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I don't suppose we can tempt you back for another round? Come on, you know you want to.


Theres some stuff going on... and I kinda feel this need to talk to you. Wish you were here. Agent c (talk) 22:02, July 1, 2013 (UTC)


I can't access chat but I can see you in there! Hello! How are you? Hugs MadeMan2.png "Say 'ello to my little friend!"

Ooooh, yeah, Gandalf is definitely senile. Especially seeing what happened to Radagast and his mushroom-addled brain! I'd like to place a formal application to add your Skype to my Skype. Ya'know, Skypesex or something. Hugs MadeMan2.png "Say 'ello to my little friend!"


Dunno if you remember me? Brandon? I messaged you yesterday on Leon's site. But now JS has told me that he has seen you on chat! So how have you been?

Brandon Fox (talk) 15:07, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

You don't find many people who are fans of SH2? Preposterous. The game evokes a lot of emotions and thoughts that not a lot of fiction does, so I hold it quite dear to my heart. Yeah, DG kindly offered to hand me the torch after he was asking for a successor. I already have DG working on a banner thingie for the top which I said could be done anytime in the next week and a bit, he's so cool. Tbh, I looked at your last poll at the New Vegas banner thingie and I decided that I had to have it! Regardless, it's nice to hear from you. I'm sorry that me and others are probably going to be swamping your talk-page with messages which you're gonna have to respond to, you've become quite a celebrity here for some reason. I read on Leon's page that you only wanted to stop by quickly and now you have messages to respond to. I hope that your life is going good and that you are happy :)

Brandon Fox (talk) 23:44, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

Even before reading your advice, I already knew that putting in little stories, jokes and interesting anecdotes gets people interested and a bit happier which is the main aim lol. Fortunately, I think I can provide things people hopefully find interesting to read. No, I don't know what life is like. It'd be great if someone could explain it but I sort of get what you mean with neither here nor there. Everyone's life is different, better or worse. There are many things right now I don't enjoy and even depress me, but well, yeah. Obviously, I won't let that seep into the Polls to depress other people, but thanks for your advice.

Brandon Fox (talk) 00:09, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

That is banner is just... amazing. I'll let DG know I've already found one to use. I couldn't think of a Fallout character to use either and I was actually thinking later on of adding in James because of my avatar. James never would have fitted with the Vegas Strip and your one is just brill with the desolate Wasteland of F3 to to go with James. You have my thanks Yes Man!

Brandon Fox (talk) 14:21, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

Blargh? Blargh,

You sexy Australian wildebeest. I knew you'd come crawling back. <3 And I see Nem is back, as well. :3 Does this mean we'll get some life flowing through the wiki again? ForGaroux.png Some Assembly Required! 16:36, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

You tease. ;_; ForGaroux.png Some Assembly Required! 23:22, November 6, 2013 (UTC)
What if we offered you the title of Grand Illustrious Overseer of Nukapedia? We can just overthrow J and Gunny. :D ForGaroux.png Some Assembly Required! 23:24, November 6, 2013 (UTC)
Professor Farnsworth laughs at your "modesty".
Lady Farnsworth.jpeg
ForGaroux.png Some Assembly Required! 23:27, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

You have been missed Brother

No pressure but it would be great to hear more from you soon.

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 00:22, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

Good ? ~ Please.. I am a Saint ~;p

Enjoy your visit Brother! We all hope you can find more excuses to return

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 00:32, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah brother.. I been all I can be ~BD

  • I hope find a way to stick around Man.

