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This is a transcript for dialogue with Arcade Gannon.


ArcadeEDEEnclave ArcadeEDEEnclave Neutral 50 Wow. That thing is definitely carrying around a bunch of Enclave intel. Adams is on the eastern seaboard of the country. 1
Neutral 50 Which means this little "Duraframe" sucker somehow managed to survive for over {thinking} two thousand miles. {impressed} Certainly lives up to its model name. 2
ArcadeEDENoEnclave ArcadeEDENoEnclave Neutral 50 I don't want to be... alarmist or anything, but maybe you should ditch that Eyebot. {catching himself} Robot. Whatever that thing is. 3
Neutral 50 Who knows what it's programmed for? Maybe tomorrow you'll take out an iguana-on-a-stick and that'll activate its {searching} mini-nuke self-destruct sequence. 4
ArcadeEDEOpinion ArcadeEDEOpinion Neutral 50 I don't know if you care about my opinion, but I'd prefer that you turn ED-E over to the Followers. Surprised, right? 5
FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 Easy as a heart transplant. 6
FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 Okay. 7
FollowersFired It's time for us to part ways. Neutral 50 {joking} I thought my charm could win you over, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Are you sure you want me to go? 8
FollowersFiredNo On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 {"Thought so."} Mmm hm. 9
FollowersFiredYes Yes, I'm sure. Neutral 50 I'll head back to the Old Mormon Fort. If you need me, just swing by. 10
FollowersFiredYesSuite I'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now. Neutral 50 {sighing} Back to the tomb, I suppose. If you need me, et cetera. 11
FollowersHired I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 You have quite the menagerie at your disposal. If you can get the posse down to "small gang" size, I'll happily go with you. 12
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 As the old saying goes, two's company, but three's a small army. Okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea. 13
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 There's something about that robot that doesn't seem... all right to me. I'm not saying we shouldn't take it with us. 14
Neutral 50 I'm just saying that if it were to "fall" into Lake Mead and be irreparably damaged... and if you threw an EMP grenade in after it... 15
Neutral 50 Well, there are worse things happening in the world, right? 16
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 After spending thirty years of my life hiding my association with the Enclave, I'd {emph} love to stroll the wasteland with a twitchy Eyebot. 17
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 Back in your good graces again? I knew you'd see the light. 18
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 A courier, doctor, and a cybernetic dog. After we deal with the whole "imminent conquest of New Vegas" problem, we should open an act at the Tops. 19
FollowersLetsGo Let's get going. Neutral 50 Lead the way. 20
FollowersOverburdened FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 {a little annoyed} I'm not exactly in Power Armor over here, so why don't you help lighten my load a bit? 21
FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 {annoyed} I'm not standing here because I'm overburdened with emotion. Take some of this stuff off of me so I can move a little more easily. 22
FollowersStealthing FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {hushed, not confident in his abilities} O... kay. I'll do my best. 23
FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {quietly} Just as a warning, my covert bandaging skills are a little rusty. 24
FollowersTactics Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 I'll defer to your judgment, naturally. 25
FollowersTacticsCombat I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 {worried} I'll do my best. 26
FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Neutral 50 Understood. I won't hesitate. 27
FollowersTacticsCombatEND Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Not a problem. 28
FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 After you. 29
FollowersTacticsCombatMelee Switch to a melee weapon. Neutral 50 If you would like me to die very rapidly, this is clearly the best tactical choice. 30
FollowersTacticsCombatPassive I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Neutral 50 I'm hardly a whirlwind of death when left to my own devices, but all right. 31
FollowersTacticsCombatRanged I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 {sounds great to him} No arguments from me. 32
FollowersTacticsDistance Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 Just tell me where you want me. 33
FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault Stay close to me. Neutral 50 I'm not going to wander off, but okay. 34
FollowersTacticsDistanceEND Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Okay. 35
FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE All right, you're good. Let's get out of here. Neutral 50 Got it. 36
FollowersTacticsDistanceLong Keep your distance. Try to flank them. Neutral 50 Wherever you want me. No problem. 37
FollowersTacticsEnd Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 Let me know if you need anything else. 38
FollowersTrade Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 Sure. Just don't treat me like a pack Brahmin, okay? 39
FollowersWait Wait here. Neutral 50 I'll be here. Just don't expect me to fend off a gang of Super Mutants while you're gone. 40
Wait here. Neutral 50 Okay. Just don't be gone long. I sunburn easily. 41
GREETING GREETING Happy 10 Like I said, I needed to go do something. This is it. It belonged to my father. 42
Happy 25 Since you convinced me to help out with the defense of Hoover Dam, I figured I'd haul it out of storage. 43
Happy 40 I'm a little rusty with it but... I think I can manage. {bit of a grin} As long as you've got my back, of course. 44
GREETING Neutral 50 Like I said, I needed to go do something. This is it. It belonged to my father. 45
Sad 20 I thought I might wear it at Hoover Dam, but after you talked me out of it, I didn't see the point in hanging on to it any longer. 46
Sad 10 I'm here because of you, so I figure you're the one most deserving of it. It should protect you from everything short of a Plasma Caster. 47
Neutral 50 And if you need anything - anything at all - you know where to find me. 48
GREETING Happy 40 {false friendly} Hey there. Was it always your plan to sell me into slavery to Caesar, or was that a spur of the moment thing? 49
GREETING Anger 30 Why don't you make like Odysseus and get lost? 50
GREETING Anger 25 For as lack of adornment is said to become some women, so will this place, without your presence, bring delight. 51
GREETING Anger 50 I've run out of witty ways to tell you to leave, so why don't you just go? 52
GREETING Disgust 65 If you want to talk, take off that ridiculous Legion uniform. It's insulting. 53
GREETING Neutral 50 Hi. If you're looking for medical help, try the other doctors. I'm just a researcher. Not even a particularly good one. 54
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello, again. Still in one piece, I see. 55
GREETING Neutral 50 What's up? 56
GREETING Anger 35 Well, we've had some laughs, you and I, but it looks like you're a crazy person and I'm going to have to leave. 57
GREETING Sad 50 Moreno took the fall of the Enclave hard. He never questioned his orders, never questioned the legitimacy of what the Enclave was doing. 58
Sad 30 To him, it was all one unbroken chain, from Washington to Richardson. When we left Navarro, I remember looking up at Moreno. 59
Pained 40 He said, "Kiss America goodbye, boys." When we left the Enclave behind, the love in him burned itself out. Now there's just a bitter old man left. 60
GREETING Sad 30 Since my mother died, Daisy's been the only woman in my life. She was the only other woman close to my father, too. 61
Happy 25 She flew him out on over a dozen missions, including his last. I've always been close to Daisy. 62
Neutral 50 There have been some good men along the way, but lovers make poor confidants. Daisy never had children of her own, so she was always there to listen. 63
Pained 50 Being in the Enclave didn't mean much to her. She just loved to fly. It broke her heart to be grounded. 64
GREETING Surprise 50 Doc Henry always was a hard one to figure out. It didn't seem to matter whether he was working with humans or dogs. 65
Fear 25 He had an equal lack of affection for both. A regular {dai-ah-jen-eez} Diogenes. I'm not sure what the man was after. 66
Neutral 50 "Knowledge is power," but to what end for Henry, I have no idea. The problem was what mattered to him, not its practical impact. 67
Sad 25 He simply solved riddles because they existed. 68
GREETING Happy 35 If I had to pick anyone who didn't belong in the Enclave, it would definitely be Johnson. He hated what the Enclave was doing. 69
Surprise 50 Day to day, week to week, he would question orders, subvert mission objectives, do anything he could to serve without serving. 70
Surprise 25 It's amazing he was never court-martialed. He always had good things to say about my father. Said I was like him in a lot of ways. I wish I knew. 71
GREETING Neutral 50 Judah Kreger is the glue that's kept us all together over the years, and with good reason. 72
Surprise 40 Anyone who can command Moreno and Johnson in the same unit without somebody getting fragged is one hell of a leader. 73
Neutral 50 Kreger was polite and kind, but never warm. He always did his best to make me feel welcome in the group. 74
Neutral 15 I think he did it out of a sense of loyalty to my father. Loyalty means a lot to Judah. 75
Happy 25 Not loyalty to the Enclave, or even the ideals they fought for, but to the people who served with him. 76
