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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gloria Van Graff.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Good job. I need to work out some last minute details with our new clients, but after that we'll head back to the Rush. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 No time to talk. We have to finish these bastards off! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Good, you're here. Do you remember that package I had you deliver? Well, the client liked the sample and put in a massive order. 3
Neutral 50 It's possibly the biggest order we've ever supplied. I've had to repeatedly assure my mother that everything will go smoothly. 4
Neutral 50 And that's where I'm hoping you'll come in. We'll be bringing an escort, and I want you on it. What do you say? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Simon's been telling me how it went. Let's do a quick recap. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome back. Did you have news for me, or are you just here for the guns? 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome back. I hope you've been working on that task Jean-Baptiste had for you. My brother is not a patient man by any means. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome to the Silver Rush, where only top of the line energy weapons can be found. What can I do for you? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 { Holder node for Gloria's top level topics } 10
GREETING Neutral 50 My favorite employee returns! What can I do for you? 11
VFSGloriaEndingDialog VFSGloriaEndingDialog Neutral 50 I suppose you have a few questions. 12
VFSGloriaWarehouseInstructions VFSGloriaWarehouseInstructions Neutral 50 They're taking an awfully long time inspecting the weapons. I'm beginning to think they're doing it just to unnerve us. 13
Neutral 50 Don't let them rattle you, though. The deal's almost done. There's just one last piece of business left. 14
Neutral 50 Speaking of which, I need you to listen to me very carefully. Things are about to get a little crazy. When I give the signal, follow my lead, okay? 15
VFreeformFreesideVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic000 I'd like to see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Of course. 16
VFreeformFreesideVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic001 I'm just browsing. Neutral 50 Please let me know if anything catches your eye. 17
{Ask for work nodes}
I was wondering if you had any work available. Neutral 50 It just so happens a position opened up recently. It's not much, but it'll be a good way for me to gauge your potential for future assignments. 18
I was wondering if you had any work available. Anger 80 It just so happens a position opened up recently. We currently need another body to guard the entrance outside. Think you can handle that? 19
Is that guard position still available? Neutral 50 Ran out of caps, eh? The job's still available, if you're interested. 20
Still need that sample delivered? Neutral 50 You're in luck. We've interviewed a few people for the courier position, but they all seem so... untrustworthy. Ready to make some money? 21
I delivered the package as requested. Neutral 50 And? Don't leave me in suspense. What was their reaction? 22
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic001 Sure. Count me in. Neutral 50 Wonderful. I already have a man outside who can show you the ropes and get you set up. His name is Simon. 23
Neutral 50 He's been with the family for years, so listen to what he says, and follow his instructions. 24
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic002 Sorry, I have better things to do. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. Was there anything else you wanted? 25
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic003 Mind if I ask you some questions? Neutral 50 Not at all. 26
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic004 So is this a family business? Neutral 50 Yes it is. My brother and I run this particular branch, but our family has operations all over, particularly in California. 27
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic006 This seems like a bad neighborhood to open a store. Neutral 50 Look around, and you'll notice two things. 28
Neutral 50 First, we don't lack for security. I'm not worried about anyone breaking in here or stealing our goods. 29
Neutral 50 Not that we don't occasionally have attempts, but even those prove useful. Do you know how much target dummies cost? 30
Neutral 50 Back to my point, the second thing you'll notice is that we do not sell cheap merchandise. Everything here is second-to-none. 31
Neutral 50 People who buy Van Graff goods typically don't care where they have to go to get them. 32
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic007 Tell me about Freeside. Neutral 50 This place is certainly lively, that's for sure. Did you want to know something specific about it? 33
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic008 Tell me about yourself. Neutral 50 Oh, there's not much to tell. I was born into a big family and don't get along with my parents, so here I am. As far away from them as possible. 34
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic009 { Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 Unfortunately, I found someone else with a little more experience, and he'll take over the position starting tomorrow. 35
{ Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 However, another task has come up that I could use some help with, assuming you're still interested in making some money? 36
{ Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 You basically let every jackass off the street march in here. That doesn't say much for your judgement. 37
{ Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 Still, you did manage to prevent that psychopath from blowing this place up. That deserves some reward, at least. 38
{ Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 Then you robbed me of my revenge on that prancing asshole of a King. For that alone, I should kill you. 39
{ Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 You kept away the undesirables, patted down the rest for weapons, and kept your cool. 40
Neutral 50 That is to say, you performed as instructed. Simon was impressed, and so am I. So you get a small bonus with your normal pay. 41
{ Node for guard result infos } Neutral 50 You had a little bit of a hard time following instructions, but didn't do too bad overall. Here's your pay. 42
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic010 Always. Neutral 50 There's a deal that we've been working on for a while now and the buyer would like a sample of our weapons. 43
Neutral 50 I need you to run a package out to a discrete location that the client has chosen. Sound good? 44
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic011 Maybe another time. Neutral 50 Well, look who doesn't need my money any more. When you find your pockets a little lighter, stop back. 45
Neutral 50 It's a courier job, so it should be easy caps. 46
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic013 I'll do it. Neutral 50 Good, here's the package. I'll mark the location on your map. The buyer said they'd be in town for quite a while so there's no rush. 47
Neutral 50 That said, try not to dawdle. This client could mean big money for us, which naturally means big money for you. 48
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic014 I'm not a delivery boy. Not interested. Neutral 50 Very well. Let me know if you change your mind. The buyer said they'd be in town for quite a while, so there's no rush. 49
Neutral 50 My men have their hands full with our other operations, so unless I can find another courier, the job will still be available. 50
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic015 He said you'd hear from them soon. Neutral 50 Good... good. Here's your payment. If you'll excuse me, I have some thinking to do. 51
He said you'd hear from them soon. Neutral 50 Oh, Jean-Baptiste was talking about a matter earlier that he needs help with. I volunteered you. See him for the details. 52
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic016 What do you know about this client? Neutral 50 It's better if you don't ask. Now I believe I asked you a question. What was their reaction? 53
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic018 Count me in. Neutral 50 Perfect. We're still getting everything together, but I can always find a use for idle hands in the meantime. 54
Neutral 50 Once we're settled, we'll head out to the rendezvous point. 55
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic019 I can't right now. Neutral 50 That's okay, I still need some time to get everything together. The logistics of an order like this are headache inducing. 56
Neutral 50 We won't need to head out for a while yet, so stop back when you have the time. 57
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic021 Wait, what? Neutral 50 I don't have time to explain now. Just do as you're told and we'll all be rich. 58
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic022 Got it. Happy 60 That's what I like about you. You follow orders, for the most part. Just remember to wait for the signal. 59
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic023 Is anything wrong? Neutral 50 Not if we don't screw this up. I'm counting on you to do your part. Just wait for the signal. You'll know what to do. 60
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic024 Just thought I'd stop in and say hello. Neutral 50 You're welcome here any time. 61
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic025 For starters, what in the hell just happened? Neutral 50 We made a lot of money, that's what. The Legion paid us to deliver weapons, and the NCR paid us to deliver the Legion. Or some of them, anyway. 62
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic026 I thought you hated the NCR? Neutral 50 Oh, I do. They're a bunch of corrupt, bullying fools who think they can tell everyone how to live their lives, and my family's fought them for years. 63
Neutral 50 But that's just it. Do you know how large the NCR army is? If they wanted to, they could have beaten us a dozen times over. 64
Neutral 50 Do you know why they haven't? Money. Every time things have gotten too tense, we've paid them off and laid low for a while. 65
Neutral 50 They're an enemy we can live with. This Caesar, on the other hand, is a different animal. 66
Neutral 50 We've heard reports for years from our agents to the east. He doesn't tolerate his enemies, he makes examples of them. 67
Neutral 50 And he doesn't have friends. Only servants. And the Van Graffs serve no one but themselves. 68
Neutral 50 Given that, the choice was rather simple. 69
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic027 Just start at the beginning. Neutral 50 Caesar has been making overtures to prominent suppliers for some time now. Usually, they're too scared of him to cross him and just pay or flee. 70
Neutral 50 I saw an opportunity and negotiated a deal with the NCR - I help draw some of their enemy's troops into a trap and they agree to buy from me. 71
Neutral 50 Normally, those stuck-up bastards wouldn't have anything to do with us, but their situation is precarious, and this chance was too tempting. 72
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic028 So now the Van Graffs are allied with the NCR? Neutral 50 Well... not exactly. The deal wasn't exactly sanctioned by my mother, but she'll come around when she hears about the profit I made. 73
Neutral 50 If she's smart, and she is, believe me, she'll turn this to her own advantage and make a bundle off our new "connections" in the NCR. 74
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic029 Wouldn't you have made just as much money dealing with the Legion? Neutral 50 Hardly. They've got a lot of soldiers, and slaves. But they don't come close to having the amount of wealth the NCR has. 75
Neutral 50 When I said we were going to be rich, I meant it. The deal I brokered with the NCR netted me fives times what Caesar paid. 76
Neutral 50 Keeping Caesar's money was just a bonus. 77
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic030 What will you do now? Neutral 50 It'll be all I can do to supply the NCR with the amount of weapons they want, so I'll be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. 78
