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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jean-Baptiste Cutting.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Well, looks like you came through after all. She's not half bad looking, is she? It's almost a shame... 1
Neutral 50 Crimson Caravan and Van Graffs won't need to worry about you anymore, Mojave's ours, we're shutting you down for good. 2
GREETING Happy 65 {Laughs} That was fun. Did you see the look on that bitch's face? {Laughs again} Priceless. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 As I live and breathe, Rose of Sharon Cassidy. The {emph} late Rose of Sharon Cassidy. Was hoping you were on that caravan I massacred, but... 4
Neutral 50 Crimson Caravan and Van Graffs won't need to worry about you anymore, Mojave's ours, and we're shutting you down for good. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, how's it going? You find that bitch yet or not? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Ah, just the person I was looking for. Your name came up in a discussion we had recently. 7
Neutral 50 My sister is very impressed with you so far, but I'm not. I don't think you have what it takes to work for this family. 8
Neutral 50 Luckily for you, I'm going to give you the chance to prove me wrong. What do you say? Want to make some real money? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 What the fuck do you want? I've got no use for fucking cowards. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Glory's the one you want to talk to about working for us. I just handle the details. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Eh? You want something? 12
GREETING Neutral 50 Get the fuck away from me. The last man who bothered me "volunteered" to help test our weapons. 13
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic000 Absolutely. Neutral 50 All right then. If we're going to work together, there's only one thing you need to know about me. I like things simple. 14
Neutral 50 Recently Glory negotiated a deal between us and a big time player. We're talking more caps than you'd probably see in a lifetime. 15
Neutral 50 Your part in this is simple. To finalize this deal, I need to tie up a loose end. To do that, there's a girl I need you to find. 16
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic001 What would I have to do? Neutral 50 No, no, no. That's not how it works. You don't get to weigh the options. You're either in or you're out. 17
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic002 I'm busy now. Neutral 50 Yeah, sure fucking thing. I'll be waiting with baited breath for your schedule to clear up, ha ha. 18
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic004 In that case, I'm out. Neutral 50 I thought so. Come back when you've got a backbone. 19
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic005 Who is this girl? Neutral 50 Her name's Rose of Sharon Cassidy. That's some fancy shit, right? {Beat, to himself} Don't know what her mother was thinking with a name like that. 20
Neutral 50 But this girl and I, we need to have a discussion. {Beat, cold} Find her, bring her here, so I can talk to her, one-on-one. 21
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic006 Do you know where she is? Neutral 50 Fuck, no. If I knew where this bitch was, do you think I'd be asking you? 22
Neutral 50 Still, there's someone who might - old Alice McLafferty, Crimson Caravan, might know something. 23
Neutral 50 She keeps tabs on caravan traffic in the Mojave, wouldn't put it past her to keep track of Cassidy Caravans and its owner. 24
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic009 I'll do it. Neutral 50 Find her, bring her back here so we can talk. Needless to say, there's some good money in it for you. 25
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic010 I better go. Neutral 50 Then go bother someone else. I got shit to do. 26
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic012 Count me out. Neutral 50 You already agreed to take the job, asshole. There's no backing out now. 27
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic013 Just thought I'd say hi. Anger 50 <Jean-Baptiste just stares at you.> 28
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic014 She's dead. Neutral 50 Guess I don't have to worry about talking with her, then. About fucking time. Any longer and I was gonna track you both down. 29
She's dead. Neutral 50 Anyway, Glory's been antsy lately because that big deal she's been working on is finally going down. 30
Neutral 50 If this thing goes down, we'll have it made. Fucking {stressed} made, I tell you! Talk to her about it. I'm sure she'll want you along. 31