GREETING Pained 60 I'd like to say that I saw this coming, but honestly I was oblivious. {sheepish} For what it's worth, I'll do what I can to help you... not get killed? 77
GREETING Surprise 50 So Mr. House doesn't care that one of Caesar's most notorious Legion spies is walking around on the Strip. 78
Sad 50 Either that or his Securitrons' AI is too primitive to recognize the threat. Neither answer is particularly comforting. 79
GREETING Happy 75 {sarcastic, in response to being ignored by another Follower} Oh, hello Emily. Yes, it is I, Arcade Gannon, fellow member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. 80
Anger 60 Would I like to help infiltrate the Lucky 38{casino} ? I'm so glad you asked... 81
GREETING Surprise 50 That's a lot of energy weapons. Brings back some interesting memories. 82
GREETING Sad 50 The Strip's not a bad place if you love terrible things and people. {a bit sad, annoyed} I'll never understand the allure of giving away your money to the rich. 83
GREETING Neutral 50 I've read about REPCONN. I think they did some work with the... {catching himself, was about to say "Enclave"} the government before the war. Rockets and some energy weapon prototypes, I think. 84
GREETING Sad 25 Westside, huh? I passed through here with another Follower a while back, Anderson. The locals were having a lot of trouble getting water through. 85
GREETING Sad 40 Westside, huh? I heard about what happened with Anderson. Can't say I'm surprised. He was always a fringe operator in the Followers. 86
GREETING Anger 50 {exasperated} What's wrong with you? Killing Anderson isn't going to bring Corporal White back. 87
GREETING Surprise 50 Interesting way of handling things. Very {soob} sub {roh-sah} rosa. 88
Surprise 25 I don't know if the Scorpions deserved to be wiped out for something they didn't do, but that's one less problem Westside has to deal with. 89
GREETING Neutral 50 Anderson turned in for the wrong reason and Westside gets to keep siphoning water. 90
Sad 25 It's hard to find justice in all of this, but I suppose this is as close as it gets. Thanks. 91
GREETING Disgust 50 Extortion? Really? You go through all of this only to extort the people who are trying to help Westside? Unbelievable. 92
GREETING Sad 50 Hildern is a good example of "big picture" obsession gone too far. 93
Anger 25 At some point he became so fixated on large scale results that he lost the concept of "the common good" along the way. 94
Sad 50 It's an inhumane kind of public service when people and the basic resources they need become numbers in a ledger. 95
GREETING Surprise 50 A vertibird. Interesting. It's been a long time since I've seen one of these. 96
GREETING Anger 50 Wait, wait, wait a second. What's going on? Am I playing Vergil to your Dante? 97
Anger 35 I'd like to assume that we're tiptoeing into the mouth of hell out of academic curiosity, but I'm not so open-minded that I've lost my brains. 98
GREETING Anger 25 I guess I'll wait out here, then. 99
GREETING Fear 20 I need to talk to you about something, if you have a minute. 100
GREETING Happy 50 Thanks for doing this, getting them all back together again. 101
Fear 30 I'll be honest, when Moreno started going off, I didn't think we'd all be walking out of there in one piece. 102
Sad 30 I still don't know how this is all going to shake out in the end, but at least the Enclave can atone a bit for all the damage it's done. 103
GREETING Sad 50 I shouldn't be surprised at what happened with Moreno. I hoped that after all this time, he could put his anger behind him. 104
Pained 25 Maybe everything good in Orion Moreno died at Navarro and it was foolish to think there was anything in him left to salvage. 105
GREETING Anger 80 You got the survivors of the Enclave back together so you could convince them to help Caesar?! 106
Anger 70 What are you thinking? Do you {emph} want to see Vegas turned into the new slave capital of the west? 107
GREETING Anger 50 Hey. You're your own person and all that, but you're acting crazy, and if you keep it up, I'm going to leave. 108
GREETING Happy 30 I like how you handled that. Nicely done. 109
GREETING Sad 40 I can't say that's how {emph.} I would have handled that, but... 110
GREETING Neutral 50 You're that courier, right? The guy who runs the Tops, Benny... heard he tried to kill you. 111
Happy 40 I guess that didn't work out very well for him. {joking} Should I watch my back around you? 112
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, you're that courier, aren't you? The one who got mixed up with Benny over at the Tops. Sounds like messy business. 113
GREETING Fear 50 I'm no botanist, but I think this {emph} may not be entirely natural. 114
GREETING Sad 30 Nuclear waste disposal. Pre-War, people figured there was so much desert in Nevada, you might as well turn it into a big dumping ground. 115
Neutral 50 People didn't like it, but they weren't about to give up easy access to power, not with all of the petroleum drying up. 116
GREETING Sad 35 It's a shame what happened up here. I understand arguments about the "fog of war", but that can't be much consolation to the survivors. 117
Sad 60 {sadly} Or to the NCR soldiers who have to live with what they did here. 118
GREETING Fear 20 In case it's not obvious, I think you should redirect the power to Freeside and outer Vegas. 119
GREETING Anger 80 You activated ARCHIMEDES?! What the hell are you thinking?! 120
GREETING Happy 50 Nicely done. I'm sure people will appreciate the power. I hate to have to rely on it, but out here... it makes a big difference. 121
GREETING Fear 25 Hmm. I suppose an even distribution is better than nothing. 122
GREETING Anger 50 Everything to the Strip and McCarran? Are you kidding? {sighs} 123
Disgust 35 {irritated} I guess I should be grateful you didn't activate the laser. 124
GREETING Surprise 50 You have to hand it to the NCR. Get enough hands working together and they can make or break just about anything. 125
GREETING Anger 35 I'm not exactly a mercenary, but taking out scumbags of this magnitude wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep. 126
GREETING Happy 35 Well, I'll be. Hoover Dam. One of the last remaining {emph} functioning wonders of the Pre-War world. 127
Neutral 50 I'm amazed it's still running at all. Too bad everyone's killing each other over it. 128
GREETING Anger 50 What a load of Brahmin shit! Can you believe that guy? 129
PLAYERFIREWEAPON PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Neutral 50 {irritated that the player is shooting near him} Stop doing that, please. 130
PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Neutral 50 {annoyed} I'm not sure if you're trying to hit me or trying to miss me. Either way, stop it. Thanks. 131
PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES Neutral 50 {player is aiming gun at Arcade} I assure you, you look extremely virile. Now, would you mind pointing that somewhere else? Thanks. 132
PLAYER IN IRON SITES Neutral 50 {player is aiming gun at Arcade} Uh... {cautiously} what's up? 133
PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 {player is dropping mines near Arcade} Can't wait to see where this is going. 134
PLAYERTHROWGRENADE PLAYER THROW GRENADE Neutral 50 {he just threw a grenade} Look out! 135
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic000 What kind of research? Happy 35 Oh, you know. Finding alternative treatments for common illnesses and injuries. Stimpaks out of barrel cacti and other fantastic improbabilities. 136
Happy 35 As far as fruitless wastes of time go, it's quite noble in its aims. 137
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic001 Why do you do research instead of providing medical assistance? Neutral 25 Not all Followers are "people persons." Besides, someone needs to do research. I have no problem with Julie sticking me back here. 138
Sad 40 Out of sight, out of mind. There are worse things one can be, though I do admit, it is a bit boring. 139
Sad 25 Though it has a noble goal, I don't think this research will yield much fruit. No pun intended. 140
Why do you do research instead of providing medical assistance? Sad 35 Like I said before, not all Followers are good with people. 141
Sad 50 I'm fine doing research back here, even if it is a bit boring... and pointless... and a complete waste of time. 142
Pained 15 Don't mind me. I'm just voicing my thoughts so they don't burrow out of my skull in a fit of abject despondency. 143
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic002 You don't sound too enthusiastic about it. Sad 35 I'm enthusiastic about helping people, but {nih-hill noh-wee soob soh-lay} nihil novi sub sole. 144
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic003 What's the goal? Neutral 50 For the past hundred years or so, the Followers have managed to get by using salvaged medical supplies from the Old World. 145
Happy 25 But the side effect of medical success is that more people live longer. Funny how that works. 146
Sad 35 Eventually, we'll run out of hospitals to loot. We need new ways to produce those supplies. Or maybe old ways, if this research goes anywhere. 147
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic004 What kinds of illnesses and injuries? Neutral 50 Cuts, lacerations, broken bones. Infections resulting from all of the above. Common cold, influenza. Take your pick. 148
Sad 40 There are plenty of ways to die out here, and most of them, surprisingly, don't have anything to do with war. Just common human fragility. 149
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic005 Isn't that the language that Caesar's Legion speaks? Anger 35 {“Yeah, well...”}{SEE-zar} Caesar can cite {KAY-toe} Cato to suit his purpose. Many people have spoken Latin. Some of them were quite pleasant. 150
