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This is a transcript for dialogue with Pacer.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Not bad. You're lucky I was drawing their fire, otherwise you would have been chewed up. 1
Neutral 50 I sent one of my guys back to the King to report what happened. You should head back. He'll probably want to thank you. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 The King just sent a messenger over, saying these guys are off-limits. He's probably already heard about what you did here. 3
Neutral 50 Looks like you get to be a hero. Enjoy it while it lasts. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Why the hell are you here? I got this under control! 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Why are you talking to me? Smoke these guys already! 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Good, you're here. These soldier boys don't kid around. They must have had a lookout posted and spotted us coming. 7
Neutral 50 They took out two of my guys right away, and now the rest are too scared to move in. That leaves you. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 What do we have here? Another petitioner for the King? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 Look who's back. If you want to see the King, you better pay up. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Go on. The King's a busy man. Be grateful for this opportunity. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 I've got my eye on you. You cross the Kings, you'll regret it. 12
GREETING Anger 30 {Said with an accusing tone, emphasis on the "you"} What do you want? 13
VFSGuardPacerMocksGloria VFSGuardPacerMocksGloria Neutral 50 Actually, I've got a better idea. Make the new hire tell her. You'll do that for me, won't you? 14
VFSGuardPacerMocksGloria Neutral 50 Hey, I've seen you before around our place. You've really fallen on hard times if you're working for these clowns. 15
VFSGuardPacerMocksGloria Neutral 50 Hey, you're the one who helped us out with those NCR chumps. You really get around, don't you? 16
VFSPacerBetrays VFSPacerBetrays Neutral 50 And you. Bringing these assholes in here like you're doing us some kind of favor. 17
Neutral 50 You can take your new friends and get the hell out of here, because the answer is no. The Kings will never deal with trash from the NCR. 18
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic000 Who's the King? Neutral 50 Who's the King? You believe this asshole, man? 19
Neutral 50 In Freeside, the Kings rule. And the King rules the Kings. Got it? 20
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic001 Yes, I'd like to see the King if possible. Neutral 50 Anything's possible, I suppose. How much is it worth to you to meet the big man? 21
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic003 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Whatever. 22
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic014 Here's 5 caps. Neutral 50 What, do I look like a beggar to you? Take a hike, cheapskate. 23
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic015 Here's 50 caps. Neutral 50 You know what? I think you and the King have some business to discuss. 24
Neutral 50 Head on through. The King's the bored-looking guy by the stage. Can't fuckin' miss him. 25
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic016 Is 500 caps enough? Neutral 50 Whoa. I mean, yeah, that should do. The King will see you now. 26
Neutral 50 Head on through. He's the bored-looking guy by the stage. Can't fuckin' miss him. 27
VFreeformFreesideFSPacerTopic023 Maybe I should be going. Neutral 50 Sounds about right. 28
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic002 What about you? Neutral 50 They seem to have it in for me. Go figure. While they waste all their bullets trying to get me, you head in and waste 'em. 29
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic003 What do you want me to do? Neutral 50 Take these assholes out, what else? Now go! 30
{ Barter >= 50 }
What's my help worth to you? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You're a bastard after my own heart. Here, it's all I got. 31
Neutral 50 Now get in there and waste those guys! 32
I'll need at least two thousand caps to motivate me. Neutral 50 [FAILED] What the hell? I ain't got that kind of money! 33
Neutral 50 Take those guys out and I'm sure the King will reward you just fine. 34
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic005 I don't have much on me. Neutral 50 Then the King has no interest in seeing you. 35
{Speech check >= 60}
I'm new in town, and wanted to pay my respects. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You know what? I like you. Half of the people around here, they forget who runs this place. 36
Neutral 50 Head on through. The King's the bored-looking guy by the stage. Can't fuckin miss him. 37
Trust me, the King will want to see me. Neutral 50 [FAILED] No, trust me, the King will want to see you if I want you to see him. Come back when you figure out how the world works. 38