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 00:49, November 8, 2013 (UTC)


who are you???????????????????? Detroit lions.jpg Hawk da Barber 2012 - BSHU Graduate 04:35, November 12, 2013 (UTC)

ye, my homie, Joe. (peace) Detroit lions.jpg Hawk da Barber 2013 - BSHU Graduate 04:38, November 12, 2013 (UTC)


Cool to see another fan. I actually only just got the platinum boxset thingie with the silver tin box, about a week and so ago. I've watched all of them since and I really adored them. I watched it in Japanese with subtitles though, cos I like experiencing things originally to begin with :D

I even really liked the last two episodes despite how controversial they are, and I think even understand them. I'm watching End Of in a couple days time though, just to see what's it like. Apparently it's a better alternative ending, some however say it actually is more like added content for the TV series final two episodes from an external viewpoint, whereas the final two episodes of the TV show were an internal viewpoint from Shinji's mind.

Regardless, what made you revisit the series' theme Yessie?

Brandon Fox (talk) 15:25, November 13, 2013 (UTC)

I understand what you mean with the revisiting your childhood likes and stuff. I recently revisited the Pokemon games, but on the other hand, I ended up not being get into it as much as I did when I was little in contrast to your anime. Sometimes, I really do think that childhood likes can change with age, Pokemon unfortunately is one of them now. I really liked Eva, the drama and emotion and stuff with the characters, I really enjoyed it. People criticized it because the series ended up being more about the characters than the mecha fights, but honestly, it was always about Shinji and co with their problems. It's like how Fight Club wasn't really about the Fight Club, but the narrator and his psyche.

Yeah, Silence is an incredibly film. It got all the main academy awards during that year, did you know? It deserved it. I've never been too hot on TV shows based on films, and we don't even have Sky or anything, just Freeview. And even more anyway, I don't watch TV shows at all, I stick to DVD releases and stuff, I'm like that.

Did you hear that F4 is possibly announced? You always said that when F4 comes out you would return properly to the Wiki, but I guess you sort of already have :) You don't have to spend a lot of time on the Wiki by editing articles/pages and stuff, you can always just stick to comments on blogs and whatever, it's what I do. Hell, the most I do is just write a blog a week and reply to comments if I want, it doesn't take a lot of time out of my week at all :)

Brandon Fox (talk) 21:10, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

Um, thanks Yessie but honestly, I don't know where that came from. One minute I was talking about Eva and Silence of the Lambs and F4 and not having to stay active on the Wiki, then all this Poll help suddenly comes out of the blue. Seriously, thanks for the input but if I need any help Yessie, I'll be sure to ask you.

Brandon Fox (talk) 16:30, November 15, 2013 (UTC)

Editing again(?)

Hey Yessie, good to see your name popping up in recent changes! And you did some useful editing yesterday. There's not enough of it these days. So good work and it helped me too. I've spent a lot of time in the past few months adding sound files to quotes, and I went through all of your quotes and added a soundfile. Spared me the work of searching for the quote myself. So keep it up I hope. Jspoel Speech Jspoel.png 17:34, November 13, 2013 (UTC)

It's been too long and I saw your name pop up in the RC just now. Do you still remember me? =P Plan on sticking around for a bit? How are things? --Skire (talk) 03:21, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

Ah yes, the name change felt like so long ago I forgot to mention it! It represented sort of a rebirth of sorts (sounds very cheesy, I know) for me and I thought it was worthwhile. Anyhow, things have been going okay, although very busy recently. I haven't had that much time myself for editing, and quite a few tasks are piling up... It's definitely great to see you drop by again. Hopefully you might consider returning to regular activity here, time permitting of course. Cheers! --Skire (talk) 03:35, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

May I say welcome back?

I know we missed ya.

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 03:49, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

HEHehe Settle in Brother & we will steal ya the Macy's day Snoopy balloon..

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 04:03, November 14, 2013 (UTC)


Lol, thanks. Although, I may not even have noticed if I hadn't happened to see your reverts. Thanks for coming back and helping. Paladin117>>iff bored; 03:57, November 14, 2013 (UTC)


Yeah, my last took a while to reach you too. Agent c (talk) 22:02, November 17, 2013 (UTC)

I never knew you had Skype. Would you be interested in chatting sometime? I'd love to hear the voice behind the man!