Sad 40 It's unfortunate that the language is now associated with the gentlemen across the river. 151
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic006 Nihi-what? Surprise 35 Oh. {sincere} Sorry. "There is nothing new under the sun." 152
Happy 35 If agave and mesquite were that miraculous, the locals would have figured it out a few thousand years ago. 153
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic007 Where did you learn that? Surprise 30 Not from the Legion, if that's what you're getting at. Books. Sheet music. Gladiator movie holotapes. Bits and pieces here and there. 154
Neutral 50 The Followers have extensive libraries, but we all draw water from the same old well. Even Caesar. 155
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic008 Do you know much about Caesar? Sad 40 {sighs} I don't know anything that the others couldn't tell you. Caesar was one of the Followers. Before my time, of course. 156
Sad 30 He wanted to rebuild the new world in the image of the old. A sad story of good intentions gone bad. In that regard, he's hardly unique. 157
Anger 35 If you set aside his leadership capabilities, extensive knowledge, and ruthless cunning, he's just another jerk who steps on people to get his way. 158
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic009 Why don't you come with me? Sad 50 I can't leave now. Caesar has gained too much ground. I need to be here in case the NCR fails to hold Hoover Dam. 159
Why don't you come with me? Anger 25 No offense intended, but why should I go anywhere with you? 160
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic010 Do the Followers use a lot of energy weapons? Anger 20 {off-hand, not realizing he's revealing something bad} Energy weapons? Of course not. 161
Fear 30 {catching himself, trying to cover} I mean... but, we study all sorts of science and technology so, you know, we... you just kind of get familiar with them. Yeah. 162
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic011 Memories of what? Fear 35 Oh, uh... {trying to cover} of hearing stories. About energy weapons. {drifting off} They're... pretty crazy. {quietly} Yeah. 163
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic012 If you say so. Fear 50 Did I say something? Sorry. Don't pay any attention to me. Just babbling. {becoming more quiet} Nonsense, really. {drifting off} Babbling nonsense. 164
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic013 I just want to hear Caesar out. Surprise 50 Very optimistic of you. You'll make a good Follower someday assuming Caesar doesn't have us both crucified. 165
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic014 Let's just listen to him, figure out what he's up to, and get out. Happy 35 Short of canceling our imminent travel plans, that's the best thing you could have said. 166
Fear 35 Just be careful. If we travel at Caesar's pleasure, he may not let us out as easily as he lets us in. 167
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic015 Once we get close to Caesar, we can strike. Surprise 75 {"And you, my friend?" eht too mee ah-mee-kay?} Et tu, mi amice? 168
Once we get close to Caesar, we can strike. Surprise 75 {"And you, my friend?" eht too mee ah-MEE-kah?} Et tu, mi amica? 169
Once we get close to Caesar, we can strike. Fear 35 I have to commend you on your sense of historical propriety, but have you given more than a passing thought to how we would escape? 170
Neutral 50 No disrespect intended, but you aren't the first person to dream up the idea. 171
Neutral 50 Just give me a sign when you're about to pull out the dagger so I know when to make a run for the cliffs. 172
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic016 I'm not going to let Benny get away. Sad 50 I can't say I understand your obsession, but for that I suppose I'd have to spend a night in your grave. 173
Anger 15 Fine. I'll stick with you. Just remember this. If you want something from Caesar, sooner or later you'll have to give him his due. 174
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic017 I'm going after a man named Benny for revenge and I need someone to keep me patched up. Disgust 50 Pulling bullets out of a vengeance-crazed drifter is truly a noble step up from tending to the downtrodden of Freeside, but I think I'll pass. 175
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic018 The NCR needs help against the Legion before Caesar moves on the dam. We could use your skills. Anger 50 The NCR had a chance to use the Followers' skills before, but being imperialists mattered more to them. No thanks. 176
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic019 I'm trying to help Mr. House keep New Vegas independent. Happy 35 That's funny. Mr. House doesn't want to keep New Vegas independent. He just wants to keep the NCR and Caesar's Legion from pushing him around. 177
Anger 35 He must be pretty convincing if he's roped you into helping him, but you can count me out. 178
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic020 If New Vegas can remain independent, I'm going to find a way to do it. I could use your help. Happy 40 If that's really what you're trying to do, I'll go with you. 179
Fear 25 Things are hectic around here, but it won't mean anything if NCR or the Legion take control. I'm sure the Followers can manage without me. 180
Happy 25 Just don't try to help the Legion, and we shouldn't have any problems. Sound good? 181
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic021 The NCR oppression around here would disappear if the Legion took control. I could use your help. Anger 60 Only because everyone would be conscripted or enslaved. And the people who are unfit for military service or slavery would be put down. Swell plan. 182
Disgust 50 Yes, a veritable {pahx roh-MAH-nah} Pax Romana for post-nuclear America. My political beliefs are a bit more progressive than outright fascism, so I'll pass. Thanks. 183
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic022 Things are bad around here. I'd like to make a difference, and I'd like you to help me. Fear 25 Hmm. That seems appropriately resolute and yet vague. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and go with you, but let me be clear about something. 184
Anger 35 If you plan to help Caesar's Legion, this is going to be a brief relationship. 185
Anger 25 I may not have all the answers for how to fix Freeside's problems, but Caesar taking control isn't part of the solution. Fair? 186
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic023 This place is really complicated and stuff. You're smart. Can you help me do... things? Surprise 50 Hmm. Wow. You sound like you really do need some help. Look, I can help you out, but you can't do anything stu- 187
Sad 50 I mean, you can't... help bad people, who want to hurt the locals in Freeside. If you do, I'll leave. Does that make sense? 188
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic025 Ugh. Well if you're going to be like that then never mind. Surprise 50 Yes. The Followers do not like Caesar or Caesar's Legion. You should also not like them. If you do, you like hurting people and that is bad. Goodbye. 189
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic026 Uh... it beats sitting around here all day, doesn't it? Anger 50 {slight mockery} Uh... probably not. Until things settle down around here, alleviating my boredom isn't a good motive to leave. Sorry. 190
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic027 Fair enough. Happy 40 All right. Let's not waste any time. {a bit of enthusiasm} There are people out there to help, things to learn. Maybe not in that order, but let's get to it. 191
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic028 Oh, well... in that case, never mind. Anger 35 I'm not sure why you thought a Follower would want to help Caesar after all of the misery he's visited on us and the people we try to help. 192
Fear 35 Well, good luck to you in your future endeavors, assuming they don't involve Caesar. 193
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic031 I need a good-looking doctor to help take care of me in the big, bad wasteland. Happy 50 Overt flirtation will get you everywhere, you know. 194
Anger 10 On a slightly more serious note, if you're interested in helping out with the troubles plaguing Freeside, I can come with you. 195
Happy 35 Just don't do anything obnoxious, like trying to help Caesar's Legion, and we should be fine. Understood? 196
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic032 What kind of prototypes? Neutral 50 Plasma rifles. They were intended to replace the P94 plasma caster. 197
Neutral 50 There was some corporate espionage going on between Poseidon Energy's Project SEMELE and whatever was going on here. 198
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic033 An odd combination. Sad 30 REPCONN went through some rough times. When their rocket business was shaky, Mr. House purchased the company. 199
Neutral 50 It didn't take long for him to repurpose their plasma technology for a government weapon contract. 200
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic034 What was Project SEMELE? Neutral 50 Another one of Poseidon Energy's many secret weapons projects. Before the Great War. It didn't go anywhere. 201
Happy 25 That's how REPCONN got their shot. So to speak. 202
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic035 Do you need any help? Surprise 35 Me, specifically? No. I'm sure Julie Farkas does, though. Lab coat, pointy hair. Answers to the name "Julie Farkas," strangely enough. 203
Sad 15 I'm sure she can find something for you to do. It might be kind of... depressing and terrible, though. {cah-WEE-aht sah-mahr-ee-TAH-noos, "Samaritan, beware."} Caveat Samaritanus. 204
Do you need any help? Happy 35 Personally, no. But thanks to you, Julie says we're a lot better off these days. I'll take her word for it. So, thanks. 205
