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This is a transcript for dialogue with Private James Sexton.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 If it isn't the guy that defeated the Legion at Nelson. I can't thank you enough, morale around here has never been higher. 1
GREETING Happy 50 If it isn't the gal that defeated the Legion at Nelson. I can't thank you enough, morale around here has never been higher. 2
GREETING Happy 50 Whoa, didn't you save President Kimball? Glad to have someone like you here! 3
GREETING Surprise 25 I heard President Kimball almost got killed at Hoover Dam. That would have been a big blow to morale around here. 4
GREETING Sad 25 Did you hear President Kimball was killed? The guys here aren't taking it very well. 5
GREETING Happy 25 New guy, eh? The more the merrier around here! 6
GREETING Happy 25 New gal, eh? The more the merrier around here! 7
GREETING Happy 50 Hey everybody, look who it is! Glad to have you here friend. What can I do for you? 8
GREETING Happy 25 Look who we have here. Always nice to see a friend of the NCR. What can I do for you? 9
GREETING Surprise 50 You're not going to do anything crazy here, are you? 10
GREETING Surprise 25 Uh... is there something I can help you with? 11
GREETING Anger 50 Hey, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be here. 12
GREETING Anger 25 What brings someone like you here? 13
GREETING Happy 50 Hey there. The names Sexton. Private James Sexton. Welcome to Forlorn Hope. 14
GREETING Happy 50 Hey there, champ. Good to see you again. 15
GREETING Happy 50 Well speak of the devil! The head of the pack! 16
GREETING Happy 10 What can I do for you? 17
vFreeformCampForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic000 What is your assignment? Happy 25 I've been placed in charge of morale. It's difficult trying to keep spirits up with the Legion nearby. 18
Happy 50 In fact, there's more hope in wrangling Brahmin with my grandmother's stocking than inspiring these troopers. 19
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic000 So there's no hope in Hope. Happy 50 Ironic isn't it? 20
Happy 10 But it's understandable. The constant skirmishes take their toll on everyone in the end. 21
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic001 Wow. Bringing up morale must be a difficult. Happy 10 I'd call that an understatement. 22
Happy 50 But I can't complain. I'm not in the field as much as the others. I just stay here most of the day coming up with activities to occupy the camp. 23
Happy 40 Which reminds me of something I've been meaning to try. A killer competition to boost morale. Interested? 24
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic002 Hell yeah. Tell me about it. Happy 30 Great. Since the camp is threatened by Legion, I propose a hunt. Kill any you encounter and bring me the Legion's ear as proof. 25
Happy 50 You get it? Legion ear? 26
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic003 I don't know. It doesn't sound very good. Happy 40 Come on. Lend me your ear. I bet you'll be good at it. 27
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic004 Here are some ears. Surprise 50 Woah boy! This puts you far ahead of everyone else. I think I'll have to declare you the winner of the competition. 28
Happy 50 It's not much, but here's a little something I scraped together for the winner of the contest. Good job, you earned it. 29
Here are some ears. Surprise 50 Oh man! Awesome! The competition is still going strong. Keep it up! 30
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic005 Let's talk about something else. Happy 10 What's on your mind? 31
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic007 Are you complaining? Happy 25 No complaints. My assignment isn't easy but it's vital in keeping the troopers going. 32
Happy 40 In fact I have a new idea I'm confident will help morale. But if I told the troopers, it would likely fall on deaf ears. 33
Happy 50 I'd have better luck with the Legion's ears. Heh, get it? Legion ears? 34
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic008 About that competition. Happy 25 Haven't started it yet. Are you interested to hear about it now? 35
About that competition. Happy 15 You ready to participate? 36
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic009 Have you heard anything about Dr. Richards' missing medical supplies? Happy 10 About the shortage of Hydra right? We all have our own ways to deal with this place. Me, I sometimes walk at night. Calms the nerves. 37
Happy 5 I think Private Stone does the same thing. 38
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic010 Have you actually tried that? Sad 25 It's a long story. Let's just say whiskey makes you do strange things to impress a girl. 39
Happy 50 But it also leads to some of my best competition ideas. Wanna hear one? 40
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic011 Sign me up. Happy 50 Great! Don't be surprised if you're already last when you return. If I'm right, the troopers will use any excuse to slaughter Legion scum. 41
Neutral 50 Can I help you with anything else? 42
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic012 Maybe another time. Neutral 50 Yeah it was a crazy idea. Did you need anything else? 43
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic013 How's the morale doing? Happy 50 The best it's been since the camp started. All because of you. So thanks, buddy! 44
How's the morale doing? Happy 25 It's showing improvement. Troopers aren't showing up late to their posts anymore. 45
How's the morale doing? Sad 10 Lower than a Feral Ghoul's IQ. 46
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic014 What makes you think that? Happy 5 I sometimes see him wandering around the camp. Though he seems to need more time to himself. His cot's still empty when I return after midnight. 47
Happy 15 Did you need anything else? 48
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic015 That's all I need. Happy 15 Glad to help. 49
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic016 I can't believe you just said that. Happy 10 That bad huh? Well at least I tried. The actual idea is better. It's a Legion hunt. Whoever kills the most wins. How about it? 50
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic017 Skip the puns. What is this idea you have? Happy 15 Straight to the point. I like that. What I propose is a Legion hunt. Troopers kill them anyway so why not make it a game. What do you say? 51
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic020 I couldn't care less. Sad 10 Alright fine. Is there anything you do care about? 52
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic021 I'll kill you for asking. Fear 10 Alright calm down buddy. I don't wanna provoke you. I'll let you ask the questions. 53
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic022 That is the stupidest joke I've heard. Happy 10 Yeah it was bad. I'll leave the comedy alone. So how about it? 54
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic023 That's hilarious. You think of it on your own? Happy 50 Yep. Been waiting for a chance to use it. So can I count you in? 55
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic024 Sign me up. Happy 50 Great! Don't be surprised if you're already last when you return. If I'm right, the troopers will use any excuse to slaughter Legion scum. 56
Happy 25 Can I help you with anything else? 57
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic025 Count me out. Sad 10 That's a shame. Well if you change your mind, let me know. Need anything else? 58
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic028 I love fighting. I'm going back out there now. Happy 10 Well don't let me stop you then. 59
vFreeformForlornHope03VCFHJamesSextonTopic029 I still don't know. Happy 50 Know what? I'm going to sign you up anyway. If you don't mind being last then there's not much else I can say. Any questions? 60


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 See you later. 61