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This is a transcript for dialogue with General Lee Oliver.


GREETING GREETING Happy 40 {Player just won the battle} Caesar on the cross, been a long time since I've seen the kind of work you've laid down today... a {emph} damn long time. 1
Happy 40 {Wistful} And the screams of those Legion bastards as they kicked dirt running East... like a choir of angels to my ears. 2
Happy 40 Speaking of - that crazy lightshow over the Fort, what the fuck was that, some kind of thumb from God you called down? {Wistful} Amazing, fucking amazing. 3
Happy 20 Could use a hundred of you, just scatter you over the East like jacks, give those plumed fucks the what-for. 4
GREETING Anger 10 Well, you took your sweet ass time coming here. 5
Neutral 50 Let's get down to brass tacks, we need to get this thing moving if we want to keep the element of surprise. 6
GREETING Happy 10 That was a fine bit of work back there. Truth told, I'm surprised you made it out of there in one piece. {Under his breath} You and the Dam. 7
Happy 10 I'm impressed to say the least, and that's no easy thing. You've secured NCR's future - the administration sends its thanks, for what it's worth. 8
GREETING Fear 20 {Uneasy} Guess it ain't no secret how you, uh... I say, can you ask them to put their weapons down. Was just reaching in my coat to give you a cigar. 9
GREETING Disgust 10 Come on, men - we're pulling out. 10
Disgust 20 {Mutters as walking away} Got leveled by a goddamn courier - screw the message, it's the messenger that'll fuck you. 11
GREETING Anger 40 What the hell? No, get away from me, you goddamn TV on wheels! 12
GREETING Anger 10 {Sensing unpleasant reversal} What is this Brahmin shit. I'm not getting the feeling we're all about to sing koombahyah here. 13
GREETING Anger 10 Fucking Mr. House was holding the cards the whole goddamn time. Him and his little errand boy. 14
GREETING Anger 10 Fucking Mr. House was holding the cards the whole goddamn time. Him and his little errand girl. 15
GREETING Anger 10 {Walking away, grumbling} Should have known, Greeks and gifts. That, and next time, shoot the messenger. 16
GREETING Neutral 50 <Debug: Do not delete this node, holds the nodes for Oliver fragments for battle.> 17
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic000 I have the terms of your surrender here for you. Neutral 50 What the hell are you talking about? {Accepts paper} What is this? 18
Anger 10 The Free Economic Zone of New Vegas... What the {emph} hell does that mean?! {Angry at end} Oh, wait, here we go. 19
Anger 20 Demands NCR's immediate withdrawal... {Building anger} Withdrawal? Like fucking {emph} hell we're withdrawing... we just held the dam, we didn't do it to let it go! 20
Anger 5 {Cold, pissed} This paper of yours? Isn't fit to wipe my ass. If you think after all that's happened, I'm going to grab my ankles and take it like the Legion... 21
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic010 Surrender, general. The dam is almost taken. Anger 50 This battle is far from over. Once the reinforcements from McCarran arrive, the counteroffensive will begin. 22
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic011 What is this all about? Neutral 50 You've done some great work for us up to this point, and we are hoping to use your{pause, emph} unique abilities to aid us once again. 23
Neutral 50 Thanks to the tasks my subordinates have delegated to you, the NCR now has a unique opportunity. 24
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic012 I don't have time to talk right now. Neutral 50 {Brisk, dismissive} Good, you just stand there and listen, then, that'll make this go faster. 25
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic013 That's exactly why I'm here, General Oliver. Neutral 50 Fool! We've fortified this place to hold out indefinitely against an army. What chance do you think you have? 26
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic014 What opportunity is that? Anger 10 We now have a chance to take the fight to those bastards on their home turf. 27
Neutral 50 I am in the beginning stages of planning out an assault on The Fort. I've made calls to our allies, and they are on their way to our position. 28
Surprise 10 Once our forces are in placed and garrisoned here, we'll begin our assau{assault, interrupted} lt. 29
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic015 This doesn't have to end in bloodshed, general. Neutral 50 The army of bloodthirsty maniacs with you would disagree. No, I think I'll hold the fort here until our reinforcements arrive. 30
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic017 Ok, I'll take care of him. Neutral 50 Thanks for your support. I'll make sure that the NCR Emergency radio is up and running. Go kill those bastards. 31
