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This is a transcript for dialogue with Simon.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Don't talk to me, rookie! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 They're all dead. Guy must've had some kind of explosive on him, set off all the ordinance in this place at once. 2
Neutral 50 Congratulations, rookie. You just cost me my job. Don't think I don't appreciate it. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 I was just telling Gloria about your performance. Hell of a first day, huh? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome to the Silver Rush, New Vegas's best- ah, I'm just kidding. Go on in. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome to the Silv- ah crap, don't tell me you're my new guard. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Okay, now let's get you geared up. First, your armor. 7
Neutral 50 Standard issue is your run-of-the-mill combat armor, with a nice dark coat of paint for both brand recognition and sheer intimidation value. 8
Neutral 50 Next, your weapon. Guards are required to use rifles. Anything lighter compromises your combat effectiveness. 9
Neutral 50 Anything heavier and people are too scared to come in the door. What's your preference, laser or plasma? 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome to the Silver Rush, New Vegas's best source of laser and plasma weapons. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't hurry me. I'm trying to get your stuff ready. 12
VFSSimonCallsItADay VFSSimonCallsItADay Neutral 50 It's just about closing time. Let's go see the boss about getting paid. 13
VFSSimonCallsItADay Neutral 50 Oh, I'm going to need the rifle and armor back. Boss's orders. 14
VFSSimonSearch VFSSimonSearch Neutral 50 I'm afraid I'm going to have to search you before letting you in. The only weapons allowed on the premises are the ones we're selling. 15
VFSSimonSearchDone VFSSimonSearchDone Neutral 50 There, I've stowed all of your weapons. You're clear to enter. When you leave, I'll hand them all back to you. 16
VMS29aVFSSimonTopic000 Okay, search away. Neutral 50 This should only take a moment. 17
VMS29aVFSSimonTopic001 That's not going to happen. Neutral 50 Then you're not going to shop here. 18
VMS29aVFSVanGraffThug09Topic000 That's right. Neutral 50 Well, no time for pleasantries. I've got your gear right here, but let's see if you can follow instructions. 19
That's right. Neutral 50 You'll be covering the other side of the door there. Take your position while I get your stuff out. 20
VMS29aVFSVanGraffThug09Topic001 How did you know? Neutral 50 You can always tell a rookie. You look too eager. Give the job a few hours, and the shine'll come right off. 21
VMS29aVFSVanGraffThug09Topic002 Looks like we're stuck with each other. Neutral 50 I've been paired with worse, I guess. Anyway, let's see if you can follow instructions. 22
VMS29aVFSVanGraffThug09Topic003 Laser. Neutral 50 Good choice. I prefer laser-based weapons myself, but the boss lady said she wants at least one guard using a plasma rifle. 23
Neutral 50 Says the lightning bits draw in more people. Whatever. 24
Laser. Neutral 50 Now that you're equipped, a quick word on the job at hand. In a nutshell, we're here to keep the riff-raff away. 25
Neutral 50 Drunks, punks, and capless vermin are to be turned away. Potential customers are to be permitted normal entrance. 26
Neutral 50 That is, after we pat them down for weapons. An unarmed man is a lot less likely to try to steal something with several armed guards around. 27
Neutral 50 Don't start any fights. I don't care if some Jet junkie just insulted your mother, we're here to promote violence elsewhere, not start it here. 28
Neutral 50 Lastly, don't abandon your post. We're getting paid to stand next to this door, not talk to someone down the street or head to the casino. 29
Neutral 50 That goes double for any thoughts of splitting with that gear. Every now and then some young punk thinks he can run off with Van Graff property. 30
Neutral 50 Trust me, the rifle and armor are nice, but they're not worth your life. 31
Laser. Neutral 50 Other than that, relax. There's usually some eye candy coming and going from the Wrangler over there at some point, so the view's not too bad. 32
Laser. Neutral 50 Other than that, relax. Who knows, you might attract a high roller from the Wrangler over there and never have to pull a gig like this again! 33
VMS29aVFSVanGraffThug09Topic004 Plasma. Neutral 50 Nothing wrong with going plasma. Just make sure you hit what you're aiming at. 34
