V29-321G may look like a big, fat, red rocket, Rocketeers, but Ol' Fatty here ran circles around the Earth not so long ago, so let's see you keep up! Sure, V29-321G's re-entry gave it its more commonly-known nickname "Big Fat Fiery Fred," but here at REPCONN we chose to focus on the successes and apply what we learned about explosive-resistant shielding to future models and even our landing platforms!*REPCONN Aerospace plaque

The V29-321G (nicknamed Big Fat Fiery Fred) is a REPCONN Aerospace rocket.


The rocket was one of REPCONN's many abortive designs. It became infamous after an incident that destroyed the launch site, although the company responded optimistically, noting that an important lesson was learned in the creation of explosion-resistant shielding for both their rockets and their launch sites.



The V29-321G rocket appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The nickname is likely a reference to the B-52 bomber, which was often referred to as the "Big Ugly Fat Fucker."


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