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic018 Can you offer any additional support? Neutral 50 Like I said earlier, we have some supplemental forces on the way, but this wasn't the situation I was expecting, so I can only offer what is on hand. 32
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic019 There won't be any reinforcements. The Legion has blocked the road west. Neutral 50 {Sighs} If that's true, then there's nothing else for it. My men and I will hold out as long as we can. 33
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic020 The Legion has more men on their way as well. Neutral 50 Do you really think your ragtag band of slavers has more manpower than the armed forces of the NCR? 34
Neutral 50 I'd pit one of my men against two of your cutthroats any day. Backed by additional troops, we'll mop the floor with your pathetic Legion. 35
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic021 There's still time. You could escape. I won't stop you. Neutral 50 And go where? According to you, the road west is blocked. And while you might let us by, I highly doubt your allies will do the same. 36
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic022 Then let's stop wasting time, shall we? Neutral 50 My thoughts exactly. 37
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic023 To what end? You delay the inevitable. Neutral 50 Better that than simply give up. What other option is available? Retreat? 38
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic024 You're right. I guess you're screwed. Neutral 50 Then let's get this over with. 39
{ Speech 50 }
I'm betting a man as smart as you wouldn't leave himself without at least one contingency. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Perhaps I do have a secret tunnel out of here. But that doesn't change anything. My duty is to stay and fight. 40
You could head down the river, take a boat or something. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Even if we hadn't blocked the river to prevent the Legion from coming at us from the south, that'd be absurd. 41
Neutral 50 Caesar's forces are arrayed all along the eastern bank. We'd be under fire the whole way. 42
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic028 And what about your duty to your men? Neutral 50 My men and I are soldiers. We share an obligation to follow orders. And our orders are to hold this dam. 43
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic030 Dying won't accomplish anything. Neutral 50 It will see that our orders are carried through to the end. That's what good soldiers do. 44
{Speech 100}
The dam is already lost, general. Your responsibility now is to get your men out of here alive. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Y-You're right. These men have placed their lives in my hands, and I won't throw them away for a lost cause. 45
Neutral 50 Don't expect to hold this place for very long, however. The NCR will be back. 46
Is this dam really that important? Really? Neutral 50 [FAILED] It sure as hell is. Aside from being an important source of power and water, it's a symbol of hope. 47
Neutral 50 Though I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand that. 48
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic033 Then choose, general. Leave now and your men will live. Stay, and you all die. Neutral 50 We choose to stay, though I think we'll all debate you on the dying part. 49
Then choose, general. Leave now and your men will live. Stay, and you all die. Neutral 50 I suppose there's no point in remaining here any longer. Very well, my men and I will leave. 50
Neutral 50 Don't expect to hold this place for very long, however. The NCR will be back. 51
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic035 Hold that thought, General. I wanted to introduce you to some friends. Fear 10 {Uneasy, army of robots suddenly appear} And... uh... well. These uh... these boys with you? Hello, there, smiley. 52
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic039 General Oliver, Hoover Dam is ours. Leave at once. Anger 10 {Cold} I would sooner spit on the grave of my dead mother than let some courier-walk-the-wasteland-fuck talk to me like that. 53
Anger 30 Who the hell do you think you are? Looking to cash your chips to the sound of NCR bullets, eh? I can oblige. 54
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic042 Are you sure that's wise? Anger 20 {Cold} Look, I know you're riding high right now, but let me tell you - you ain't pissing on me right now, you're pissing on the Bear. 55
Anger 20 You been far enough West I'm guessing to know how far that claw stretches. Fuck with the Bear, and... 56