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic037 Would you like to come with me? I could use someone skilled in medicine. Fear 35 Hmm... I'm starting to remember hearing some rumors about you and this crazy guy called "Caesar." Bad. Not a friend of the Followers. 206
Anger 35 Maybe they're not all true. That's enough for me to stand here and talk to you, but I'm not about to leave Freeside as your comrade-in-arms. 207
Would you like to come with me? I could use someone skilled in medicine. Happy 35 You've helped the Followers, so you can't be entirely bad. To be honest, I haven't heard anyone say a negative word about you. 208
Happy 25 As long as you keep working to help people around here get a fair shake, sure, I'll lend a hand. 209
Would you like to come with me? I could use someone skilled in medicine. Anger 35 You helped the Followers, but your reputation isn't exactly spotless. How do I know you're not going to lose it out there? 210
Anger 25 Here's my proposition. If you want to work together to help the people around here, I'll lend a hand. {on the other hand} If you start acting like a crazy waster... 211
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic038 Goodbye. Neutral 50 See you around. 212
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic039 Right. "The Followers don't endorse his actions," and all that. Anger 20 Well {emph} I don't. I'm sure there were a few people turning a blind eye, but can you blame them? 213
Disgust 20 NCR's sharecropper farms had all of the water. The nearest fresh source is the lake, and that's a bit of a hike. 214
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic040 If you say so. I'm not arguing. Anger 50 I do say so. The Followers aren't a military organization. If anyone knew what he was up to, they weren't talking. 215
Anger 20 And if they knew he was stealing water, so what? Westside has more of a right to that water than the NCR. 216
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic041 Let's keep moving. Neutral 50 Of course. 217
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic042 I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would end like this. Sad 60 {sighing, pause} Neither did Anderson. 218
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic043 What's done is done. Disgust 50 {irritated} I guess that means you don't have to apologize to all of the people in Westside you just screwed over. 219
Disgust 65 In case you weren't paying attention, you killed the only person who ever gave a damn about them. 220
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic044 Anderson killed White. He deserved to pay for what he did. Anger 65 Fantastic. Now the only influential person who gave a damn about Westside is gone. Great job. 221
Disgust 40 In case I'm not laying down enough sarcasm, you just screwed up the lives of a bunch of struggling people. 222
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic045 When was that? Fear 50 Huh. {trying to think of a plausible lie} Good question. Must have been in a book. 223
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic046 What do you know about them? Fear 50 Uh, what does anyone know about them? Big... flying machines, right? Crazy helicopters. {quietly} So weird. 224
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic048 Hmm, on second thought... Sad 50 Look, the Followers have had enough of a role in the misery that this area has had to endure. 225
Anger 50 If you want to go off half-cocked and leave a trail of corpses in your wake, that's your business. We'll do our best to clean up your mess. 226
Sad 50 Just don't try to drag us into it personally, okay? 227
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic050 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Certainly. 228
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic053 Would you reconsider my offer to travel with me? I could really use your help. Anger 35 The last time we discussed this, you didn't exactly wow me with your pitch. What have you got for me this time? 229
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic054 Tell me about yourself. Surprise 50 I'm really very boring. You'd get better stories out of a Freeside junkie. 230
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic055 What's your opinion on the current situation? Anger 70 You're helping the Legion, a slaving army that will almost certainly kill and enslave the majority of people in New Vegas. 231
Disgust 50 What? Did you expect me to applaud your efforts to support a deranged warlord? 232
Anger 55 Caesar is bad. You are bad for helping him. Please stop. 233
What's your opinion on the current situation? Fear 70 I have to say I don't understand where you're going with Mr. House. The man's been manipulating the locals for as long as anyone can remember. 234
Sad 50 If you help him kick the NCR and Legion out, he's going to keep right on doing it. The people in Freeside will be just as bad off as they ever were. 235
Sad 35 If you can find a way to push Mr. House out of the picture as well, I think everyone will be better off. 236
What's your opinion on the current situation? Sad 35 Helping the NCR is better than helping Mr. House, but I don't think it's the best solution for the people in New Vegas. 237
Sad 50 If the NCR can take full control of Freeside and the Strip, it's going to get worse before it gets better. 238
Sad 15 Besides, even if New Vegas eventually gets representation in the NCR senate, it's not like the NCR runs efficiently. 239
What's your opinion on the current situation? Happy 35 I think you're on the right track. 240
Happy 50 The only way to ensure relative safety and independence for the people of New Vegas is to prevent others from taking control of the region. 241
Happy 15 That means no NCR, no Mr. House, and no Legion. 242
What's your opinion on the current situation? Fear 35 It could be better. If we can find a way to work toward the independence of New Vegas, that would be ideal. 243
Happy 50 But really, as long as you don't help out the Legion, anything's better than that. 244
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic056 They profit from crime, now I profit, too. Anger 60 {sickened} That's one way to look at it. 245
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic058 I need you to leave. Pained 35 {joking} I thought my charm could win you over, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Are you sure you want me to go? 246
Neutral 50 All right, I'll head back to the Old Mormon Fort. If you need me, just swing by. 247
I need you to leave. Disgust 45 Ugh. I guess that means I have to go back to that creepy mausoleum Mr. House calls the Lucky 38. 248
Disgust 30 I've been around a few unsettling places in my life, but that place takes the cake. 249
Sad 35 Anyway, if you need me, you know where to find me. 250
I need you to leave. Sad 35 {sighing} Back to the tomb, I suppose. 251
Sad 15 {drifting off} If you need me, et cetera. 252
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic059 I'd like you to come with me. Surprise 35 You have quite the menagerie at your disposal. If you can get the posse down to "small gang" size, I'll happily go with you. 253
I'd like you to come with me. Neutral 50 As the old saying goes, two's company, but three's a small army. Okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea. 254
I'd like you to come with me. Happy 45 A courier, a doctor, and cybernetic dog. After we deal with this whole "imminent conquest of New Vegas" problem we should open an act at the Tops. 255
I'd like you to come with me. Fear 40 There's something about that robot that doesn't seem... all right to me. I'm not saying we shouldn't take it with us. 256
Anger 35 I'm just saying that if it were to fall into Lake Mead and be irreparably damaged... and if you threw an EMP grenade in after it... 257
Happy 30 Well, there are worse things happening in the world, right? 258
I'd like you to come with me. Happy 60 After spending thirty years of my life hiding my association with the Enclave, I'd {emph} love to stroll the wasteland with a twitchy Eyebot. 259
Happy 15 Thanks for asking. I appreciate it. I do. 260
I'd like you to come with me. Happy 25 Back in your good graces again? I knew you'd see the light. 261
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic060 What's your problem with ED-E? Fear 35 It just seems a little twitchy. Some of these robots, you look at them the wrong way, don't screw in a vacuum tube right... 262
Anger 35 The next thing you know you're a pile of ash on the floor and someone's stepping out of a vertibird to sweep your remains into a Nuka-Cola bottle. 263
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic061 Ooooo-kay. Anger 45 Fine, ignore me. Just don't ask me to re-attach your arm when your pet murder machine goes into "search and destroy" mode. 264
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic062 What's an eee-em-pee? Sad 40 It's... {sigh} a thing. A science thing. It hurts robots. Don't worry about it. Silly Arcade's just telling magnetic field jokes for his own amusement. 265
Happy 25 {clears throat} Ahem. Shall we? 266
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic063 That sounds a little paranoid, Arcade. Fear 35 Does it? {beat, quietly} Does it? 267
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic064 I'll keep an eye on it. Surprise 40 Safety first. That's all I'm saying. 268
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic065 Do you always deflect personal questions? Pained 35 Only to obfuscate my past association with a fascist paramilitary organization. 269
Happy 50 I'm joking, of course. I will deflect personal questions at any opportunity. 270