Brandon Fox (talk) 22:26, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

My skype name is foxzone17

,Brandon Fox (talk) 17:44, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

My friend

My Friend, how I have missed you so ;-; --TwoBearsHigh-Fiving Intercom01.png 22:17, November 17, 2013 (UTC)

Most excellent! One way or another the game is coming. I've been so slow with school but that will soon change, I'd love to help out on the project. TA will be back to where it was soon! --TwoBearsHigh-Fiving Intercom01.png 23:52, November 17, 2013 (UTC)


Since we're buddies regarding Silent Hill, in your view how do you see the second game ending? I mean, what do you think happened with James? Since it all depends on how we interpret the story and main character, I'm quite curious as to your thoughts.

Brandon Fox (talk) 19:18, December 2, 2013 (UTC)

An interesting interpretation. I lean towards In Water/Leave. While I don't doubt that James originally went to Silent Hill to kill himself in a place of memories with his wife's body, it's all a question of whether he chooses to go through with it or not.

The way I interpret the story, James has just killed Mary (that we know for certain), and the killing actually took place very almost within the last week (which we can gather from Laura just turning 8 last week which says so in one of Mary's letters to her).

James unable to live without Mary, decides to take her body and himself to the town to kill himself in a place of memories. However, at some point along the way (with the body still in the car), something happens to James internally and he gives himself amnesia and blocks out his killing of Mary because only does he feel guilty about the murder, but he also debates whether or not to go through with his planned suicide. Hence through both of these, he constructs the letter from Mary beckoning him to return to their "special place" in Silent Hill which is where he's now headed. He no longer remembers he killed Mary and now believes he is following a message from his wife from beyond the grave.

The events in Silent Hill are essentially a way of his mind deciding whether or not he should go through with his suicide, to resolve the internal conflict within his mind of whether he should move on with his life or end his own life by suicide.

The other characters themselves are real who also felt a calling to the town. Eddie who finally reaches breaking point in anger, is forced to be killed by James. Angela chooses to kill herself and cannot move on with her life. Laura has no inner darkness, she is innocent and simply wishes to find Mary. Laura sees none of the darkness in the town the other characters see. Regardless of James' outcome, she ends up leaving the town unharmed at the end.

As to what I think James ends up doing, what side internally ends up winning? Does the desire to die and be with Mary in the afterlife win? Or does James learn to move on with his life? The town is only trying to help James figure out the truth, but it's up to him with what he decides to do. On some days, I feel that James learns to move on with his life after being forgiven by Mary. On other days, I feel that James succumbs to his inner turmoil and chooses to end his life. So in a way, I'm torn between both endings.

Also, ever noticed how Mary's talk with James at the end differs between Leave and In Water?


James: The truth is, I hated you. I wanted you out of the way! I wanted my life back!

Mary: If that were true, then why do you look so sad?....

James: Mary...

Mary: James, Please do something for me. Go on with your life. (hands James the letter)

In Water-

James: The truth is... part of me hated you. For taking away my life...

Mary: You killed me, and you're suffering for it. It's enough, James.

(Mary hands the letter to James and then passes away after)

In the In Water ending, Mary hasn't completely forgiven James unlike in the Leave one.

Brandon Fox (talk) 16:58, December 3, 2013 (UTC)

That's interesting, I've never noticed tire tracks before the bowling alley leading to the lake. I'll have to load up SH2 on my PS2 when I have time on the weekend and have a look-see. About the offical novelization though, it's important to note that the developers (Team Silent) have stated that the ending to the game is up to the player and there is no "canon" or "official" ending. Basically, if In Water is the ending you think happened and affected you the most, that's your canon ending. They only had to pick one of the ending for the novel and In Water happened to be the one they picked.

I've read a really good novelization of Silent Hill 2 called "letter from silent heaven" which is quite famous amongst the SH community, which uses the Leave ending. It's a good read, other than the annoyance that James seems to swear quite a lot (in his head obviously, not to other people).

