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This is a transcript for dialogue with Quartermaster Mayes.


CaravanOffer Want to play a hand of Caravan? Neutral 50 Damn straight I would! Let's see what you got. 1
CaravanPlayerLoses CaravanPlayerLoses Neutral 50 That was too easy. How about we play again and this time you actually try. 2
CaravanPlayerWins CaravanPlayerWins Neutral 50 Dammit. I should have won that match. Let's play again. 3
CaravanRematchNo I'm all done playing for now. Neutral 50 I'll be here if you ever want a rematch. 4
CaravanRematchYes Yeah, let's play again. Neutral 50 I hope you're ready for this. 5
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 So I heard you helped take over Nelson from the Legion. Glad to see someone making a difference around here instead of just complaining. 6
GREETING Happy 25 Thanks again for finding those supplies. I've already started putting them to good use. 7
GREETING Happy 50 If it isn't the guy that saved President Kimball. We owe you a big debt of gratitude. If Kimball died, I don't know what would have happened. 8
GREETING Happy 50 If it isn't the gal that saved President Kimball. We owe you a big debt of gratitude. If Kimball died, I don't know what would have happened. 9
GREETING Anger 20 I can't believe that President Kimball is dead. If I could get my hands on the people that did this I'd rip their heads off with my bare hands. 10
GREETING Anger 15 I can't believe someone tried to assassinate President Kimball. I'm just glad he's still alive. We need a guy like him around. 11
GREETING Anger 10 Are you new? No one told me about any new troops showing up. {irritated} This is just great, we get new troops and no new supplies for them. 12
GREETING Happy 50 I didn't expect someone as famous as you here. What can I do for you? 13
GREETING Happy 25 Nice to see a friendly face around here. We don't get many visitors of your esteem. Something I can do for you? 14
GREETING Disgust 50 You better watch yourself around here. I'm not going to put up with any crazy shit. 15
GREETING Disgust 25 Didn't expect someone like you around here. What do you want? 16
GREETING Anger 50 You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here. You better get out before I throw you out. 17
GREETING Anger 25 {gruff} What do you want? 18
GREETING Anger 30 If you're looking for supplies I'll make this easy for you... there aren't any. 19
Anger 10 But something tells me you're not here for that. What do you want? 20
GREETING Anger 10 I still don't have any supplies to spare. Is there something else I can help you with? 21
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic000 Major Polatli sent me to help you out. Happy 10 So the Major has you running errands for him. Well, we're short on personnel as well as supplies so we'll take all the help we can get. 22
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic001 How're things around the camp? Sad 25 Not good. If we don't get more supplies, we're going to have to start using dirt for food and sticks and rocks for weapons. 23
Surprise 10 Hey, how'd you like to do something for me? 24
How're things around the camp? Happy 25 Better now that all those Legion troops in Nelson are dead. The NCR might actually have a chance of kicking their asses after all. 25
How're things around the camp? Anger 5 Things are still pretty damn rough, but we're keeping it together. 26
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic002 [PRESS DEMO] I'll look for your men and supplies. Send me to HELIOS One. Neutral 50 Thanks. Watch your back out there. Never know when those Legion bastards might show up. 27
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic003 A little morbid, isn't it? Anger 10 Maybe, but the situation around here calls for it. You gonna help or not? 28
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic004 I found the supplies you were looking for. Sad 25 I take it my men were dead. It's a high price to pay, but these supplies will save a few lives here. 29
Happy 10 Thanks for finding these. You should check in with the Major, he'll want to know about this. 30
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic005 Speaking of supplies... I found some nearby, are they yours? Sad 50 Damn it all... I sent some men out to get these supplies, but they never returned. I guess the Legion got them on their way back. 31
Sad 25 At least we have the supplies. It's not much, but every little bit counts. 32
Sad 10 Thanks for finding these. You should check in with the Major, he'll want to know about this. 33
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic006 Tell me about yourself. Surprise 5 Me? I've been doing this shit for far too long and have been in too many battles to remember. 34
Sad 15 Still... this has got to be one of the worst situations I've been in. Not too much I can do about it but do my job and do it right. 35
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic007 About that thing you wanted... Happy 10 Have you changed your mind? Are you willing to help me out with something real simple? 36
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic008 I'm always willing to give a helping hand. Sad 10 I want you to collect NCR dogtags from our fallen troopers. That way I can keep track of who's gone and how to reallocate our supplies. 37
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic010 Uh, no thanks, maybe later. Disgust 10 Suit yourself. Let me know if you change your mind. 38
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic011 I found some NCR dogtags. Happy 25 Hey, you've been a big help. I wanted to give you something for helping me out. It's not much, but here you go. 39
I found some NCR dogtags. Happy 30 Good work. If you find any more, you know where to find me. 40
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic012 Seems easy enough. Happy 25 It's easy. Just bring back any NCR dogtags you find and I'll try to make it worth your while. 41
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic013 I wanted to ask about your missing men. Anger 5 What do you want to know? 42
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic014 The situation looks pretty bad here. Anger 25 Bad? I've been doing this a long time and I haven't been in many places that were worse than this. 43
Sad 15 We've been out here on the front lines for a long time without any reinforcements or resupplies. That's what I need your help for. 44
Sad 25 I sent some troops out to find more supplies, but they never returned. I need you to track them down and help them bring back the supplies. 45
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic015 Quit complaining, it's not that bad here. Anger 50 Is that a joke? Have you looked around? Massive casualties, constant raids, barely any food or equipment... does that sound alright to you? 46
Anger 30 Shit, we haven't had a proper resupply since god knows when. Last time I sent troops out to find supplies, they never returned. 47
Anger 25 The Major sent you because we don't have any men to spare. So why don't you make yourself useful and find those troops and supplies for me. 48
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic016 How can I help with your supply problems? Sad 10 The Major let me send out some troops to gather supplies, but unfortunately they never returned. I'm guessing they ran into some trouble on the way. 49
Anger 5 You can help by finding the troops and assisting them in bringing back any supplies they found. 50
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic017 Any idea on where I should start looking? Happy 5 I sent them to HELIOS One to see if they had any supplies they could spare. They've got to be somewhere between here and there. 51
Neutral 5 I'd try searching the main road, or checking with the men at HELIOS One to see if they know anything. 52
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic018 This sounds pretty dangerous. Happy 5 It's dangerous, but not as bad now that we've taken back Nelson from the Legion. 53
This sounds pretty dangerous. Anger 40 Of course it's dangerous! Damn Legion raiding parties have been giving us hell ever since they took over Nelson. 54
Anger 50 Hell, my men probably got ambushed by a raiding party! But we need those supplies, and we need them badly. 55
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic019 I'd like to ask about something else. Anger 10 Make it quick, I don't have time to stand around talking all day long. 56
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic020 Goodbye. Anger 25 We really need those supplies, so don't take your sweet time finding them. 57
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic021 Do you know anything about Dr. Richards' missing medical supplies? Sad 10 No, can't say I do. I've got my own problems to worry about. 58
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic023 I'd like to trade. Anger 5 I don't have any supplies to spare, but I've got caps if you have anything you don't need. 59
I'd like to trade. Neutral 50 I don't have any supplies to spare for someone with your spotted reputation, but buy your stuff for half the going rate. 60
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic024 Thanks, I appreciate it. Happy 25 You're welcome. Enjoy. 61
VMS30VCFHCarlMayesTopic025 Whatever it is, I think you need it more than I do. Happy 45 I'm not going to argue with you there. Thanks, I appreciate this. 62


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Uh huh. 63