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic066 How did you join the Followers? Sad 25 Honestly, it isn't too difficult if you have half a brain and aren't a complete jerk. I wanted to help people and I enjoyed learning, so I signed up. 271
Pained 25 New Vegas is in trouble, so I came out here. If someone doesn't step up and try to help the people here, it's going to end very badly. 272
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic067 Where did you get your medical training? Happy 35 The Followers taught me everything I know about medicine. Despite our humble abode here in New Vegas, we have great facilities back in the NCR. 273
Sad 35 We may have over extended ourselves by setting up camp in Freeside, but the people here need help from someone. If not us, who? 274
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic068 If you don't like it, leave. Anger 50 Don't mind if I do. Enjoy your reign as King Scumbag the First, Overlord of Westside. 275
If you don't like it, leave. Anger 50 Don't mind if I do. Enjoy your reign as Queen Scumbag the First, Overlord of Westside. 276
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic070 Sure. Fear 50 Any day now, Caesar's going to try to march across Hoover Dam and kick NCR out of the Mojave. 277
Neutral 50 We're getting caught up in something important out here. Hell, after how you handled Benny, you're practically right in the middle of all this. 278
Sad 20 I know I'm just along for the ride, but it's made me think about the past, how I might be able to help out. 279
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic071 Not right now, Arcade. Fear 25 {drawing the word out} Actually, I'm going to keep talking anyway. Sorry, but I really need to get this out. 280
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic072 Good thing there are still people like you around. Sad 50 Kind of you to say, but there are better people than me around here. I just hope the Followers can make a difference in the long run. 281
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic073 What are you talking about? Fear 50 I wasn't always with the Followers, or with the NCR. 282
Pained 50 My late father was an officer in a group called the Enclave, a remnant of America's Pre-War government. 283
Sad 50 Memories being short around here, not a whole lot of people remember them. But they did bad things. Terrorized communities, kidnapped people. 284
Sad 25 Eventually, someone stopped them. I was born a few years later at a military base on the coast, a place called Navarro. 285
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic074 Arcade, I'm not interested. Surprise 50 Are you sure? I didn't even get to the ostensibly "good" part. 286
Sad 25 If you're sure, I won't bring it up again. We can just go on our merry way, fighting injustice in our typical fashion. 287
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic076 I'm sure. I'm not interested. Sad 50 Okay, I hear you. Forget I said anything. Consider it dropped. 288
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic077 Where did the Enclave go? Sad 25 A lot of different places. I only know what I was told. Some of them were cut down by the NCR and the Brotherhood. Some of them went east. 289
Sad 50 My mother never told me what happened to my father, but she and I went south with some others and integrated into the NCR. 290
Sad 15 When the NCR learned that Enclave personnel had integrated, we kept moving to the fringes. It's one of the reasons why I wound up out here. 291
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic078 What happened to Navarro? Pained 25 After the Enclave's command structure fell apart, it was only a matter of time before Navarro was overrun by NCR forces. 292
Sad 15 My mother and I left with some of the troopers from my father's old unit, the same people I've kept in contact with over the years. 293
Sad 50 Anyone who didn't get out was killed by the NCR. Even some of the ones who escaped were eventually hunted down by the Brotherhood of Steel. 294
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic079 Where are you going with all this? Fear 20 The Enclave did a lot of bad things, but there were good people at Navarro. Good people with a lot of experience. 295
Neutral 50 Not many of them are alive anymore, but I think they could make a difference in the fight against Caesar. 296
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic080 Do you want them to help NCR? Pained 20 That's a hard question to answer. I know I don't want the Legion to take Hoover Dam. 297
Neutral 50 So militarily, yes, I want them to help NCR. If possible, I'd like to figure out a way to help the NCR win Hoover Dam without holding New Vegas. 298
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic081 Say no more. I'll do it. Happy 50 Great! {excited} I'd like you to talk to the old-timers, the Remnants. I don't think I can convince them by myself. To them, I'm still a kid. 299
Happy 40 But you're a big part of what's happening out here. When you talk to them, they'll understand how important this all is. 300
Happy 15 I've kept in contact with them over the years, so I know where you can find them, but I doubt they'll open up to you unless I come along. 301
Happy 50 I know I'm not always the most serious guy around, but this means a lot to me. Thanks. 302
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic082 I'm not interested. Sad 50 {surprised} Oh. {beat} After spilling my guts to you, I wasn't expecting that kind of a response but... I understand. 303
Pained 25 If you change your mind, let me know. It would mean a lot to me. 304
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic084 How do you know so much about this, again? Anger 50 Stop thinking so much. Thanks. 305
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic086 I'm sure he means well. Anger 25 It isn't enough to mean well if you don't do good. I'm sure Caesar meant well, too. 306
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic087 But in the end, doesn't it all just come down to numbers anyway? Sad 70 If you lose your humanity, then I suppose that is all that's left. 307
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic088 I thought you were interested in preserving life. Anger 25 I know I shouldn't place one life below another, but in Caesar's case, I'll make an exception. 308
Disgust 50 The whole "slavery and cultural annihilation" stance he's adopted is bit repugnant to me. 309
Disgust 65 Though I guess what I think never really mattered much to you, did it? 310
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic089 The world needs Caesar more than it needs you. Sad 25 {"The conquering cause pleased the gods, but the conquered cause pleased Cato" - week-treex cow-sah deh-ees plah-coo-eet sehd week-tah cah-toh-nee} Victrix causa deis placuit sed victa Catoni. 311
Sad 30 {sadly} Goodbye, courier. 312
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic090 Enjoying your stay? Disgust 30 In the words of Socrates, "Go fornicate yourself." 313
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic091 With how messed up New Vegas is, do you really think Caesar has nothing to offer? Surprise 50 At least the mess is ours to clean up. 314
Anger 65 Wait a minute... am I going crazy or are you actually suggesting it might not be bad if the Legion takes over? 315
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic092 I'm just trying to be open-minded. Fear 50 It's a good thing to be, but you may want to close the floodgates once you see how Caesar runs things. 316
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic093 Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting. Anger 50 Okay. I just wanted you to confirm that I'm traveling in the company of an insane fascist. Thanks. 317
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic094 NCR is broken beyond repair. Its time has come. Anger 65 If the NCR is broken, it will fail on its own. 318
Anger 50 The people who live here don't deserve to be victims of your misguided attempts at political engineering. 319
Disgust 70 Or are they just collateral damage? 320
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic095 The Legion is better than the alternative. Anger 80 What?! Caesar is going to enslave or kill everyone in the Mojave. 321
Anger 55 And when that's done, he'll try to destroy the NCR senate and install himself as its new military dictator. 322
Anger 65 I can't comprehend how Caesar could so extensively scramble your sense of morality to make you think the Legion is a better alternative to {emph} anything. 323
Disgust 45 And you know what? I'm not going to stick around to try to figure it out. At least legionaries have the excuse of being born into it. 324
Disgust 65 Have a nice life. 325
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic096 Actually, yes, I would like to see New Vegas turned into a slavery hub. Anger 50 Great! You're either unimaginably cruel or profoundly insane! 326
Disgust 50 Either way, I'm not going to wait around for you to help the Legion roll across Hoover Dam. Bye. 327
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic097 More than collateral damage. A necessary sacrifice. Disgust 50 How noble of you. 328
Anger 50 Sorry, but I won't be sticking around to see if you have the courtesy to lay flowers on the mass grave that the Legion's going to dig for them. 329
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic098 That's a good way to put it. Anger 65 Sure, if you're a sociopath. 330
Disgust 30 {sickened} Enjoy the fruits of your labor. 331
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic099 They hide behind NCR's protection and they deserve everything coming to them. Anger 50 They sure don't, but I hope you get everything that's coming to you. 332
Disgust 55 Have a nice life. 333