Brandon Fox (talk) 13:57, December 6, 2013 (UTC)


Hi Yessie. I'm not upset on a personal level, but just a bit disappointed at how things have turned out. Most of this is due to the obnoxious "poll troll" that managed to completely mess up the classic polling format. My feelings are not hurt, but you should consider those who may be unfairly seized from their chances of progressing in NotY, due to some users not taking it seriously. I intend this to be fun (as I remember it was last year), and I want it to be fun and full of jokes. However, at the same time we do need to be mindful of the very point of this little contest, which is to reward the hardest working users at the end of the year. Thanks for the message, BTW. It does help. --Skire (talk) 19:44, December 2, 2013 (UTC)

Your favourite films

I've gathered a bit about the films you like from some of the Polls you've done. Blade Runner is one of my favourite films of all time as well. What are some of yours, Yessie?

Sorry, I'm kind of a film geek and I like talking about stuff like this...

Brandon Fox (talk) 20:35, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

If I had to narrow mine down to the top 5 I'd have to say:

Blade Runner. Deffo one of the most amazing films ever made, story, imagery, environment, the whole neo-noir element, I could go on for ages so I'll shut up right now...

The Shawshank Redemption, I loved it so much I'm actually reading the Stephen King short story it was inspired from (Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption).

The Empire Strikes Back, I love all the original films but if I had to pick one I'd pick Empire. Return of the Jedi was really good but this was the point when Lucas started down the dark path of merchandising toys and decided people don't watch movies for story anymore but for just simply entertainment. If there were no Ewoks defeating Storm Troopers with rocks and sticks and maybe no 2nd Death-Star, I think the film woulda' been perfect. Geeking out right now cos I've just gotten the original theatrical versions of the original trilogy on DVD!

The Godfather part I. Not much to say, classic with awesome actors.

Finally, Mulholland Drive. I highly recommend this film Yes-Man if you liked Silent Hill 2. Don't look up anything about it. All you need to know is that it's a mystery film.

Brandon Fox (talk) 00:22, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

Season's greetings!

SaintPain Season's greetings.jpg
You have been given a Season's greetings!.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
Happy Holidays & Season's Greetings to you, from SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPain & Major Tom

Be well & say Yes to be'n here more good brother Yes-Man

SaintPain Tiny.jpgSaintPainHere to help." 10:56, December 14, 2013 (UTC)

Happy holidays


I concede! =) We shall be proud of missteps, for they brought us to where we are now. Happy Holidays, my friend. --Skire (talk) 03:47, December 26, 2013 (UTC)


I saw you quoting Bane... I know it's been ages since you said on one of your Polls that you prefer Burton's 1st Batman film to Nolan's Batman films, but do you still feel the same way? While I really liked the 1st Burton film, I hated Batman Returns. When I put up Nolan's trilogy to the 1st Burton film, I have to go with Nolan. I felt that the Nolan characters were more deeper and had more to go on, and I felt I connected more with it on an emotional level and I loved the themes and ideas it communicated. Psychologically in the 1st, the idea of never letting fear get a hold on you, being a symbol for aspiration ect. I liked it all.

PS. Were you really born and shaped in the Polls? Could I ever hold up the original Yes-Man Poll Master? Am I the person they need and deserve?