Neutral 50 Oh, you're probably wondering if you still have a job! I don't have anything open at the moment, sadly. 79
Neutral 50 But we're going to need all the help we can get transporting guns to the NCR, so stop by every now and then and I might have a delivery job for you. 80
Neutral 50 And before I forget, here's your share of the take from the warehouse job. You can keep the armor. Thanks again for all your help. 81
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic031 Tell me about the Kings. Neutral 50 Ah, the "rulers" of Freeside. The Kings are a bunch of boys who refuse to grow up, and this is their playground. 82
Neutral 50 Their leader seems different, though. The few times I've dealt with him I've been impressed despite myself. 83
Neutral 50 Unfortunately, he rarely acts. The Kings believe that everyone in Freeside can do whatever they want, provided they can back it up with force. 84
Neutral 50 Which suits us just fine. When we first arrived in Freeside, the Kings protested when we kicked out the original occupant of this establishment. 85
Neutral 50 When we reduced several of their members to glowing puddles of goo, their objections vanished. Since then, we've left each other alone. 86
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic032 Tell me about the Followers. Neutral 50 I don't really have much to do with them. They seem to have an aversion to weapons technology, and those who possess a great deal of it. 87
Neutral 50 Their loss, really. 88
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic033 What is there to do here? Neutral 50 Well, you probably noticed the Atomic Wrangler across the street. That's pretty much the place to go around here. 89
Neutral 50 They make it a little loud around here at night, but the business their proximity brings more than makes up for it. 90
Neutral 50 Other than them, you're better off skipping Freeside entirely and just heading to the Strip. 91
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic034 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Suits me. What did you have in mind? 92
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic035 There's a rumor that there's a feud between your family and Pacer. What's that about? Neutral 50 It's just a rumor. Even so, I trust you will refrain from bringing up this subject again. 93
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic036 What do you think of the NCR? Neutral 50 You must not know a lot about my family or you wouldn't have asked that. The Van Graffs and the NCR have been enemies for decades. 94
Neutral 50 They've tried to block our expansion for years, but we've managed to grow regardless. The problem is they have, too. 95
Neutral 50 The NCR is huge, now. We're talking on a scale that's difficult to imagine. Time was, we could fight them and hold our own. Not so anymore. 96
Neutral 50 My family has enough men and guns to field a small army, but the NCR can field a really, really big army. Fighting them is out of the question now. 97
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic037 What do you think of the Legion? Neutral 50 I've only heard rumors, since this is the furthest east our operations go. But the rumors are pretty scary. 98
Neutral 50 They're said to be a huge slaver nation, with all the soldiers obeying their lord with unquestioning obedience. 99
Neutral 50 Sounds like a man I'd like to meet. 100
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic038 What do you know of Mr. House? Neutral 50 Very little, same as everyone else. We attempted to deal with him when we first moved into the area, but had no luck. 101
Neutral 50 He must have his own weapons supplies to keep as many laser-armed robots operational as he does. Makes me wonder where they are... 102
VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic039 What do you think of the Gun Runners? Neutral 50 They're our chief competitors in this region, and many others. That makes them our enemies. 103
Neutral 50 While I respect their business acumen, I'm obligated to try to destroy them however I can. That's business, after all. 104


VFSGloriaKillThemAll VFSGloriaKillThemAll Neutral 50 Their commander is down! Kill the rest! 105
VFSGloriaSpeaksToLegionOfficer VFSGloriaSpeaksToLegionOfficer Neutral 50 I trust you find everything acceptable? 106
VFSGloriaSpeaksToLegionOfficer Neutral 50 No, I imagine he won't. 107
VFSGloriaTalksAboutVolunteer VFSGloriaTalksAboutVolunteer Neutral 50 Everything. Up until recently, this man was an employee of mine. He's quite handsome, don't you think? 108
VFSGloriaTalksAboutVolunteer Neutral 50 I know I did. We became... close. I warned him that I was a very jealous woman, and he said he understood. 109
VFSGloriaTalksAboutVolunteer Neutral 50 Apparently he didn't. Last week, I chanced upon him in Gomorrah, being serviced by one of their two-cap whores. I was not pleased. 110
VFSGloriaTalksAboutVolunteer Neutral 50 I tell you all this because I want you to know that this man means a great deal to me. 111
VFSVanGraffIntro01 VFSVanGraffIntro01 Neutral 50 Mr. Soren, please get to the point. The second half of your payment is late and I want to know why. 112
VFSVanGraffIntro01 Neutral 50 Might I ask for what reason? The shipment was delivered. The guns were tested before leaving this facility. 113
VFSVanGraffIntro01 Neutral 50 Ah, I think I understand what the issue here is. Excuse me for a moment, would you? 114
VFSVanGraffIntro02 VFSVanGraffIntro02 Neutral 50 Jean-Baptiste, could you bring out the volunteer? 115
VFSVanGraffIntro03 VFSVanGraffIntro03 Neutral 50 This is a lesson, Mr. Soren. A lesson in faith. 116
VFSVanGraffIntro04 VFSVanGraffIntro04 Neutral 50 Do it. 117
VFSVanGraffIntro05 VFSVanGraffIntro05 Neutral 50 Never break faith with the Van Graffs, Mr. Soren. 118
VFSVanGraffIntro05 Neutral 50 I expect you'll have the rest of our payment ready tomorrow morning. 119
VFSVanGraffLaughter VFSVanGraffLaughter Neutral 50 Okay everyone, show's over. Back to work! 120
VFSVanGraffLaughter Neutral 50 He {stressed} was stealing money, though he could have kept it for all I cared. God knows he earned it. 121