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic100 Sorry. I just lose my head sometimes. Fear 50 If by "sometimes" you mean "a lot of times," I agree. Please, just... settle down, okay? 334
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic101 Whatever. Anger 35 That wasn't exactly the response I was hoping for, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. 335
Anger 50 Seriously, though, watch it. 336
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic102 If you have a problem with me, why don't you just leave right now? Surprise 50 If you insist. Have a nice life. 337
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic103 Why? Anger 50 Because you're helping Caesar's Legion. They are bad. You are bad. I am going. Bye. 338
Why? Surprise 35 Why are you crazy? That's a question for someone much wiser and more patient than myself. 339
Anger 40 All I know is that you are a bad person and I don't want to be around you anymore. So if that was your goal, congratulations. 340
Disgust 40 If not, I'm sorry to inform you that you are, as the locals say, "nuttier than a Bighorner dropping." 341
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic104 Fine. Get lost. Anger 35 That was the plan. Bye. 342
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic105 Don't be too hard on him. It's part of who he is. Neutral 50 I suppose you're right. When you're part of something for that long, maybe it's impossible to let go without losing part of yourself. 343
Neutral 50 Moreno may be a stubborn son of a bitch, but at least he's loyal. 344
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic106 A man should know when to let go. Neutral 50 It's been decades, you know. By now, he's been out of the Enclave longer than he was in. 345
Neutral 50 Most people know when to hang it up and start over. But not Moreno. 346
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic107 It was an important part of her life. Why shouldn't she enjoy it? Neutral 50 As screwed up as it sounds, at least she was part of something. Granted, it was something... admittedly, pretty bad, but it was something. 347
Neutral 50 If you spent the first half of your life flying Enclave troopers in a vertibird, I suppose picking over Pre-War rocket parts doesn't quite compare. 348
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic108 Some people can't stop reliving their glory days. Neutral 50 Not much glory in the Enclave. Most of her old comrades are long gone. 349
Neutral 50 I know life as a salvager can't compare to being a vertibird pilot but... at least it's life. That has to count for something. 350
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic109 I'm sure your father would be proud of you. Neutral 50 I wonder if he would. It's pointless, I know, but sometimes I wonder what he wanted me to be. 351
Neutral 50 Maybe being a doctor in the middle of Nevada wasn't exactly what he had in mind for his little boy. 352
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic110 Why worry about it? You don't have to be your father. Neutral 50 I grew up without him. I'll always feel like something is missing from my life. But you're right. 353
Neutral 50 It's not like I'm the only kid in the wasteland who's grown up without a dad. Johnson always said my father was a good man. 354
Neutral 50 If that's the only thing about me that's like him, that's enough for me. 355
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic111 His work was what mattered to him. Neutral 50 Not everyone dreams of being a revolutionary, I suppose. Maybe we can't all change the world. 356
Neutral 50 Maybe it's enough just to do good for the short time that we're here. No one's going to sing Doc Henry's praises when he's gone. 357
Neutral 50 But he's probably saved more lives than I ever will. 358
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic112 It seems pointless to do all of that without a goal. Neutral 50 I'm sure Henry has goals. He was just more concerned with the "how" than the "why" of things. Being in the Enclave didn't really mean much to him. 359
Neutral 50 I guess I'm lucky that I'm part of the Followers. Helping people as a doctor is important, but with the Followers, it feels different. 360
Neutral 50 It feels like we're working toward something more important. That's more than the sum of good deeds that we do. 361
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic113 They're loyal to you, too. Neutral 50 Sometimes I wonder how much of my father they see in me. They went through a lot together, but my family went through it, too. 362
Neutral 50 I'm glad they've watched out for me all these years. Maybe someday I can return the favor. 363
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic114 That's their story Arcade, not yours. Neutral 50 Oh, I know. I was only a boy when they went through hell together. I'm glad you're helping me reunite them. 364
Neutral 50 Even if I'm still just a spectator in all of this, I know they can still do some good. 365
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic115 You've certainly done your part. Fear 25 I've been wondering about Daisy and the others for so long, I still haven't figured out what I should do. 366
Sad 35 I mean, I'm not like them. I was born at Navarro and my father served with them, but I wasn't really part of the Enclave. 367
Sad 25 It seems presumptuous of me to think that I could join the fight, even if this is a cause worth fighting for. 368
Fear 25 Because I know when fighting breaks out at the dam, all hell is going to break loose in Freeside. They're going to need every doctor they can get. 369
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic116 Let's get going. Fear 25 Hold on a second. I need to talk to you about something else. 370
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic117 You're assuming a motive without evidence. Please be rational. Surprise 15 Fine. Would you mind explaining {emph} why you killed Anderson? 371
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic118 It's cleaner this way, without bringing NCR in. No connecting Anderson back to the locals. Sad 55 That's a grim deal to make. But when it came down to it, it's the same choice he made. Not all sacrifices are made by the willing. 372
Sad 65 {quoting the bible} But where is the lamb for this burnt offering? 373
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic119 It was either this or spend the rest of his life in an NCR chain gang. Anger 20 That was his decision to make, not yours. 374
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic120 Allowing Anderson to get away with murder tells him and everyone else that it's permissable. Anger 50 There are other ways to punish people, other ways to condemn their actions. 375
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic121 What will you do if Caesar wins? Sad 50 {melancholy} What the Followers always do. Whatever we can. 376
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic122 You can do better than that. Surprise 35 No, really. Have you ever snorted a ground up Cazador venom sac? Neither have I, but I can guarantee you that a Freeside junkie {emph.} has. 377
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic123 Arcade, I'm asking you because I'm interested. Don't put yourself down. Fear 35 Oh, all right. I'm thirty-ish. {admitting} Well, late thirties. I was born... {guarded} west of here. I was an only child and spent most of my time with my mother. 378
Sad 40 My father died when I was young and I never got over it. Oh... and I like medicine and reading books about failed Pre-War socioeconomic policies. 379
Happy 35 {a bit of sarcasm} Right now, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Why hasn't some lucky man scooped this bachelor off his feet?" {serious} Like I said, I'm boring. 380
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic124 Why don't you like talking about yourself? Sad 55 Some people do. I just... don't. 381
Sad 35 Look, I appreciate that you're trying to be friendly, but I'd just rather not discuss it. 382
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic125 I'll say. Anger 40 Okay, okay, you don't have to agree with me {emph} that much. 383
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic126 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 {sounds reasonable} All right. 384
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic127 Goodbye. Neutral 50 All right. 385
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic128 Of course. Happy 25 Great. Glad we're on the same page. 386
Fear 50 I mean, I didn't expect that you'd want to... activate the super weapon or anything. 387
Fear 25 {nervous} Heh. 388
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic129 Why not to the whole area equally? Anger 35 NCR troops control Hoover Dam. Why do they need {emph} more power? 389
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic130 Noted. Fear 50 {nervous} O... kay. 390
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic131 Redundancy. If Caesar takes the dam and cuts off power, it will be chaos all over New Vegas. Surprise 50 Hmm. That's a valid point. I'm not really behind the NCR in all of this, but the last thing I want is panic in the streets. 391
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic132 You can always use more power, right? Anger 50 Maybe if you're Mr. House you do. I bet the people in Freeside need it a lot more than he does. 392
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic133 Er... Anger 35 Yeah, exactly. They don't. 393
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic134 Oh, uh... whoops, I thought that was to turn it off. Anger 65 Argh, you moron! You're going to kill all of the troopers down there! 394
Anger 45 That's it. I'm out. Good luck getting out of this place without being shot to pieces by NCR soldiers, assuming they aren't going to fry to death. 395