Brandon Fox (talk) 21:28, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

Not that I'm hugely bothered about how many people visit and comment or whatever (I srsly don't think I'll be able to beat the amount of people who commented on yours!), but I think it's more of the fact that the Polls have been around for a while now. When you were on them, they were still very fresh and had only had the previous 2 guys running them (not to boast or anything, but I don't think they brought as much of a spark to the Polls as you or Dead Gunner did). With Dead Gunner having done the Polls for a year and you for about 4 or 5 months, I think people are very familiar with the questions and don't feel the need to comment as much as they did with your ones. Like Batman though, my goal is just to protect the Polls as you will, and keep them going as best as I can. I'll put snippets of story about me in them little by little as I've done, sometimes putting in extra appearances from characters and attempting to give some kind of a fictional (story?) to my Poll Master counterpart. I dunno if you saw the Sulik thing I did a few weeks ago, but that was my idea to tie into Chad's blog. I have also been planning something for a few weeks now as a clue of some sorts, of things to come in future Polls of mine. You might see it next week.

Brandon Fox (talk) 23:25, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

That poem I mentioned

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

In Meeting

The politician enters the meeting room at last and takes his seat. The

discussion has started. Over a hundred thousand dead at Bashar’s hands, or

is it truly him to blame? Aid the nation? A rhetorical question which is ultimately

pointless. It’s only one hundred thousand lives, some of them say.

Is this comparable to Hitler’s death toll? Certainly not, but

our deaths are all and the same. They’re over there and we’re here. Their

conflict doesn’t concern us? We still share the same earth. But… is the conflict

solvable? That cannot be said. Politics is a portmanteau. Expose it as the

mean leech it is. The politician picks up a pencilled eraser

while an argument ensues between nations. Too bad the eraser’s use is confined

in the realm of words on paper than for man’s impact on each other. The turmoil of

the world stands still, roots dug firmly in the earth. Soon, the Oil will be up for

next discussion. If we can’t have it, nobody will. Liquid gold to fuel our rage. In the

act of shouting, a cup of coffee is knocked to the ground as if in slow motion.

It's only 1/3, so more soon Brandon Fox (talk) 18:42, December 30, 2013 (UTC)


Hey Yessie, would you mind popping into chat or getting ahold of me or Chad? Thanks mate! Gunslinger470/TheGunslingerReturns... "Some say this user used to be a Patroller..." Some say this user used to be a Patroller... 04:43, January 14, 2014 (UTC)


Hey Rob, How are you? Could you pop into chat if you get a chance tonight or tomorrow? Thanks. Gunslinger470/TheGunslingerReturns... "Some say this user is a Patroller..." Some say this user used to be a Patroller... 04:59, January 16, 2014 (UTC)


Oh my days, how long has it been! User talk:Miss.Nicolle"Even In Death May You Be Triumphant" 17:50, January 17, 2014 (UTC)

I've been good thanks Rob, busy with work and bits. How about yourself? User talk:Miss.Nicolle"Even In Death May You Be Triumphant" 10:44, January 19, 2014 (UTC)

RE: Friendly competition

How comes you never did this with Nate? :o

Brandon Fox (talk) 22:45, January 20, 2014 (UTC)


I dunno yessie... I'm reading through some of the old forums I contributed on... A policy proposal designed to censor tag that was censored... a proposal to ban people with usernames that match article names.. proposal to ban news blogs about fallout tattoos and previews.... and I'm not even past page one of my edit history. Agent c (talk) 00:31, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

The censor tag one is good Enjoy...] Agent c (talk) 00:41, January 21, 2014 (UTC)
Oooh Oooh found another one Forum:Proposed_comment_policy
It shouldn't have passed. It didn't meet quorum. Agent c (talk) 01:06, January 21, 2014 (UTC)
Indeed. I really should sleep, I have work in 8 hrs... Agent c (talk) 01:08, January 21, 2014 (UTC)
Perhaps we need a poll to determine which of these franchises the peoples democratic republic of the vault should declare war on?— Agent c 00:11, December 5, 2010 (UTC)

Damn, I love me. I wish I could remember saying these things. Agent c (talk) 01:17, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

Ultimate Pollmaster

Should I make one too because I think we all know I'm the ultimate ultimate Poll-guy. Dead Gunner's SMG JPG1.jpg "Semper Invictus" 01:00, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