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic007 Pacer, I won't let you ruin this opportunity. Neutral 50 Let's see you stop me, then. Guys, let's teach these soldier boys a lesson. 39
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic008 Tell me about Freeside. Neutral 50 It ain't much to look at, but this dump has something that even the Strip doesn't, and that's absolute freedom. 40
Neutral 50 You go other places, and there's always someone screaming at you to act a certain way, or to not do certain things. 41
Neutral 50 Freeside's not like that. Everyone here is free to do whatever they want, and I for one wouldn't want it any other way. 42
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic009 I think that's up to the King. Neutral 50 Not anymore it isn't. He's not in his right mind if he's even thinking about making a deal with this scum. 43
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic010 I was afraid this would happen. Sergeant, you know what to do. Neutral 50 What the f-? Get the others! Now! 44
{Speech check >= 75}
So you'll fight him *and* the NCR? Can the Kings afford to fight each other? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I... No. We would never survive. We need to stick together. 45
Neutral 50 I'll go with whatever the King decides, but I'll be watching these NCR scumbags like a hawk. If they try anything... 46
Just shut up and do what your leader tells you! Neutral 50 [FAILED] No, I won't even consider this. We'll show the NCR they can't bully us! 47
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic012 What can you tell me about the Kings? Neutral 50 Not much to tell. We're a bunch of guys that just want to do our own thing, and anyone who's got a problem with that can shove it. 48
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic013 How did you join the Kings? Neutral 50 I didn't join the Kings. I helped start the Kings. This whole operation you see here was put together by the King and yours truly. 49
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic014 I'm trying to get to the Strip. Know anything that could help me out? Neutral 50 You're looking to get past those tin cans at the gate, right? They let people by all the time, if they've got the caps. 50
Neutral 50 But if you're not rich, and I can tell you ain't, the King might be able to help you out, provided he likes you. 51
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic016 We're dealing with the King, not you. Neutral 50 You're going to have to deal with me whether you like it or not. Get them! 52
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic017 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Sure. 53
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic018 What about crime? Neutral 50 What about it? Someone takes your stuff, you're free to take it back. If you can't, maybe you shouldn't have come to Freeside in the first place. 54
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic019 Don't the Kings run this place, though? Neutral 50 We do what we want, just like everybody else. We just have more guys, so other people tend to do what we want, too. 55
Neutral 50 If somebody does something we don't like, we let them know about it. If they're strong enough not to care about us liking it, good for them. 56
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic020 I heard a rumor that there's something between you and the Van Graffs. What happened? Neutral 50 Pfff, that's old news. I had some fun with that girl that runs their operation, and then I got tired of her. So I moved on. 57
Neutral 50 She don't like that, see? Normally, I bet she'd just have a guy killed for doing that, but as you can see, I'm still around. 58
Neutral 50 Most people think it's cause she doesn't want to start an all-out war with us, but that ain't it at all. She's still got it bad for me. 59
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic021 Is there anyone like that in Freeside? Neutral 50 Well, the Van Graffs for one. We had a slight difference of opinion when they first showed up. 60
Neutral 50 Changed our minds pretty quick after a brief demonstration of how much firepower they're packing. 61
Neutral 50 We could probably take them, but we'd lose a lotta guys doing it. 62
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic022 So there's no law here at all? Neutral 50 People can do whatever they want, they just have to keep in mind what'll happen afterward. 63
Neutral 50 I guess you could say we don't have law so much as consequences. 64
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic024 What is there to do in Freeside? Neutral 50 Aside from this place, there's the Atomic Wrangler just up the street. Women, gambling, booze, you name it, they got you covered. 65
Neutral 50 If you're more of a prude, the Followers run a mission out of the Old Mormon Fort up toward the north gate. Great place if you're hurt, I guess. 66
Neutral 50 If you like things dangerous, just past the Wrangler is the Silver Rush, where the Van Graff family peddles their weapons. 67
Neutral 50 Their stuff is outrageously priced, but if you want to shoot something hi-tech, they're the best game in town. 68
VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic025 Did you have something to do with that NCR messenger getting attacked? Neutral 50 Look, I already told you that was bullshit. Probably just an excuse those lying soldier scum made up to not share their grub with us. 69
Neutral 50 So don't ask me about it again, you hear me? 70
VMS19PacerIntercedes VMS19PacerIntercedes Neutral 50 Hey there, I heard that NCR soldier lady told you some wild story about them sending a messenger to us to work out some deal. 71
Anger 75 That's bullshit, and it's nothing to bother the King with. More like they sent someone to spy on us and he wasn't tough enough to last in Freeside. 72
Anger 50 So do everyone a favor and keep your mouth shut about it, okay? 73
VMS19VFSPacerTopic000 What's my silence worth to you? Happy 50 You're a bastard after my own heart. Here, this should do it. 74
{ Barter > 50 }
That's a good start... Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Fine, here's some more, but you better keep you mouth shut! I'm out of here. Got some important business to take care of. 75
That's it? Neutral 50 [FAILED] That's all you get. Now keep your mouth shut. Now if you'll pardon me, I got some important business to take care of. 76
VMS19VFSPacerTopic002 Thanks. I suddenly forgot what I was going to tell the King. Neutral 50 Good, see that it stays that way. Now if you'll pardon me, I got some important business to take care of. 77
VMS19VFSPacerTopic003 I still think he should know about it. Disgust 50 That's a shame. Well, do what you want. Just don't expect it to matter. 78
VMS19VFSPacerTopic004 You're right. He shouldn't be bothered with rumors right now. Happy 25 Exactly. Seeing that we're of one mind on this, I'll head out. I got business to take care of. 79
VMS19VFSPacerTopic005 Thanks. This will keep me warm while I tell the story to the King. Disgust 50 Why you lit- You're just lucky I got something important to take care of. We'll settle this later. 80
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic000 I'll be sure to pass it along. Neutral 50 That's a good dog. Well, I'm out of here. Later, Simon. 81
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic001 Why not tell her yourself? Neutral 50 I would, but I tend to distract the boss lady a little too much. She can't help herself. 82
Neutral 50 Anyway, I've got things to do. Later, Simon. 83
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic002 Get out of here before you get hurt. Neutral 50 Ouch, this one's got a bite, Simon! Call him off, or he'll get put down. 84
Get out of here before you get hurt. Neutral 50 Ouch, this one's got a bite, Simon! Call her off, or she'll get put down. 85
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic004 Care to back that up? Neutral 50 Let's take this chump, guys! 86
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic006 Good to see you, too, Pacer. Neutral 50 I'm sure it's the highlight of your day. Anyway, I've gotta bounce. Things to do, and all that. 87
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic007 Why don't you just get the hell out of here? Neutral 50 Who do you think you're talking to? Just because the King happens to like you, doesn't mean you can run your mouth any way you damn like. 88
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic008 Apparently I do. Something wrong with that? Neutral 50 No, nothing wrong at all. By all means, carry on. 89
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic009 Actually, it does. What are you going to do about it? Neutral 50 You asked for it, punk! 90
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic010 Never mind. Just forget I said anything. Neutral 50 Yeah, that's what I thought. 91
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic011 Do you ever stop talking tough? Neutral 50 Yeah, right before I beat somebody down. Let's take this fool, boys. 92
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic012 Nah, I've just risen up in the world. Neutral 50 Ha, you've got yourself a live one here, Simon. Anyway, I've got things to do. Later. 93
VMS29aVFSPacerTopic014 Work is work, right? Neutral 50 Spoken like a chump. A King doesn't have to grovel before others to get paid. Anyway, I've got better things to do than shoot the shit with you. 94


VFSPacerAgreesToAttack VFSPacerAgreesToAttack Neutral 50 I've got a few guys already waiting to go. 95
VFSPacerGreetsSimon VFSPacerGreetsSimon Neutral 50 Hey, Simon. How's it hanging? Looks like you've got a little helper today. 96
VFSPacerGreetsSimon Neutral 50 Good to hear, buddy. So is the boss lady in? 97
VFSPacerGreetsSimon Neutral 50 Nah, I've got some rounds to run. But do pass along that I'm always thinking of her. 98
VMS29KingAndPacerArgue VMS29KingAndPacerArgue Neutral 50 This is bullshit! Why are we even talking about dealing with these guys? 99
VMS29KingAndPacerArgue Neutral 50 Wrong. This is exactly the right time. I'm about to prevent you from making a huge mistake. 100
VMS29KingAndPacerArgue Neutral 50 Then I'll stand on my own, just like I always have. Just like a King should. 101