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic135 I'm thinking I'm going to get a sweet Pre-War laser. What are you thinking? Disgust 65 I'm thinking that I'm leaving because you are a sociopath. Good riddance. 396
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic136 Time for the NCR to roast. Anger 70 Oh, to hell with this! 397
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic137 If you're so sure it's going to be a bloodbath, maybe you should stay in Freeside. Happy 25 I figured you'd say that. Sometimes staying put is the best thing you can do. 398
Neutral 50 I'll leave the fighting to the old warhorses. It's what they were made for. 399
Happy 25 I need to go take care of something before I set up at Freeside. I'll see you soon. And again, thanks for your help with the others. 400
If you're so sure it's going to be a bloodbath, maybe you should stay in Freeside. Surprise 50 I honestly didn't expect you to say that. When I talked to you about Daisy and the others, you seemed to put a lot of value in loyalty to the past. 401
Surprise 25 What's changed since then? 402
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic138 What happens in Freeside won't make any difference if the Legion takes the dam. Fight with them. Neutral 50 Good point. You've been encouraging the others to stand up and fight, maybe I should take the same advice. After all, I also lived in Navarro. 403
Happy 25 There's something I need to go do, but I'll catch up with you later. Thanks again for your help with the others. It means a lot to me. 404
What happens in Freeside won't make any difference if the Legion takes the dam. Fight with them. Surprise 50 I'm surprised to hear you say that. I thought you had a problem with people who hold on to the past. 405
Sad 25 Suiting up to fight against Caesar with the Navarro veterans seems like... I don't know, like a kid playing dress up in his father's clothes. 406
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic139 You were born at Navarro, but you are your own man. They have their fight, and you have yours. Sad 25 True enough, I suppose. Getting them back together must be worth more than me spraying plasma all over the dam. 407
Happy 25 Back to Freeside it is. I need to make a stop before I settle in. I'll be back in a while. Thanks again for your help. It means a lot to me. 408
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic140 Well you... you're different. Anger 15 I am, but they're still my family. I think you were right the first time. If there's something I can do to help hold the dam, I'll do it. 409
Happy 25 Look, there's something I have to do, but I promise I'll be back in a while. Trust me. And thanks again for your help. It means a lot to me. 410
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic141 You aren't like the others, Arcade. You're still young. It's up to you to decide who you want to be. Neutral 50 True enough. Maybe I can't fill my father's shoes. I wouldn't even know how. 411
Neutral 50 But if following in his footsteps for a while means I can do some good out here, I will do my best. 412
Happy 25 I need to go do something. I won't be gone long, but I'll catch up with you later. Thanks for your help with the others. It means a lot to me. 413
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic142 That was just talk. It's not the same for you. Anger 15 No, I think it {emph.} is the same for me. Maybe for a different reason, but... you can't hold on to a past you've never had. 414
Neutral 50 For better or worse, I am not my father. I never had a life with the Enclave, and it would be silly for me to try to start one now. 415
Neutral 50 I'll stay with you until the Legion moves on the dam, but once the attack starts, I'm going to have to go to back to Freeside. It's where I belong. 416
Happy 25 I need to take care of something, but I'll see you soon enough. Thanks for all of the help. It means a lot to me. 417
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic146 I'm honored. Neutral 50 It's the least I could do. All I ask is that you put it to good use. This place has lived in the shadow of Caesar for long enough. 418
Neutral 50 I may not be the one to help stop him here, but you are. {"fortune favors the bold" for-tees for-too-nah ah-dee-oo-vah-t} Fortis fortuna adiuvat. Good luck, and good bye. 419
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic147 Who, Caesar? Anger 50 Of course, Caesar! You can hardly even hold his men responsible, given how they're practically raised to worship him as a living deity. 420
Anger 65 What's the point of surviving the war? Why did the founders of the Followers crawl their way out of vaults to bring knowledge back to the wasteland? 421
Anger 75 So we could act like the last two thousand years didn't happen? Play dress up so we can fight ancient wars all over again? 422
Anger 85 {defiantly} No way is he getting away with this. I'm not letting it happen. You're not letting it happen. 423
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic148 He seemed pretty smart to me. Disgust 20 Being "smart" doesn't matter if you're insane. Everything makes sense to Caesar because he's twisted everything to his world view. 424
Anger 30 He's Caesar reincarnated, the NCR is the corrupt Roman senate. I wouldn't be surprised if he thought the Colorado River were the new Rubicon. 425
Anger 40 He abdicates responsibility to a myth of historical inevitability. But he's {emph} not Caesar. This isn't Rome. {defiantly} And he isn't going to get away with this. 426
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic149 He's a madman. What did you expect? Anger 65 Well, yeah! Right. What {emph} did I expect? The man's a megalomaniac. He acts like this is some pre-ordained cycle we're returning to. 427
Sad 25 Of all the people who could learn from our past mistakes, he goes and throws all of our knowledge off of a cliff. 428
Anger 35 Instead of trying to learn from the past, he re-creates it, runs back over the same old barren ground. 429
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic150 I don't think either of us can fully understand what he and the tribes have gone through. Surprise 50 A fair point, but from the perspective of someone on the east side of Arizona, the man is clearly out of his mind. 430
Anger 25 Maybe he didn't intend for things to wind up this way, but that doesn't mean he needs to perpetuate this bizarre anachronistic myth. 431
Anger 35 And it doesn't mean that we should sit by and nod our heads at every absurd faux-Roman {kah-soos beh-lee, "case of war"} casus belli he can dream up. 432
Anger 50 He's a tyrant. The bad kind. And there's no way we're letting him take Hoover Dam. 433
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic151 What do you think the others will do at Hoover Dam? Surprise 35 I don't think you need to worry about the specifics. Basically, expect a lot of firepower and dead bodies. 434
Neutral 50 Enclave technology is even more advanced than Brotherhood equipment, and in the hands of soldiers as experienced as Moreno and the others... 435
Happy 45 Let's just say it's truly a sight to behold. 436
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic152 Thanks, I guess. Surprise 10 {disappointed} I have to admit, I did not expect that sort of response. 437
Sad 20 {deflated} This is one of the last surviving suits of original-issue Tesla armor from Navarro and it was worn by my father but... yeah I guess it's no big deal. 438
Sad 10 Good luck at Hoover Dam. I'll uh... be going now, I guess. 439
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic153 What are you going to do now? Neutral 50 Back to Old Mormon Fort, where I can do some good. We Followers may be idealistic but even I know this is going to end in blood. 440
Neutral 50 {"fortune favors the bold" for-tees for-too-nah ah-dee-oo-vah-t} Fortis fortuna adiuvat. Good luck, and good bye. 441
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic155 Is the Enclave's treatment by the Brotherhood influencing your opinion? Pained 35 Some of the old-timers like Moreno hold grudges against the Brotherhood and the NCR. I'd like to think I'm above that, but you may be right. 442
Sad 35 I'm not going to pout and cry if you give him to the Brotherhood. I'd rather they have it than allow all that knowledge to disappear. 443
Fear 25 I'd just prefer that it goes to an organization like the Followers, who are less likely to use it for... violent purposes. 444
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic156 Why not the Brotherhood? Fear 35 The Brotherhood hoards knowledge and is obviously a smidge more violent than the Followers. 445
Fear 15 Don't get me wrong. I'd rather the Brotherhood get the intel than see it lost somewhere in the desert, but I'd prefer the Followers overall. 446
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic157 Understood. Fear 55 {a little concerned} Okay. Don't have to make a decision now. Just... sleep on it or something. 447
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic158 Don't worry. I agree. Happy 25 Great. Then all is right with the world. 448
VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic159 What do you think I should do about ED-E? Brotherhood or Followers? Fear 40 This shouldn't be too surprising, but I'd prefer you let the Followers examine him. {unsure} Hopefully the reasons are obvious. 449
VEndingArcade VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {Narration} Though Arcade's intentions were pure and his goals were noble, he ultimately succumbed to the harsh brutality of the Mojave like so many before him. 450
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {Narration} Tricked by the Courier and imprisoned by the Legion, Arcade remained Caesar's personal physician for several years. 451
