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This is a transcript for dialogue with Omerta thug (Gomorrah bouncer).

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Anger 20 Hey Buddy, Zoara is off limits to everyone but Family. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Go ahead and talk to the bosses, they'll want to hear what you have to say. 2
vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic001 What do you mean by Family? Anger 50 Family, the fucking Omertas. Are you new around here or what? 3
vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic002 What is Zoara? Neutral 50 Zoara is our club. The Family club. If you got business with the bosses, you can go upstairs to talk to them. 4
vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic003 I have business with your bosses. Disgust 15 What business is that? 5
vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic004 Nevermind, I'm done now. Disgust 50 Good, get lost. 6
vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic005 One of your soldiers has been breaking family rules, here is the proof. Anger 50 Yeah, give me what you got. 7
Surprise 50 What the fuck? Oh shit. Yeah, go talk to Nero or Big Sal upstairs. They'll want to see this. I'll send Cachino to the office as well. 8
vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic006 My business with the bosses is my business, not yours. Anger 25 It's my fucking job, and no one sees the bosses unless I give the okay. 9
{Speech Options}
It involves Cachino, and if you don't let me through it'll involve you too. Fear 50 [SUCCEEDED] Okay, calm down. I'm just doing my job. Go talk to the bosses, one of them should be upstairs. Look for Big Sal or Nero. 10
Neutral 50 I'll tell Cachino to head upstairs. 11
What I have is for their eyes only, not some lowly thug. Anger 50 [FAILED] I don't know who the fuck{emphasized} you think you are, but this is my gate and I'm the gatekeeper. 12
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