VMS29aVFSVanGraffThug09Topic005 What's the difference? Neutral 50 Lasers have a high rate of fire, but not a lot of stopping power. Plasma on the other hand is slow as a mule, but with a kick to match. 35
Neutral 50 So what'll it be? 36


VFSPacerGreetsSimon VFSPacerGreetsSimon Neutral 50 {Tiny bit of distaste here, he doesn't like Pacer} What can I say? Business has been good lately. We can afford the help. 37
VFSPacerGreetsSimon Neutral 50 {mood gets darker, Simon doesn't like Pacer talking about Gloria} You know she is. {This is a threat, Pacer's dead if he goes inside} Why don't you go in and say hi? 38
VFSSimonBomberAftermath VFSSimonBomberAftermath Neutral 50 Now what in the {stressed} hell do you suppose that was about? 39
VFSSimonBomberAnnounce VFSSimonBomberAnnounce Neutral 50 Looks like that guy's headed this way. Don't screw it up. 40
VFSSimonBomberCleanUp VFSSimonBomberCleanUp Neutral 50 Help me clean this up. No one's going to want to shop here with a corpse out front. 41
VFSSimonBomberLetIn VFSSimonBomberLetIn Neutral 50 You're doing that on purpose, aren't you? 42
VFSSimonBomberStopHim VFSSimonBomberStopHim Neutral 50 Stop him! 43
VFSSimonCallsForBackup VFSSimonCallsForBackup Neutral 50 I could use some help out here! 44
VFSSimonDrunkAnnounce VFSSimonDrunkComment Neutral 50 Here comes a winner. I'll let you handle this one. 45
VFSSimonDrunkElsewhere VFSSimonDrunkElsewhere Neutral 50 More like he's going to the Wrangler for another drink. You watch. 46
VFSSimonDrunkPolicy VFSSimonDrunkPolicy Neutral 50 Good. Stick to the rules. 47
VFSSimonDrunkRebuke VFSSimonRebuke Neutral 50 Hoo boy, Gloria's gonna have your ass for letting that wino in. You're not starting the day well, rookie. 48
VFSSimonGamblerAnnounce VFSSimonGamblerAnnounce Neutral 50 Heads up. Looks like we've got another customer. 49
VFSSimonGamblerClean VFSSimonGamblerClean Neutral 50 He's clean. 50
VFSSimonGamblerLetIn VFSSimonGamblerLetIn Neutral 50 You just going to let everyone in without checking them? Bad move, rookie. That's going in my report. 51
VFSSimonGamblerLostAnotherOne VFSSimonGamblerLostAnotherOne Neutral 50 You keep losing us business like that, and you can forget about being paid. 52
VFSSimonGamblerNoPatDown VFSSimonGamblerNoPatDown Neutral 50 You don't listen too well, do you? We're supposed to pat everyone down. That's going in my report. 53
VFSSimonGamblerPeoplePerson VFSSimonGamblerPeoplePerson Neutral 50 Wow, you're a real people person, aren't you? 54
VFSSimonLongDay VFSSimonLongDay Neutral 50 Settle in. You've got some hours left before your shift ends. 55
VFSSimonManClean VFSSimonManClean Neutral 50 He's clean. 56
VFSSimonNormalAnnounce VFSSimonNormalAnnounce Neutral 50 Another one coming. You're on. 57
VFSSimonNormalDrivenOff VFSSimonNormalDrivenOff Neutral 50 You know, guarding the door's not {stressed} that complicated. Maybe you'd be better off in another line of work. 58
VFSSimonNormalNoSearch VFSSimonNormalNoSearch Neutral 50 It's almost like I never said anything at all. 59
VFSSimonNormalSearch VFSSimonNormalSearch Neutral 50 He's clean. 60
VFSSimonNormalWentIn VFSSimonNormalWentIn Neutral 50 See? Not so hard is it? 61
VFSSimonPacerAnnounce VFSSimonPacerAnnounce Neutral 50 Crap. {stressed} This I do not need today. Keep your head straight, rookie. Things are about to get interesting. 62
VFSSimonPacerCleanup VFSSimonPacerCleanup Neutral 50 Come on, help me clean this up. 63
VFSSimonPacerDead VFSSimonPacerDead Neutral 50 Oh man, Gloria's going to be pissed when she hears about this. Still, he started it, so we probably won't go to war with the Kings. 64
VFSSimonPacerPeaceful VFSSimonPacerPeaceful Neutral 50 Way to keep your head, rookie. There's hope for you yet. 65
VFSSimonPlayerAttackedCustomer VFSSimonPlayerAttackedCustomer Neutral 50 What the hell are you doing? 66
VFSSimonPlayerLetSomeoneBy VFSSimonPlayerLetSomeoneBy Neutral 50 We're supposed to pat everyone down. Didn't you hear that part of my instructions? 67
VFSSimonPlayerLetSomeoneBy Neutral 50 Were you even listening when I said what you're supposed to do? 68
VFSSimonPlayerLetSomeoneBy Neutral 50 It's almost like I never said anything at all. 69
VFSSimonPlayerLetSomeoneBy Neutral 50 You're doing it on purpose, aren't you? 70
VFSSimonPlayerRunningOff VFSSimonPlayerRunningOff Neutral 50 What did I tell you about trying to make off with that gear? 71
VFSSimonPostBomb VFSSimonPostBomb Neutral 50 Oh shit. Oh shit shit shit. 72
VFSSimonTellsYouToLookAround VFSSimonTellsYouToLookAround Neutral 50 Good. Look around and get a feel for where customers and risks can enter and exit the area while I get your gear ready. 73
VFSSimonWomanClean VFSSimonWomanClean Neutral 50 She's clean. 74