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic046 How about I ask these robots to fuck you and your entire battalion with a rocket barrage? Anger 20 You want me to make tracks out of here, head back West, tail between our legs? 57
Anger 20 No, I came for a fight today, and if you're looking to make me budge, you better have a damn good left hook or I'm not going anywhere. 58
How about I ask these robots to fuck you and your entire battalion with a rocket barrage? Anger 20 Do you know what you're doing? Making a nation - like you think you're doing, ain't like chowing down on a pile of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. 59
Anger 25 Think you got the guts to carve out a frontier? Build towns, protect the roads, run supplies, train troops? 60
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic050 Can't do a worse job than the Republic, that's for sure. Disgust 10 {Sighs} Hell. Can't believe we got suckered by a slip of a woman. Should've watched the flank while Caesar's best were making all that noise. 61
Can't do a worse job than the Republic, that's for sure. Disgust 10 {Sighs} Hell. Can't believe we got suckered by some road jockey. Should've watched the flank while Caesar's best was making all that noise. 62
Can't do a worse job than the Republic, that's for sure. Disgust 10 I know what those robots of yours can do on a bad day, and I'm not eager to toss lives at them just to make a point. 63
Anger 10 {Lowers voice} But if you're taking this place, you better hope you can hold it. I'll give my superiors my opinion, but I don't think they're going to listen. 64
Anger 10 So if NCR comes at you, and it will, pray you're ready. I promise you, our situations reversed, I'd see you hang. 65
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic053 No, General, you keep it in mind - and our conversation is over. Neutral 50 Well, at least I can talk to you unlike that bastard Caesar and that plate-faced general. It'll do. 66
Happy 10 {Chuckles} Guess sometimes you get the bull, other times you get the horns. Still, at least some lives got saved this day. 67
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic057 Is that all? Because I've got work to do, and NCR words don't mean much around here. Disgust 10 Fine. Come on, men, we're moving out. 68
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic059 I didn't take the Dam for you, General - I took it for Vegas. Surprise 20 {Confused} Vegas? What, the families? {Beat, sudden surprise/sinking feeling} Or... House. You're talking about House. 69
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic060 Mr. House sends his regards, Oliver. He's... expanding. Anger 10 What the hell are you on about? House? He's just a rumor on the Strip, never leaves his... 70
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic061 I can't take all the credit, but it wasn't really a gamble, either. Surprise 10 Gambling? What, you looking to start a game now that the smoke's died down- 71
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic062 If that's what makes you feel comfortable, I'm not judging you. Anger 20 You know I won't surrender the Dam, and {contempt} certainly not to the ghost man of Vegas and his new right-hand-of-the-week. 72
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic065 You will because the alternative is worse - and useless. Much like NCR. Neutral 50 We held this place for years, kicked one Legate out of here so hard Caesar burned him to a crisp. It's our post, we've fought for it. 73
Neutral 50 I'll fight for it again today. If you're looking to convince me otherwise, you better have a lot more reasons than you just telling me to go. 74
You will because the alternative is worse - and useless. Much like NCR. Neutral 50 {Chuckles} Look, House... Vegas... it's pretty, got you blinded a bit maybe, but NCR's got perks, too. Think about it before you sign on with him. 75
Anger 10 And if you say "no," keep in mind what that means. NCR may have its problems, but when we're riled, watch out. 76
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic069 NCR can't hold the Mojave already, and now you're threatening me? Anger 10 I'm not going to throw away the lives of my men just to make a point. And there'll be other days. 77
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic074 Because the Generator's destroyed, the Dam is useless to you. Anger 10 Lot of PreWar factories and tech lying around the Mojave, our engineers'll get it running again, no matter how much damage you've done down there. 78
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic075 You think these robots are all the forces I have? Anger 10 Right now, they're all that's standing here - well, except for the corpses. So that's your plan, hold the Dam here all by your lonesome? 79