You may as well secede the trophy already. Dead Gunner's SMG JPG1.jpg "Semper Invictus" 01:12, January 21, 2014 (UTC) - You're done man. Dead Gunner's SMG JPG1.jpg "Semper Invictus" 01:18, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

We and I must be objecting most prof...Profooo.... We and I must be objecting big time. De Weekday vote-y thing clearly be being de domain of de hole. We and I be sure Grampy and me be crushing you anyway. SulikTheTribal (talk) 01:33, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

Sulik, who let you out of the Hole? Yes Man default.pngUser Avatar talk.png 01:34, January 21, 2014 (UTC)


I'm not sure if you're a fan of sentimental rambling, but I feel like some things needed to be said.

Firstly, I believe all the recent, regrettable drama has overshadowed your full return to the wiki. I'd like to welcome you back. As you know, quite a few things have changed over the months, but this place has been quieter in general (until recently).

Next, I'd like to apologise if I sounded unnecessarily rude or harsh on the forums. I was simply tired of the utter contempt that kept flowing incessantly onto that vote. I do recognise your stance on the issue, and it is an understandable one.

However, I am not here to discuss the subject of that forum. I will say that I did not envision it turning out the way it has... Believe it or not, I am not a man for vitriolic argumentation, especially at a place like this.

I don't know what you think of me, Yes-Man, but please know that if there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask me. --Skire (talk) 01:35, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

From my end, you don't have to worry about me taking it personally. The only thing I found annoying was your assumption of how long I've been here. But aside from that, it is great to see you around Nukapedia again. It seems like a decent amount of editors are coming back lately, and I have to say I'm pretty grateful to see that. ForGaroux.png Some Assembly Required! 02:02, January 21, 2014 (UTC)


Just a little something to attest to your influence here! =D --Skire (talk) 02:05, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

Poll Master

Yeah, those sub headings sound cool! Send em' my way when you finish them! :D

In all honesty, I think you're the greatest Poll Master and I don't think I can accept that title you've just dropped off on my Talk-page. I don't think comments have anything to do with it, my Poll just got a tiny bit lucky this time (even though all of your past Polls got tons of them) but I mean, when I read yours, I really get your personality and flair shine through at me. Your stories and anecdotes are more interesting and funny I feel, probably because you're older and have done and experienced more than I have. Although I haven't been adding many lately because of community events and such which would have made me write too much in the intro. The very fact that people still comment that they still miss you as Poll Master stands as a testament to how great you were in your position!

Brandon Fox (talk) 00:20, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

If you want to be a co host then sure, I can work with that. We have to sort out our script before every Saturday though, I might be starting weekend work on the 1st of February.

Brandon Fox (talk) 15:09, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

Poll sub-headers

I think they look fab. I will start using them straight away next Edition! I'll also add in the dialogue thing you wrote on my Talk page next Edition as an introduction to the Polls getting a co-host. Just so we can know what people think. I've never had this much help with the Polls before, and I don't know why you are helping me but thanks c:

Brandon Fox (talk) 18:23, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

Looks good. Yeah, I do use the news thingie at the end. I add this thing at the end:

An extra bracket at the start and end of course.

Brandon Fox (talk) 22:21, January 29, 2014 (UTC)

Uhm, actually Yes-Man, I think I'm gonna decline your generous offer of having you as a co-host. I just prefer doing the polls by myself. Thanks for the offer though

Brandon Fox (talk) 23:01, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

A (late) Holiday Gift

Lil' Devil.png
You have been given the Li'l Devil (GRA).
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year, I know i may be a bit late, but had exams then and decided to delay my wishes a bit. If it's too late for you, then consider it a Chinese new year ;) Greets Peace'n Hugs (talk) (blog) 10:51, January 30, 2014 (UTC)


Ghosts! Commie ghosts that don't know they're dead!

Paint the moon pink.png

Brandon Fox (talk) 10:15, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

Forgetting how to use Talk Pages is a funny thing...