Happy 80 And don't think I forgot your pay. A job well done is its own reward, but it doesn't pay for pussy at the local brothel, does it? 32
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic015 I'm working on it. Neutral 50 Well work fucking faster. I don't like thinking there's someone out there that hates me more than I hate them. 33
{ Ask about Pacer }
I heard your family has a grudge against a King named Pacer. Neutral 50 Yeah, you can blame Glory for that mess. She had some fun with the little prick and it ended badly. 34
Neutral 50 Now he goes around spreading lies about my sister, which pisses me off. One of these days I'm going to piss in his skull, you watch. 35
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic017 I was thinking of raiding his jet stash. Neutral 50 Ha, he's a jet junkie? He'll go crazy when he finds it gone. I like it. 36
Neutral 50 I'll tell you what. When you hit the stash, leave him this note from me. If the punk really has it bad, he'll come running straight here. 37
Neutral 50 His gang won't be able to say shit if he comes storming this place himself. 38
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic018 Why don't you just kill him? Neutral 50 We could do that, but then we'd have to kill his four hundred friends too, and that'd just get tiring. 39
Neutral 50 Some day he'll make a mistake, though, and his friends won't be around to back him up, and then he'll be mine. 40
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic019 What about you? Neutral 50 I'm not one for running a business. Never really had a head for numbers or smooth-talk. My talents are a little more... direct. 41
Neutral 50 Mama always said that was my gift. When we were kids, the others used to fight over and steal one another's toys. I always broke mine. 42
Neutral 50 And if any of the others messed with me, I broke theirs too. Sometimes I'd break them even if they were nice to me, just to show them what's what. 43
Neutral 50 One day mama took me aside and said, "Boy, you're never going to go very far, but you're going to make a whole lotta people come up short." {Jean-Baptiste mimics his mother in the quote here. This is a woman he respects and fears above all others, so this isn't a comical falsetto.} 44
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic020 Tell me about the Van Graffs. Neutral 50 Our family comes from Redding, to the west. We deal weapons mostly, but trade other commodities, like gold, if there's cash in it. 45
Neutral 50 Our mother's been running the show for longer than most of us have been alive, but she stays at the home office. 46
Neutral 50 We've got branches all over the place, which are run by my brothers and sisters. 47
Neutral 50 Momma's real popular with the menfolk, both for her money and her looks, which is why there's ten of us kids in total, all by different fathers. 48
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic021 Tell me about your siblings. Neutral 50 We're a wild bunch. There's my sister Frieda, who used to run this branch but took off to pursue "the opportunity of a lifetime", as she put it. 49
Neutral 50 The rest are all long stories, and I don't got the time to tell them. 50
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic022 I had other questions. Neutral 50 Make it quick. I got shit to do. 51
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic023 What about Gloria? Neutral 50 Glory? Glory's fucking {heavyily stressed} crazy. 52
Neutral 50 Some of my siblings are real pieces of work, but I'd bet on Glory if she were facing down a deathclaw with a plastic spoon. 53
Neutral 50 She's got the smarts to do whatever she wants, but she and momma are always butting heads, so she gets all the shit jobs. 54
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic025 How come your last name isn't Van Graff? Neutral 50 Unlike most of my brothers and sisters, Mama didn't get sick of my father and get rid of him. He died right before I was born. 55
Neutral 50 Mama had liked him so much, she made me use his last name. Said he deserved that much at least, since he never got to meet me or nothin'. 56
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic026 I've changed my mind. I'm not going to do it. Neutral 50 That's just fucking great. I knew you didn't have what it takes from the start, but would Glory listen to me? No. 57
Neutral 50 Still, my sister has plans for you, so I'll cut you a break. You bring the girl here, and I'll take care of the fun part. That's fair, eh? 58
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic027 I thought you said I didn't have to kill her. Neutral 50 Yeah, if you brought her back here. Is she behind you or something? 'Cause I don't see her. 59
Neutral 50 Now stop stalling, get out there, and do your fucking job already. Sheesh. 60
