. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 25
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic014 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 26
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic015 Primm has seen better days. Sad 10 {Sad} It has. It was a promising trade town - before the escape at the correctional facility. {Shakes head, recalling a bad memory} Lost a good bit of money at the Vikki and Vance. 27
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic016 What? Neutral 50 Just need something for the log book, keeping tabs on traffic through the Outpost... {to himself} although mostly just in, not out these days. 28
Neutral 50 If you're looking for the commanding officer, he's in the back. Although... he's got a lot on his plate, so if you speak with him... keep it short. 29
Neutral 50 Also, you need any gear checked, we can get you up and running again... once you fill out the work orders, and sign for the parts, of course. 30
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic018 [NCR] NCR Soldier. Neutral 50 {Curious} Reinforcements? {Beat, to himself} About time we got some more hands around here. 31
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic020 [Confirmed Bachelor] You didn't tell me your name. Neutral 50 Oh - Knight. {Frowns, a little uncomfortable} You must not be from around here. If so... it doesn't do to get too friendly. {Knight's homosexual, but he doesn't want anyone in the Outpost to know for reasons he'll explain soon.} 32
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic021 What do you mean? Neutral 50 {Quieter, doesn't want to be overheard} This isn't the Republic. Oddly enough, Legion's a little more forgiving about... friendships. Out here, it's not as accepted. 33
Neutral 50 {Slightly apologetic} Not that I mind being friends, it's just being open about it in the Outpost... well, I have to work here. 34
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic023 Didn't realize NCR was so spineless. Neutral 50 Now wait a minute - Republic's a sight better than... other alternatives. Women are serving here, after all. The rest... well, might take some time. 35
Neutral 50 And they're more accepting back West, like I said. In the meantime... 36
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic024 Forget it, then, you're a waste of time. Neutral 50 Wait... wait a minute. Look. Some things in the NCR are... aren't ideal. But I want to help. 37
Forget it, then, you're a waste of time. Neutral 50 {Slight conspiratorial} If you need something repaired... let me know, I can sign the work order. As long as caps change hands, I can put them back in yours. 38
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic025 So is that a "no," you don't want to be friends, or... Neutral 50 I... would, perhaps some other time. When my orders take me to Vegas, perhaps. Wish things were different, but might take some time. 39
vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic027 I could use some help with my gear. Neutral 50 {Slight conspiratorial smile} Let me sign off on the work order for you, then. 40