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FNV Reputation page

Hi Tag, I was checking out the changes you made to the Reputation page back in Sept (and others who edited after you). Great job ! Loads of useful information on that page and very well laid out. I do question one thing that can affect Goodsprings reputation & the consequences ...

"Positive reputation: If Good-Natured Rascal, or more, Joe Cobb will not offer Run Goodsprings Run."
The only way to be good-natured rascal is to have 15+ fame in Goodsprings. The only way to get 15 or more is by +4 helping save the goodsprings settler at the well, plus +12 completing Ghost Town Gunfight. Cobb is not offering Run Goodsprings Run because we told Ringo we would help the town (even if we never finish the quest), not because our reputation is too high, so I believe this one line should be removed from the page. Am I missing something ? There is literally no other way to get higher than Accepted without completing Ghost Town Gunfight, correct ? I am going to go ahead and make the edit, but feel free to change it back if I am misunderstanding this.
On the other hand ... "Negative reputation:If Merciful Thug or worse, Ringo will not offer Ghost Town Gunfight." ... this IS possible because a player can steal or kill before talking with Ringo and get a status of Thug or worse.


One other suggestion: there are no ways to gain positive reputation that is applicable to ALL towns/factions, correct ? But for negative, if you are caught stealing +2 (I'm assuming this means red-text items when you're not hidden) or kill a faction/townsfolk +30. So this applies to ALL factions/towns, correct ? My suggestion is to make this a bit more obvious. Currently it's "hidden" in the middle of the 3rd paragraph of the overview. Technically it could go under 'gaining negative reputation points' for every town and faction, but I'm not sure that's the best way to handle it, to list the same thing in 12 different places on the same page. Maybe change the 3rd overview paragraph to list generic things that can give negative points (like how the positive sentence is written), then add a new section in between the section after Killing faction members with impunity to list the 2 negative items that apply to all towns and factions.
- AngelaStuff2 (talk) 00:05, 16 June 2021 (UTC)