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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lacey.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Bad person just walked in} Got some nerve, coming to an NCR outpost with that look about you. {Low, warning} Hope you aren't here to trade, not sure you can afford the prices. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Mildly curious} New face in the Outpost, must've come from the North. {Frowns} So - what'll you have? 2
GREETING Anger 5 Back round? Just my luck... what'll it be this time? {Curious, then slight irritation, as if the player's putting her out by just being there.} 3
vMojavevMOLaceyTopic003 What do you have for trade? Neutral 50 Take a look. 4
What do you have for trade? Neutral 50 {Skeptical, player's bad news} For you? I'm not sure I want to be seen dealing with you... {changes tune} but if you're willing to pay a little extra... 5
vMojavevMOLaceyTopic007 I was hoping to pass the time with a game or two. Neutral 50 What, Caravan? All right, I'll give it a go. {Shrugs} Haven't exactly got much of a line of folks to serve. 6
vMojavevMOLaceyTopic008 Up for some more Caravan? Neutral 50 All right, go on - let's put our cards down. 7
vMojavevMOLaceyTopic009 Anything you can tell me about the Outpost? Neutral 50 {Shrugs} Not too much, lot of caravans going nowhere. {Beat} Lot of troopers going nowhere, too. 8
Neutral 50 Few prospectors here and there, but... {shrug} they don't do more than stink up the place. 9
Neutral 50 Everybody's backed up here. {Scoffs} You think it'd be good for business, but most of the traders are tight with the caps, even the larger caravan outfits. 10
vMojavevMOLaceyTopic010 Any work around here? Neutral 50 {Dismissive} Work around here? Might check with Jackson in the main building. Or Ghost up on the roof above, but watch out, she's... well, she's kind of a bitch. 11
Neutral 50 {Backpedals} Don't tell her I said that, though. {Beat, to herself} Might take a bullet some night when I'm going to the latrine. 12
vMojavevMOLaceyTopic011 Never mind, I'll be going now. Neutral 50 {Dismissive goodbye} Fine, then. 13