• I live in The Castle, General's Quarters
  • Bio Anything that produces a big explosion, is epic. Anytime I can make others do my bidding, is useful. Anywhere I can lead an army into battle, is FRICKEN' AWESOME!!!!

    Freshly Joined to the HP Wiki. Hufflepuff!

    Leading the Minutemen to Prosperity.
    Making Preston pull his weight.

    It's a shame really. Most people hate the Minutemen because of Preston and his shit repeating/overloading quests.

    In reality. Preston would be a normal, not stupid and buggy, human being. The Minutemen would not be weak and auto-fulfill quests, and you'd see a lot more of them, clearing out locations for you.

    Curses Bethesda, your sloppy job has screwed over every other person that might be willing to join my cause.

    Pretty knowledgable in Fallout: New Vegas, and Really knowledgeable in Fallout 4

    A (hopefully) up and coming Fanfiction writer in my spare time. Which I hardly ever get any of because of bloody Fallout.....

    If you are bored enough, here's my Bio:

    Heyo, My names Beast. I live in a hole in the ground. Buts it's a pretty cozy cave, since I have Wifi, a Starbucks, and a sick dance floor.

    Looking for love in all the wrong places, cause I mostly play single player games. Alone. Forever.

    I'm pretty active on the site, even though my post count might betray that fact. It's really ironic how I'm still around 1000, and people who joined a week ago are breaking 3000. Highest replies to one of my posts is 86, and upvotes 17.

    Been here since before Fallout 4, just lurking. Finally got my own account when I realized it was really stupid not to have one. Officially joined 1/14/16

    My imagination is spectacular, and I really think I could run a country in Fallout. I'd probably kill everyone off within a week. Or get assassinated, or shoot myself............. Maybe I shouldn't run a country.

    Hoping one day that I'd be popular enough to have people go seeking my assistance, like they do with Maxon or Agent C, but I'm probably not worthy or noticeable for that yet. Still, my imagination is spectacular.

    I feel like my imagination is the only thing I have going for me right about now. Truthfully.

    An avid reader, and absolute lore fiend (the good kind of Fiend though). I will spend hours debating with you all the little nuances in games that make me crazy. I read literally EVERYTHING in games. Unfortunately I can't always remember things word for word like Maxon can.

    If you catch me late at night and I'm grumpy, this happens:


    Apparently I've been told that the satanic rituals I preform make people uncomfortable. Fine. I can take a hint. When the evil monsters crawl out of your toilet, and come from your windows in the middle of the night so they can split you open and peel off every inch of your skin, Then proceed to wear your skin as a meat suit, and walk around in your body, don't come crying to me.

    Because you'll be dead, and that's just weird if you dragging along the floor with no skin when your dead. Fricken weirdo.


    Yay! I was mentioned in the end of the year post! Am I popular yet?


    I'd like to thank my mom, and my dad, and my pet rock "Boulder".

    Is this what the Oscars feel like????


    Best Mention Ever, I was arrested and jailed, oh and I got to eat some people. Made a new friend in prison too, CobaltJack. He's my cell mate, and totally understanding of my cannibalism because he's one too!!!!



    Probably the most I ever talked was here:

    Well, this all occurred on one historic night for the wiki, when we hit 1700 replies to a single sentence. Everyone else was doing it, so why not join em right???

    Chanceitchyballs (The Original- held previous max of 421 total replies. Take that!)

    Maxon perpetrated a horrible crime against humanity here too. Just see it for yourself. You'll know when it happens. (Hint: The 1000 mark)

    The Piece of History:


    Hardest I laughed was here:



    -Friends List! (I have friends?)

    CobaltJack (My Cannibal Brother)
    NukaModd (My Fellow Fandom Dweller/Extortionist)
    Wasteland Joe (1-666-RitualNOW )
    Muggy215 (The Porcelain One)
    InkyDinkyDo (The Misunderstood)
    Ice Cold Quantum (The Refreshing One)
    UrbanAnge1 (The Unkillable)
    CollinTheCourier (The Mailman)
    NewRGI (Early Bird - Always late to the party)
    ArthurMaxon (How Does He Even?)
    Agent C (Equivalent to Wiki Jesus, yet probably loathes me quietly)

    I certainly hope these people feel the same. That would just be awkward if they don't even know me and I'm over here saying we're BFF's.

    Alt: BigMtToaster

    Bow before me....... The Dark Lord Expendable!!!

    Muhahahahahaha......*cough cough*....... *Clears throat* MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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Video Negotiated SettlementEdit

Thank you very much for your vote on the petition. We have had talks with Wikia/Fandom, and a settlement has been proposed. I encourage you to review it and have your say here. Agent c (talk) 20:38, September 8, 2017 (UTC)

Video ForumsEdit

Thank you for participating in the video forums so far.

In order to work out where to go from here, I've created another forum asking the community where our "Red line" is, and whether or not I should continue to be the point person on this.

You can find the new forum here. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on this matter. Agent c (talk) 16:18, September 10, 2017 (UTC)

All Hands MeetingEdit

Okay, I think its clear that going ahead with a meeting is a good idea. At this stage I would like to open the floor to agenda items. We have the following things to discuss.

  • An update on any negotiations, and other actions
  • Possible action to progress our case further whilst staying on network
  • Possible engagement with Wikia on video in line with the proposed deal- if we should participate and whom that contact person should be.
  • Possible alternatives if the situation cannot be resolved.

Please let me know if you want anything added to the agenda here

I'll be asking a number of people to speak on certain issues, but as always there will be plenty of room for discussion.

I propose that the meeting be held at 3pm North American Eastern Time on Sunday 24 September, this should be 8pm in London, 9pm Central European time, and Midday North American Western. If there are any objections please note them below and we'll look into alternative scheduling, the more objections the harder we look for a new time.

We have arranged facilities for the meeting, it will be held online. It is open to all persons who have participated in any of the video discussion threads up to today, except those employed by Fandom/Wikia inc (as this is the Community's meeting), or have been employed by them in the recent past.

Votes taken in this meeting will be taken as consensus view of the wiki, so everyone is encouraged to attend.

We have setup a discord server (Nukapedia's Fallout Shelter) located here. It is mobile friendly (via an app) and is very flexible.

Although everyone is welcome in our social space (The-Common-Room), only persons who meet the above criteria will be admitted to The-Town-Hall (where the meeting will be located). You may be asked to verify your account before this access is granted. Agent c (talk) 21:53, September 11, 2017 (UTC)

Our relationship with WikiaEdit

Hi, You’ve previously expressed an opinion on whether we should remain with Wikia, and the Featured Video Situation. Its really important we hear from you again about what we should do about it. Please participate in the vote here. Agent c (talk) 13:04, August 11, 2018 (UTC)

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