I replied to your message on my own page and not this one. Silly of me. I guess I'm out of practice. Anyway, my reply was:

Sometimes we all need to have a little fun. And for the record, I have no beef with anybody on that site anyway. I figured since it was dead and I was the only active contributor, that nobody would mind much. And if they did, well it was all in good fun and nobody actually got hurt. Feelings... maybe, but it happens sometimes. Also, nice to see you again. Odd circumstances, but what can you do? :) VictorFaceMonitor.png Might I Say You're Looking Fit As a Fiddle! Talk to me! 06:22, February 10, 2014 (UTC)
I wouldn't call it a waste of time in its original form, the real problem was that it was just a fad and interest in it waned quickly. That and the people running it (myself included) never really understood how to make it the site well. It was never efficiently designed, that's for sure. And as everyone gave up on it I just used it as a personal file storage. I guess I got too into the idea of it being for my own personal use, and thats why I'm in this predicament today! Oh well. I probably had this coming anyway, hahaha VictorFaceMonitor.png Might I Say You're Looking Fit As a Fiddle! Talk to me! 06:36, February 10, 2014 (UTC)

Project Medal

Nukapedia Project Medal
You have been awarded the Nukapedia Project Medal for your efforts within the Fallout 3 and New Vegas quotations project.
For participating in the FO3 and F:NV quotations project Toci US Air Force.gif Into the wild blue yonder... 04:58, February 13, 2014 (UTC)

Sorry it's late. I didn't realize the project was declared finished. Toci US Air Force.gif Into the wild blue yonder... 04:58, February 13, 2014 (UTC)

Re: Banner

Thanks a lot Yessie, That banner is freaking amazing. I'm definitely using it for next week's polls. --MountHail (talk) 07:56, February 16, 2014 (UTC)

Admin request

Hi. Because of a timing issue, we're asking people who originally voted in the admin request for OfficialLolGuy to just vote again now the vote has been reopened. The new poll closes on 1 March. Thanks. Agent c (talk) (via the courier) 16:15, February 22, 2014 (UTC)

My birthday

Thanks Yes-Man. I had cheerleaders (and everybody in the hall during half time for a High School basketball match) sing happy birthday to me, but your song is just as good. :D

You should also probably change your topic to -First and only- considering nobody else cared enough to greet me happy birthday c:

Brandon Fox (talk) 10:21, February 24, 2014 (UTC)

OfficialLolGuy's admin request

Hi, I've posted a report on the event between Chris The Sayain and LolGuy involving different potential claiming of Chris' work as Lol's. The report is here.

We have extended the voting period to 7 days from the posting of this message to allow everyone to have an informed say. You may of course if you choose, change your vote, or rationale, as you see fit. Agent c (talk) (via the courier) 00:10, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

Been a while

How you been, mate? How's it hanging in the land down under?

Brandon Fox (talk) 22:38, March 29, 2014 (UTC)

Exams coming up in over a month so doing studying but still trying to have fun as well. Have you put songs of your up on youtube? I wouldn't mind giving some of them a listen :) You're the singer right? Or was it guitar? Regardless, who could ever resist listening to your voice?

Brandon Fox (talk) 13:49, April 10, 2014 (UTC)

I don't use skype at all now, I find it's kinda useless for talking to people in other countries as my messages never get through. If you ever put your videos up on youtube and make viewing it private except by invite or whatever, then I can listen to it :)

Moreover, I've been thinking than in a few weeks we could do a special in which you come on as co-host for the edition. Maybe number 30?

Brandon Fox (talk) 19:29, April 25, 2014 (UTC)

Temporary Poll Host needed soon?

