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This is a transcript for dialogue with Private Stone.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Thanks for setting me straight. 1
GREETING Anger 50 Get lost. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Surprised} Oh! What are you doing here? 3
GREETING Happy 50 Aren't you the guy that helped wipe out Nelson? 4
Happy 25 Holy shit man, that's fucking crazy! 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Aren't you the gal that helped wipe out Nelson? 6
Neutral 50 Holy shit, that's fucking crazy! 7
GREETING Happy 25 Aren't you the one that saved President Kimball? That must have been some speech, eh? 8
GREETING Sad 50 I heard President Kimball was assassinated during his visit to Hoover Dam. Doesn't surprise me, we're all going to end up dead soon anyway. 9
GREETING Sad 25 I heard President Kimball almost got killed during his visit to Hoover Dam. Good thing he didn't come here, he would be dead for sure. 10
GREETING Sad 25 You're new here aren't you? Don't tell me we're actually going to get reinforcements. 11
GREETING Anger 50 Look at the big hero. You here to save us? 12
GREETING Anger 25 I've heard of you. Did you figure on coming out here and helping us lowly troopers out? 13
GREETING Disgust 50 Just what we need around here, a loose cannon causing more trouble. 14
GREETING Disgust 25 I've heard of you, what do you want? 15
GREETING Fear 50 What the fuck are you doing here? 16
GREETING Fear 25 What do you want? 17
GREETING Fear 25 We're all going to die out here. They're out there right now, waiting for us... waiting to kill us. 18
Fear 50 We're all fucked! 19
GREETING Anger 50 I don't want to be seen with the likes of you. Get lost. 20
GREETING Neutral 5 You're still here? I'm surprised you're not dead or gone by now. 21
Anger 10 What do you want? 22
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic000 Do you know anything about Dr. Richards' missing medical supplies? Surprise 50 Missing medical supplies? No, uhh... I don't know anything about that. 23
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic001 What's your problem? Anger 50 My problem? My problem is we're all going to die. 24
Fear 50 The Legion may be gone from Nelson, but there's still a whole fucking army of them out there. 25
Sad 50 Today... tomorrow... it doesn't matter, we're all going to die in this war. 26
Anger 50 So why don't you just leave me alone. 27
What's your problem? Anger 50 My problem? My problem is we're all going to die. 28
Fear 50 We're out of food, we're out of men, and we're out of time. The Legion is right outside waiting to kill us all. 29
Sad 50 Today... tomorrow... it doesn't matter, we're all going to die here. 30
Anger 25 So why don't you just leave me alone. 31
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic002 How are things around camp? Anger 50 You kidding me, man? How are things? They're all fucked up, that's how things are! 32
Disgust 25 Everyone is either starving or dying out here. Left out to dry by the rest of the NCR. Fuck this place. 33
Sad 50 I'd rather be anywhere else but here. 34
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic003 Alright, hand it over. Happy 25 Here you go. Thanks, I owe you big time. 35
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic004 Not interested. Anger 10 Fine. Be like that. 36
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic005 Dilated eyes, increased heart rate... I think you took the drugs. Surprise 50 [SUCCEEDED] What?! Oh shit... how the fuck?! Oh man, I'm in some deep shit now. 37
Fear 50 Look, I can explain everything! Really, just give me a chance to explain! 38
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic006 You look a little sick. Maybe you should see Dr. Richards. Happy 5 [FAILED] No, no that's not necessary. I'm fine. Just a little stressed out, that's all. 39
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic007 Then why did I find this empty syringe in your pocket? Surprise 50 Holy shit! How the hell did you find that? 40
Fear 50 Look, I can explain everything! Really, just give me a chance to explain! 41
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic009 Private Sexton mentioned you wander around the camp at night. Surprise 50 I do what now? Uhh... I mean, yeah, I sometimes need to... stretch my legs. Helps me... uh... think. 42
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic010 I know what's really going on. You can trust me. Happy 5 [SUCCEEDED] Well... sometimes I sneak into the medical tent at night and "borrow" some of the medical supplies. 43
Fear 10 But it's not what you think. I can explain everything. Just hear me out. 44
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic011 I saw you stealing the supplies. Fear 50 Uh... look, it's not what you think. I can explain everything, if you'll just hear me out. 45
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic012 Okay. Thanks anyway. Happy 50 Uh... yeah, sure, no problem. 46
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic013 This better be good. Anger 50 Have you looked around? Have you seen what's going on here? What we're going through? 47
Fear 50 This place is hell. I've seen my all my friends butchered by the Legion in front of my very eyes. I can still hear their screams at night. 48
Disgust 50 All I wanted was a little escape, so I took some drugs to help me do that. Is that so bad? 49
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic014 I don't care about your explanations. Anger 50 Hey look, I just wanted to forget about all this stuff happening around here for a little while, that's all! 50
Fear 50 What happens now? 51
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic015 Doing drugs isn't going to change anything. Anger 50 But it sure as hell is going to make me feel better for a little while, and that's all I wanted. 52
Fear 50 So what happens now? 53
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic016 What about the injured men that need this medicine? Sad 50 I... uh... I never... I never thought about that. 54
Sad 40 But look, I needed this. I needed to escape for just a little while. I needed this... 55
Fear 15 So what happens now? 56
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic017 Hum... I think I understand. Happy 25 Yeah, see... I just needed to escape for a little while. To not think about all this stuff going on here. 57
Fear 15 So what happens now? 58
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic018 That's a poor excuse. Anger 50 I knew you wouldn't understand! You haven't been here! You haven't been through all the horrors that we go through every day! 59
Fear 15 So what are you going to do about it? 60
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic019 I'm going to turn you in. Anger 50 Haven't you heard anything I've said?! Don't you understand?! 61
Happy 5 Hey, maybe I can change your mind. I still have some drugs left over. They're all yours if you let me go. 62
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic020 I want you to turn yourself in. Surprise 50 What? You want me to turn myself in? 63
Anger 50 Why the hell should I do that? 64
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic021 I won't turn you in... if you make it worth my while. Anger 5 Alright. Here, I'll give you some of what I stole, just don't mention this to anyone. 65
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic022 If you promise to stop, I won't turn you in. Happy 50 What? Hey sure! You got a deal. Thanks, I owe you big time. 66
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic023 Because it's the right thing to do. Neutral 50 [FAILED] No. That's not going to happen. 67
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic024 Yeah, right. Why don't you tell me what's really going on? Anger 50 [FAILED] Nothing's going on, so just mind your own business. 68
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic025 I sometimes do the same thing. Happy 5 Yeah, nothing strange about a late night stroll. Everybody does it. 69
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic026 For some reason I don't believe you. Anger 25 I don't care what you believe. Now unless there's something else, why don't you just buzz off. 70
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic027 It's better if you turn yourself in rather than me turning you in. Sad 25 [SUCCEEDED] I... I guess you're right. I'll do the right thing and turn myself in. 71
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic029 I could ask you the same thing. Neutral 50 {Nervous} Uh... I was just... uh... getting some fresh air and stretching my legs. It's getting pretty late though, I should get going. Goodnight. 72
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic030 I'm just enjoying a late night stroll. Neutral 50 Yeah, yeah... me too. It's getting a bit late though, I should get going. Goodnight. 73
VMS31VCFHPrivateStoneTopic031 Sneaking around at night is a little suspicious. Neutral 50 {Nervous} I'm not sneaking! I'm uh... just stretching my legs. I should be getting back though, it's late. Goodnight. 74


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, whatever. 75