Neutral 50 {narration} Caesar grew fond of speaking with such an educated man on philosophical matters. Arcade became his unwilling intellectual sparring partner. 452
Neutral 50 {Narration} After years of such servitude, during an unguarded moment, Arcade used a surgical scalpel and his bare hands to disembowel himself. 453
Neutral 50 {Narration} Lacking any other skilled medical personnel, the Legion was unable to prevent his death. Caesar mourned his loss for months. 454
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {Narration} Though the Legion was victorious at Hoover Dam, the Legate did not have the same medical needs as Caesar. 455
Neutral 50 {Narration} {lah-NEE-oos} Lanius quickly tired of Arcade's acerbic wit and had the doctor crucified. 456
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} During the retreat of Caesar's Legion from the Mojave Wasteland, Arcade was a sad casualty, one of many. 457
Neutral 50 {narration} His body was heaped with those of many others in a nameless ravine on the Legion's long march home. 458
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Though Arcade had not hoped for an NCR victory, he was proud of his role in the defense of Hoover Dam against the forces of Caesar's Legion. 459
Neutral 50 {narration} Unfortunately, when word spread that Arcade was once a member of the Enclave, he was forced out of the Followers of the Apocalypse. 460
Neutral 50 {Narration} Pursued by bounty hunters, NCR rangers, and the Brotherhood of Steel, Arcade pushed deep into the eastern plains and was never heard from again. 461
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Arcade had hoped that Freeside would be able to remain independent of NCR rule, but he was glad that Caesar's Legion had been stopped at Hoover Dam. 462
Neutral 50 {narration} He tended to the sick in Freeside for a while longer, then returned to NCR territory to become a teacher with the Followers there. 463
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Though Arcade was crushed by the Legion's victory at Hoover Dam, he was not among NCR's casualties. 464
Neutral 50 {narration} During the NCR's retreat from the Mojave Wasteland, he helped defend NCR citizens and refugees on their way to Mojave Outpost. 465
Neutral 50 {narration} Unfortunately, NCR rangers identified his father's armor as Enclave property. He was arrested, tried as a war criminal, and imprisoned indefinitely. 466
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {Narration} When news reached Freeside that Legion forces were approaching New Vegas, Arcade did his best to help people escape with adequate supplies. 467
Neutral 50 {Narration} A Legion explorer saw Arcade helping locals escape and pointed him out to a Centurion. 468
Neutral 50 {Narration} Arcade's group was run down somewhere near Westside. There were no survivors. 469
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Arcade was outraged by Mr. House's power play following the defeat of Caesar's Legion at Hoover Dam. 470
Neutral 50 {narration} Though he remained in Freeside for a short time after the Securitrons established widespread control, he eventually traveled back into NCR territory. 471
Neutral 50 {narration} Disillusioned with the Followers of the Apocalypse, he settled down in the outskirts of the Boneyard, where he worked happily as a family doctor. 472
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Arcade was proud to have been one of the defenders who helped repel the Legion from Hoover Dam. 473
Neutral 50 {narration} He was prouder still to see the area freed from the shackles of the NCR and Mr. House. 474
Neutral 50 {narration} Though independence for New Vegas was not all he hoped it could be, Arcade used his Enclave knowledge and technology to keep order wherever he could. 475
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Arcade was tending to the locals of Freeside when he learned that Caesar's Legion had been defeated and NCR was being pushed out of New Vegas. 476
Neutral 50 {narration} Though he found that independence for New Vegas was not all he hoped it would be, Arcade did his best to help the locals govern themselves. 477
VEndingArcade Neutral 50 {narration} Though Arcade was proud to have been one of the defenders who turned back the Legion at Hoover Dam, he was crushed by Mr. House's ascent to power. 478
Neutral 50 {narration} Saddened by the loss of life and liberty in the area, Arcade left the Mojave Wasteland for parts unknown. He was never heard from again. 479


HELLO Hello Neutral 50 What's up? 480


AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 {irritated at being attacked} Temporary insanity? {I'll buy it} All right. 481
AcceptYield Neutral 50 Did someone slip Psycho into your water or {growing anger} are you just naturally berserk? 482
ArmorIneffective ArmorIneffective Neutral 50 I don't have much protection here. Mind helping me out? 483
Assault Assault Neutral 50 {irritated, angry, confused} What the hell are you doing? 484
Attack Attack Neutral 50 {hint of nervousness} Here we go! 485
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 {swallowing the end} Holy-! 486
Crippled Crippled Neutral 50 {crippled limbs} I could use a Doctor's Bag if you have any handy. 487
Death Death Neutral 50 {Death Noise 3} 488
Death Neutral 50 {Death Noise 2} 489
Death Neutral 50 {Death Noise 1} 490
DeathResponse DeathResponse Neutral 50 {grimly: eht een ahr-kay-dee-ah eh-goh, "I too was an Arcadian."} Et in Arcadia ego. 491
DeathResponse Neutral 50 {surprised} Oh! {sad} Dammit. 492
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Look out! 493
Flee Flee Neutral 50 {apologetic} Sorry! I'm out! 494
GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Neutral 50 {suspicious} You're not really supposed to be here. 495
HealthHalf HealthHalf Neutral 50 {pained} Ouch. 496
HealthHalf Neutral 50 {in pain, commenting on his wounds} Physician, heal thyself. {thinking} Guess it's a good thing they invented stims. 497
HealthQuarter HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Dying} Ugh. Maybe I should have stayed back in NCR after all. 498
HealthQuarter Neutral 50 {Dying} I could use a syringe of Med-X or two. {beat} Or eight. 499
Murder Murder Anger 40 {pretty angry} Are you mentally deranged?! 500
Murder Neutral 50 What the hell is wrong with you?! 501
MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 {finds murder of any sort distasteful} Ugh. 502
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 {a little annoyed} Strange how dead bodies appear wherever you go. 503
NoAmmo NoAmmo Neutral 50 {a little bummed} All out of ammunition. 504
NoAmmo Neutral 50 {slightly humorous} If you could spare any ammunition, that would be really terrific. 505
Poisoned Poison Neutral 50 {a little concerned} Hmm. Might need some antidote here. 506
Poison Neutral 50 {a little concerned} Yep. That's poison. 507
Regenerating Regenerating Neutral 50 {sighs} That helps. 508
Regenerating Neutral 50 {relieved} Much better. 509
Steal Steal Neutral 50 {annoyed} We have enough problems around here! 510
Steal Neutral 50 {confused, not sure what to say} Uh... that doesn't belong to you. 511
UsedDoctorBag UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 {feeling better, joking} Will the medical wonders of the post-apocalyptic world never cease? 512
UsedDoctorBag Neutral 50 {feeling better} Good as new. 513
Wake Wake Neutral 50 {sighs} It is my medical opinion that that could have gone better. 514
Wake Neutral 50 {yelling, confused} Thursday! {re-orienting} Wait... ugh. Dammit. 515
WeaponBroke WeaponBroke Neutral 50 {concerned} This weapon's done for. 516
WeaponBroke Neutral 50 {concerned} I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to. 517
WeaponIneffective WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 {worried} Might be time for a weapon upgrade. 518
WeaponIneffective Neutral 50 {worried} Uh... I think I need some more firepower. 519


AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 {saw something suspicious} What's going on? 520
AlertIdle Neutral 50 {saw something suspicious} Huh. 521
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 {alarmed} Looks like trouble! 522
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 {alarmed} Bad guys! 523
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Huh. Maybe I need some glasses that aren't two hundred years old. 524
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Nothing here, I guess. 525
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 {a bit exasperated} Where'd they go? 526
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 {relieved} I'm glad that's over with. 527
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 {relieved} I guess that could have gone worse. 528
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 {unsure} Not finding much. 529
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 I guess they're gone. {since he didn't have to kill them} Probably for the best. 530
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 {concerned} Uh oh. 531
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 {concerned} That doesn't sound good. 532
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 {disappointed} What a shame. 533
StartCombat Neutral 50 {disappointed} Looks like break time's over. 534
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 {concerned} Fighting's not my strong suit, but I'll see what I can do. 535
StartCombatResponse Neutral 50 {grimly} I'm on it. 536


ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Neutral 50 {a bit depressed} If there's one thing there's no shortage of in the Mojave, it's violence. 537
ObserveCombat Neutral 50 {a bit depressed} It would be nice if things could stop tearing each other apart around here. 538