Hi Rob, once again I'd like to discuss the Polls. It's still in its early stages and not everything has been sorted out yet, but I'm going on a work experience trip for 4 weeks starting sometime in August and I'm looking for somebody to hold the fort for a month while I'm gone. I appreciate that it's a lot of work to do and you don't have to do it if you're too busy or don't feel like it, but you were one of, if not the best Poll Master of the past and so I couldn't think of anybody better to do the Polls for a month. I'm sure all the Poll-goers would love seeing you around as the good-old Poll guy once again. Moreover, I'm getting to the end of my position I feel and in a couple months I'm actually gonna hand it over to someone new and before that I was gonna do a Poll on who everybody's favourite Poll master was, maybe doing this will make you win in a landslide as everybody realizes how much they missed you eh?

Brandon Fox (talk) 18:04, July 3, 2014 (UTC)

Disregard what I said, my plans have changed and I am no longer going to be away in August and September. We still need to decide when we can do a joint poll together though, what times will you be on skype?

Brandon Fox (talk) 16:31, July 25, 2014 (UTC)

Great to see you, mate!

Hey, since when are you back on here? Then again, I've been away for too long, only peeking the place every now and again, editing very little... In any case, it's surely great to see you again, my friend! --C'n-Frankie -ArroyoTalk 07:59, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

Theme of Laura NES remix

Theme of Laura goes back to the past in kickass 8-bit fashion:


Silent Hill Theme of Laura ('85 VG Mix)

Just thought you'd enjoy it, I sure did c:

Brandon Fox (talk) 11:12, August 22, 2014 (UTC)

Yeah, I'm pretty pumped for the next Silent Hill. It's gonna be freakin' Hideo Kojima dude. He tried to fail his career on purpose by making Metal Gear Solid 2 and the game only ended up becoming one of the highest rated games of all time as well as being cited as a game worthy of artistic expression according to critics. The Silent Hill games turned into a right state after Silent Hill 4 when the team was disbanded (and I thought even 4 was pretty bad, some of the worst gameplay I've ever played before). Origins I tried to play but it was shit, got a third of the way through before losing interest, boring ass story and protagonist. Downpour I hear is one of the only decent games I hear of the recent past.

Brandon Fox (talk) 19:12, August 24, 2014 (UTC)

RE: Poll banner

Yes-Man shoots himself in the head from extreme self anguish after realizing his banner is no longer wanted.

Betraying friend: Is he dead?

Slutty cheating girfriend: Check his pulse!

Oh yes, bwa ha ha, I have seen that Arnie video before, a few years ago it was. Thanks for reminding me of it again however.

Brandon Fox (talk) 14:53, September 8, 2014 (UTC)

RE: If you want 'em

I'm not one to turn down a free meal banner. A lot of them certainly kick the crap out of the last minute ones I did and then mug them for extra change. I love my main banner at the top though and I gotta love my Asuka Random Videos banner too. Others have been replaced by Darth Yessie, however.

Also, I'm watching the Room later tonight for the first time. I like bad films.

Brandon Fox (talk) 14:57, September 9, 2014 (UTC)

I watched The Room. My god, it was an imperfect masterpiece. Everything, the dialogue, the expressionless acting from Wisseau, the story which took turns which made no sense and the framed spoons: all come together to create a truly enjoyable experience. The first few people in the cinema when this first came out must have felt like the cinema was their own Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Brandon Fox (talk) 15:33, September 11, 2014 (UTC)


Hey, how about writing a VIP comment for the Hole (considering you seem to be more active than usual)? Just write the comment here, below, so I can include it in the blog. This week, Christine battles Specimen 73. Energy X 22:26, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

So what's the deal with Specimen 73? Why no Specimen 74? Am I right...? Is this microphone on...? Come on folks, I need this job. I have a family to feed damn it. I knew I should have gone to law school... "don't become a comedian" he said "No money in comedy". WELL I'M SORRY I'M A DISAPPOINTMENT, DAD! OH GOD MY LIFE IS A JOKE!! Yes Man default.pngUser Avatar talk.png 02:11, November 5, 2014 (UTC)

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