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic076 <Bluff> Because you're talking and not attacking? Sad 10 [SUCCEEDED] Yeah... but I wasn't expecting a fight when I came up here. {Beat} And now that we're talking, I don't like the sound of things. 80
<Bluff> Is talking all you can do? I can talk tough, too - real tough. Happy 20 [FAILED] {Chuckles} That so, well, if all you brought is words, then this is going to be one short conversation. 81
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic078 Oh, with a crack squad like at HELIOS One? Try it. Anger 10 Even if we're running at one percent for a year, it's still worth holding this place. 82
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic079 <Bluff> The generator is beyond repair, trust me. Anger 10 [SUCCEEDED] {He's beaten} Of all the goddamn luck... 83
<Bluff> Last I looked, that generator was on its last legs. Disgust 10 [FAILED] Oh, "last you looked," huh? Yeah, we'll take another look... after you haul ass outta here. 84
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic080 Even if you fix it, you couldn't re-program the power grid, the systems are fried. Disgust 10 [SUCCEEDED] Fucking PreWar RobCo pieces of shit... 85
Even if you fixed the generators, hacking the code won't be easy. Disgust 20 [FAILED] {Sarcastic} Yeah, now where would we find an experienced computer specialist in the NCR? We'll find one, don't you worry. 86
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic081 Send an engineer down to inspect the turbine and the housing - let them tell you. Sad 10 [SUCCEEDED] {Beaten} No... I can tell it'd just be a wasted trip. 87
I doubt you know how bad the generator is by looking at it, trust me. Anger 10 [FAILED] Considering how long we've been here, we know it well. We've patched this place up plenty - we'll get it running again. 88
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic082 While the Boomers fly West? Works for me. Fear 10 They wouldn't. 89
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic083 I just stood down Caesar's toughest General... you think I won't? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] {Defeated, downcast} No... no, you're here in the Legate's camp first, I think that says enough. 90
I think how I handled the Legate should be enough for you. Anger 10 [FAILED] And maybe you fed him a line of Brahmin shit, too, enough to make his dumb ass think twice... I ain't Legion, and I need more than words. 91
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic084 Once I radio the Brotherhood, they can handle the fighting elsewhere. Fear 10 The Brotherhood? On the attack? I think we would have heard something from them by now. 92
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic085 Who's to say? I just suggested coming to Hoover Dam to them, and BOOM. Disgust 10 [SUCCEEDED] {Defeated, pissed} This has been a fuck of a day. 93
Um, well, I'm sure if ask them they'll be on board. Anger 10 [FAILED] No, I think they blew their load here today with their fireworks... they'll prefer targets closer to home. 94
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic086 Look, either you're going to leave, or you're going to fight. So decide. Anger 10 I think you're cashed out enough that my chances are pretty good. And like I said, I'm not leaving the Dam now the Legion's been broken. 95
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic087 Really? We should play cards some time, you're bluffing. Anger 10 [SUCCEEDED] {Gives up, he's been beaten} Godammit. 96
Well, uh, one percent... are you sure? Seems weak to me. Anger 10 [FAILED] If that's the best you can muster, then it's you who should be backing up slow, and your buddies with you. 97
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic088 It was my duty, General - I was glad to help out. Happy 10 And we're glad to have you - and whether you're a soldier of the Republic or not, you're it in my eyes. 98
Sad 10 Sometimes the Republic gets lost along the way while it's trying to follow its instincts... but when soldiers like you come along... 99
Happy 10 It helps get them back on track, and does it by example. And what you've done here today, that's going to keep us going for a while. 100
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic091 Then maybe the Brotherhood would have more incentive. Anger 10 [SUCCEEDED] The Brotherhood? {Beat} Last thing we fucking need now. 101
Then... the Brotherhood might be willing to help me, I think. Happy 10 [FAILED] Yeah, and we'll kick their ass again like we did at HELIOS One - tell them to come, we got a whole mess of armor-piercing rounds. 102
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic092 I couldn't have done it alone, and I appreciate the assist along the way. Happy 10 Least we could do. And seeing those shits of Caesar kicking dirt as they ran - did my heart good, let me tell you. 103
