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This is a transcript for dialogue with Elizabeth Kieran.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I've held up my end. You tell the King that I'm willing to listen to him. 1
GREETING Sad 25 This isn't really a good time. What did you want? 2
GREETING Happy 60 Welcome. There's food and water here for any citizen of the NCR. Please, have some. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes, was there something else you needed? 4
VFreeformFreesideTopic002 The King wants to help with the relief effort. Sad 50 Like he helped the envoy we sent? No thanks. 5
VFreeformFreesideVFSElizabethKieranTopic007 Which are? Disgust 50 It's not something I'm willing to discuss. Now if you'll excuse me, there are other people waiting. 6
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic000 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Sad 50 It's no problem, just something I'd rather not think about. Now, I should get to the other customers. 7
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic001 Do you serve food to Locals as well? Sad 50 No, I'm afraid we don't. Do you have a friend you wanted to bring in? 8
Do you serve food to Locals as well? Anger 40 Like I said before, we don't. And I'm not inclined to discuss why. 9
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic003 Yes, but I was afraid he wouldn't get served. Happy 50 You were right, but here, take another helping for your friend. It'll be our secret. 10
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic004 No, I was just curious. Neutral 50 Well, now you know. Enjoy the food. 11
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic005 Why don't you serve Locals? Anger 50 That's not really a pleasant topic of conversation. Let's just say we have our reasons. 12
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic008 Julie Farkas told me to ask. She said it was important. Surprise 50 You know Julie? Not everyone in the NCR sees eye-to-eye with the Followers, but they're okay in my book, mostly because of her. 13
Neutral 50 If you really want to know, we sent an envoy to the King offering to coordinate the relief effort. 14
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic009 And the King refused? Disgust 50 In a manner of speaking. Our envoy was brutally beaten, and only barely survived. My superiors ordered the relief mission scrapped. 15
And the King refused? Sad 50 I managed to get clearance to carry out the mission anyway, but with greatly reduced support. 16
Sad 50 Now there's not enough supplies to go around even if I wanted to serve the rest of Freeside, which I don't. 17
Neutral 50 But that's all in the past now. I should get back to work. Say hi to Julie for me. 18
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic010 What happened? Anger 50 Our envoy was brutally beaten, and only barely survived. My superiors ordered the relief mission scrapped. 19
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic011 Let me guess, something bad happened to the envoy. Anger 50 The man was brutally beaten, and only barely survived. My superiors ordered the relief mission scrapped. 20
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic013 I thought I'd save everyone some time and just kill you. Surprise 60 Wh-? Guards! 21
VMS19VFSElizabethKieranTopic014 That wasn't him. He didn't even know an envoy was sent. Neutral 50 Then he should watch his back. We know for a fact that the envoy made it to their headquarters. 22
Happy 50 Still, if the King's willing to deal with us, perhaps we can work something out. I'll tell my men to stand down. 23
VMS19VFSElizabethKiernanTopic000 Thanks for the food. Happy 50 You're quite welcome. If you meet anyone who needs food or water in the area, please tell them about this place. 24
VMS19VFSElizabethKiernanTopic020 Are you with the NCR military? Neutral 50 Yes, I'm a major in the supply corps, which is where this food and water comes from. 25


VFSElizabethKieranHandsOutSupplies VFSElizabethKieranHandsOutSupplies Neutral 50 Here you go. I hope this helps. 26