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This is a transcript for dialogue with Orris.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Don't bother me right now. I've got to get back to see if any customers are waiting. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Stay away from me, if you know what's good for you. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Come on, let's get this over with. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't distract me. I need to focus all my senses on keeping you safe. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 This gentleman and I were just settling on a price. I'm afraid you'll have to hire one of the others this time around. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 If you need to cross Freeside, no one will keep you safer than I will. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 I knew you'd be back. Ready to hire the best? 7
VFSOrrisAfterCombat VFSOrrisAfterCombat Happy 70 Nothing to worry about. If you had hired one of those other hacks, you'd be up to your ass in lowlife right about now. 8
VFSOrrisSecondRun VFSOrrisSecondRun Anger 65 So tell me, did you really think I'd be stupid enough to fall for this again? One of my men saw you go in and out of the Kings' place. 9
Neutral 50 As much as I hate to lose a customer, it's just unavoidable sometimes. 10
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic000 Why do I need a bodyguard crossing Freeside? Neutral 50 Just look around. People here are as like to stab you as say hello. That is, if I weren't at your side. 11
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic001 How much for your services? Neutral 50 Two hundred caps gets you my watchful eye for a trip to the south gate. 12
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic002 What if I'm not going to the south gate? Neutral 50 Sorry, but all the people with real money are heading for the Strip, so that's the way I go. You want to go somewhere else, hire one of these losers. 13
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic003 I don't think I need your services. Sorry. Neutral 50 I'm sure Freeside will disabuse you of that notion soon enough. Farewell. 14
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic004 Okay, I'll hire you. Neutral 50 Done and done. I want to mention a few things up front. In order to ensure your safety, I need you to follow my instructions to the letter. 15
Neutral 50 We'll be heading down the main street here the whole way down. No detours. You go off sightseeing and I go off to find another customer. 16
Neutral 50 I'll keep a brisk pace, so try not to fall behind. Now let's head out. 17
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic005 Two hundred caps! That's twice what everyone else is charging! Neutral 50 Hey, you want the best, you have to pay for it. 18
{Intelligence check > 5}
Hey you only fired three shots and there are four guys there... Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Er, noticed that, did you? I keenly aimed one of the shots through some soft tissue of one of them to hit the man behind him. 19
Something about this doesn't seem right... Neutral 50 [FAILED] You're imagining things. It's just the rush of adrenaline caused by your near brush with death. 20
Neutral 50 Luckily for you, I was here, so there's no reason to get out of sorts. 21
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic007 Why did you run ahead like that? Neutral 50 Call it a hunch. You do this job for long enough, and you learn to trust your instincts. 22
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic008 Let's keep moving. Neutral 50 My thoughts exactly. Time is money, after all. 23
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic009 Or, you just faked this whole thing to drum up repeat business. Neutral 50 That's an interesting theory you've got there. I'd suggest you keep it to yourself. Let's get moving. 24
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic010 After you. Neutral 50 Stay close. I wouldn't want something to happen to you. 25
{Barter check >= 50}
I want all the money you have on you. I could make it to the Kings from here. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I ought to take my chances and kill you right here, but you may be right. Here, take this. 26
Neutral 50 Don't think this is over, though. I'll have that money back, out of your hide if I have to. 27
You should give me all your money. Or I'll tell. And stuff. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I think I'll keep my money thanks. You take that fanciful tale of yours wherever you'd like. Now let's go. I have a job to finish. 28
VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic012 I don't have that kind of money. Neutral 50 You want the best, you have to be prepared to pay for it. 29


VFSOrrisChats01 VFSOrrisChats01 Neutral 50 To your left here is the Old Mormon Fort. You get roughed up, the Followers there will patch you right up. Not that I ever need their services. 30
VFSOrrisChats02 VFSOrrisChats02 Neutral 50 Up ahead on the next block is where the Kings hang out. Don't let them scare you, if they don't outnumber you five to one you'll be fine. 31
VFSOrrisChats03 VFSOrrisChats03 Neutral 50 Down to the right here is the fun part of town. You haven't seen Freeside till you've been to the Wrangler. 32
VFSOrrisCursesPlayer VFSOrrisCursesPlayer Neutral 50 It's regrettable, but it looks like I'm about to lose another customer. 33
VFSOrrisCursesThug VFSOrrisCursesThug Neutral 50 You idiot! What part of "play dead" do you not understand? 34
VFSOrrisEnd01 VFSOrrisEnd01 Happy 60 Well, here we are. No worse for wear, are you? I trust that if you need to cross Freeside again, you'll know who to hire. 35
VFSOrrisEnd01 Anger 70 Well, here we are. I trust you'll keep your mouth shut about the topic we were just discussing, or else. 36
VFSOrrisFinalStretch VFSOrrisFinalStretch Neutral 50 That was rather invigorating, wasn't it? Let's keep moving, it's only a little further to the gate. 37
VFSOrrisIveGotThis VFSOrrisIveGotThis Neutral 50 Gotcha! Thought you could ambush us, huh? 38
VFSOrrisLeaveThemToMe VFSOrrisLeaveThemToMe Neutral 50 Leave them to me! 39
VFSOrrisLeaves VFSOrrisLeaves Neutral 50 Just so you know, heading out here breaks our contract. This is why I ask people to pay up front. See you around. 40
VFSOrrisLeaves Neutral 50 You don't follow orders very well, do you? Oh well, more money for me. 41
VFSOrrisMistaken VFSOrrisMistaken Neutral 50 Hmmm, I guess they were harmless after all. I'm not often mistaken, you know. 42
VFSOrrisThisWay VFSOrrisThisWay Neutral 50 I'll scout ahead. You follow at a distance. 43
VFSOrrisWarning01 VFSOrrisWarning01 Neutral 50 Hey, slow down. I don't like the look of some of those men ahead. Let's take a different way around. 44