Happy 10 Might see some recruitment numbers rise, build some morale out in the Mojave long enough for NCR to find its feet again. 104
Happy 10 All due to you - again, you have my thanks. And all the West, too, once they pass it over the radio... {mutters} after signing the right release forms. 105
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic093 Exactly - and while you've been occupied here, they're ready. Anger 10 [SUCCEEDED] {Defeated} First the Legion, then the Brotherhood hitting us is about the last thing the Republic needs right now. 106
Oh, I think it is... numbers aren't everything, really. Happy 10 [FAILED] Yeah, and we'll kick their ass again like we did at HELIOS One - tell them to come, we got a whole mess of armor-piercing rounds. 107
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic094 And once the Boomers join them? Disgust 10 [SUCCEEDED] {Defeated} This has been a fuck of a day. 108
The Boomers might be willing, too... if I ask them. Which I will. Happy 10 [FAILED] You go on and do that. Me? I think they shot their last wad today... from now on, they'll prefer targets closer to home. 109
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic095 Sometimes I wonder if NCR wouldn't lose the whole West if they weren't sitting on it. Neutral 50 {Sigh, confiding} Look. The NCR isn't everyone here, and it definitely ain't you. 110
Neutral 50 It's filled with people that take action and don't wait for someone to say what's right and what's wrong and make sure the proper form's filled out. 111
Neutral 50 When there's an example of that kind of success... that can shake things up enough so the good that came with the intention shines through. 112
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic096 <Attack> Actually, nothing of the sort. We've come to exterminate you. Anger 10 Figured as much. Come on, you sons of bitches, we're ready. 113
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic098 Look, you've got two choices - leave, or fight. Anger 10 I think you're cashed out enough that my chances are pretty good. And like I said, I'm not leaving the Dam now the Legion's been broken. 114
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic099 <Bluff> The fact you're talking me with me says a lot about your willingness to fight. Disgust 10 [SUCCEEDED] True, guess I'm a little too used to seeing Securitrons in Vegas to think they'd turn and be bad news - and I know how bad they can get. 115
Well, I guess we can talk some more, if it'll settle things. Happy 20 [FAILED] {Chuckles} If that's your idea of diplomacy, then things are looking miles better on my side of the fence. 116
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic100 I have no intention of leaving you empty-handed. Anger 10 {Frowns} Looking to make a deal, then? All right... let's hear it. 117
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic101 We want the Dam, but the power it generates can be shared. Neutral 50 You sure got its heart beating in new ways... but that just makes me want all of it, not handouts. 118
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic102 What if we give NCR some concessions in trade with Vegas - and the East? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] If you're buying our ear for the moment, Hoover Dam's more than a fistful of caps to my superiors. Vegas is interesting... the East... 119
Neutral 50 That'll take too long to build up to generate capital - 'course, since you'd have to guard it during that time... don't know, could go either way. 120
Maybe we could... give you some caps, from the battle? Anger 20 [FAILED] {Irritated} What, loot we'd get anyway once we kicked your ass and more? No, I don't think so. 121
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic103 We'd also guarantee protection to the caravans - and enforcement of fair trade practices. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hnh. Willing to tackle the caravan families? Keeping that bunch in line... well, that's no easy job. 122
Happy 10 In fact, that's such a shitty job, those caravan families will be the one bottlecapping you to death inch by inch - and that sounds good to me. 123
Happy 15 Be a nice turnabout from your friend, House, and all the bottlecapping he's been doing to NCR for years. Sounds sweet to me. 124
Well, we might be able to open the East up faster if we work harder at it. Disgust 10 [FAILED] {Snorts} With your wheeled buddies as merchants? No, the East is going to be a hard nut to crack, and I don't think you know what you're in for. 125
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic104 The reason we need to hold on to it is because it's very technical. Very. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] So you're saying without you, Hoover Dam just beats slower and dies. I believe it, I saw it myself this day, you woke it up, true enough. 126