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic028 Sounds good, kill her. Neutral 50 {Eager} Waited too long to finish this, last loose end, all wrapped up. 61
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic030 You shoot, you'll regret it. Neutral 50 {Scoffs} Really. We'll see about that. 62
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic031 [Terrifying Presence] Raise that gun, and I'll kill everyone in here. Neutral 50 {Pauses, a little uneasy} You know what, I think you mean that. All right... maybe... 63
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic032 Cass is dead. Surprise 50 Dead? {Beat} What... by you? {Beat, admiring} Yeah, I can tell, you had something to do with it. 64
Happy 50 {Nods, impressed} Gloria was right about you. You take care of business before it's a problem. 65
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic033 Cass? She's in the Mojave Outpost. Neutral 50 {Chews it over} Really. NCR all around her. 66
Neutral 50 Well, tell you what. You find a {emph} way to bring her here. She'll want to hear what I have to say. 67
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic034 I doubt Cass will listen to anything I have to say. Neutral 50 {Slight mockery} What? You two on the outs? Ain't that a shame. 68
Neutral 50 Guess you misheard me - I wasn't asking you a question. Find a way to get her here. 69
Neutral 50 If you can't bring her here, then make sure she never leaves the Outpost, and that's {draws it out} fine with me. 70
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic035 Do you know where she is? Neutral 50 Fuck, no. If I knew where this bitch was, do you think I'd be asking you? 71
Neutral 50 Still, there's someone who might - old Alice McLafferty, Crimson Caravan, might know something. 72
Neutral 50 She keeps tabs on caravan traffic in the Mojave, wouldn't put it past her to keep track of Cassidy Caravans and its owner. 73
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic036 Is it because the Van Graffs attacked her caravan? Neutral 50 {Frowns} I had nothing to do with that, and neither did anyone here. Now where would you have gotten an idea like that? 74
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic037 Why don't you do it? Neutral 50 I got business here, need to watch the shop, make sure things are running - smoothly. 75
Neutral 50 {Slight mockery} Besides, if I came for the girl, I'm not all friendly and charming like you are. She might get the wrong idea. 76
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic038 Anything you can say to her, you can say to me. Neutral 50 {Cold, angry that player is challenging him} You don't want {emph} us chatting, trust me. {Smooths out} As for the girl - I just want to talk to her. 77
Neutral 50 And if you can't bring her here, you're no use to me - or Gloria. So if you want to cause trouble in here over nothing, then go on - try. 78
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic039 What did you want to talk to her about? Neutral 50 {Irritated} If your answer isn't "yes, I'll bring her here" or "no, I won't, cause Gloria had me pegged wrong," then we're done here. 79
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic042 These contract papers, for one. Neutral 50 So, looks like we have us a thief. All right, guess I'm talking to you instead of the girl. 80
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic043 Found out from investigating the wreckage. Neutral 50 And after all the trouble I went through to kill all those witnesses. Guess now I have one more than I thought. 81
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic044 Nowhere. Neutral 50 Nowhere's a strange place to get an idea like that. 82
Neutral 50 You know what, you're new. Gloria's not going to miss you. And I'm not going to risk you saying the same thing to that bitch I'm hunting for. 83
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic045 I'm not doing this for you. Neutral 50 {Frowns} Guess Gloria was wrong about you, then. Get out of here, you're no use to me. 84
VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic046 Forget it, I'll bring her here. Neutral 50 Good, getting tired of questions from you when I should be getting answers. Bring her here. 85


VFSJeanBaptisteGreetsCass VFSJeanBaptisteGreetsCass Neutral 50 Hi, I'm Jean-Baptiste, and you're about to stop being a pain in my ass. 86
VFSVanGraffLaughter VFSVanGraffLaughter Neutral 50 Ha ha, I think he wet himself before he left. That was pretty good making up that part about sleeping with Jacob. 87
VFSVanGraffLaughter Neutral 50 You {stressed} did make that part up, right, Glory? 88
VFSVanGraffLaughter Neutral 50 Damn it, girl, what has mama always said about tipping the help? I thought this was about him stealing money from us. 89