Neutral 50 Still, even power from the Dam - that's not enough to wash the salt out of the wound here, and it only benefits NCR in the Mojave, not the West. 127
The reason we need to hold on to it is because it's very technical. Very. Anger 10 [FAILED] Well, that kind of fence-sitting is exactly what makes me think we can make use of the... improvements here. Without you. 128
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic105 There are... technologies in Vegas we may be able to provide to NCR. Not all, but some. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hmmm. Well... Vegas burns brighter than most cities West of the Divide, and that glitter has its appeal. 129
Neutral 50 Not sure that's going to mend fences with the folks back West, though. But... 130
The reason we need to hold on to it is because it's very technical. Very. Anger 10 [FAILED] No, you tricked us once, and taking more gifts from you deeper into NCR's just asking for trouble by my book. 131
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic106 As long as that's not a "no," then I'd take that doubt to your superiors. Neutral 50 No, no, no... you've given me enough ammo for the Republic... but what one head may like, the other bear head may not. 132
Neutral 50 Still, I'm not about to add blood to the mix since you could've done us like the Legion now if you wanted. 133
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic109 What happens now? Neutral 50 We clean up, take prisoners, watch the East for any more trouble from the Legion... though I think they're still running, according to our scouts. 134
Neutral 50 After that, we'll see what happens when the dust settles and how the Mojave looks now without Caesar coming for its throat. 135
Neutral 50 Something tells me we better enjoy this breather while we can... and if that means Vegas, then you and the troops have earned it. 136
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic110 I'm going to rest for a bit, if you don't mind. Happy 10 Course not. You earned it - rest up, let us carry things for a while. 137
I'm going to rest for a bit, if you don't mind. Neutral 50 {To himself} Kind of curious how this is going to pan out in the long run... but I'll guess history'll tell us in its own sweet time. 138
VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic111 If there's nothing else, General, I'll head out. Happy 30 {Chuckles} Can't keep the courier spirit down, eh? Fair enough. We'll clean up here. 139
VHDOliverLegionFightStarter VHDOliverLegionFightStarter Neutral 50 So, you must be the Courier the reports mentioned. Pass this message on to your commander - Hoover Dam will not fall while I still draw breath. 140
vHDOliverConversationContinue <Debug: Don't Delete>Oliver Forced Dialogue in Dam. Neutral 50 Okay, listen here. Unless we can get some additional support, I'm going to need you to help me resolve this situation. 141
Neutral 50 You need to make your way to this camp they have on the eastern bank and take out the Legate. That should hamstring this attack. 142


vHDOliverEmergency2 vHDOliverEmergency2 Neutral 50 Into the power station?{Dumbfounded} How is that possible? 143


AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 Better not try that again. 144
Assault Assault Neutral 50 Assassin! 145
Attack Attack Neutral 50 Take this! 146
Attack Neutral 50 Had enough? 147
Attack Neutral 50 Want some more? 148
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Look out! 149
Death Death Neutral 50 {Death sound} 150
DeathResponse DeathResponse Neutral 50 Man down! 151
DeathResponse Neutral 50 You'll pay for that! 152
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Incoming! 153
Flee Flee Neutral 50 Fall back! 154
Hit Hit Neutral 50 I'm hit! 155
Murder Murder Neutral 50 You killed him! 156
Murder Neutral 50 You killed her! 157
Steal Steal Neutral 50 Thief! 158


AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 Who's there? 159
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 I've got you now. 160
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Guess it was nothing. 161
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 Where'd you go? 162
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Glad that's over. 163
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 I'll find you. 164
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 There you are! 165
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 Guess he's gone. 166
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Guess she's gone. 167
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 What was that? 168
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 Over here! 169