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Hello, Saxhleel12, we are glad you have joined the Fallout Wiki!

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For assistance, please feel free to reach out to our admins or join the Nukapedia Discord server. We look forward to working with you!

Sincerely, The Gunny (talk) 02:46, November 11, 2017 (UTC)



Im not anyone important here or anything, just saw your name on the recent history page, and thought I'd say G'day, because I love your user name. So - enjoy, my fellow beeko! TimeoinSay G'DayView my work 01:53, November 5, 2018 (UTC)


I know you're very aware that you should be booted for your "fuck you" message to Santi. I get it though, stuff like this is tiring for everyone. Just don't let them get to you in the future or I'll have to throw the book I'm afraid. Sakaratte - Talk to the catmin 14:59, November 28, 2018 (UTC)

SNM Patron

Hey, Sax

You were expressing interest in joining the SNM with your Wasteland Warlords community feature, so I wanted to go ahead and send you a Patron Card that you can fill out and send my way so I can officially add you to the Patrons' Lounge.

Once you've done so, we can go ahead and discuss ways to integrate avenues for the community here at Nukapedia to get involved with your content, and possibly even earn prizes and/or perks for consistent participation.

I do have some ideas that I'd like to run by you with the virtual store opening tomorrow, so I'll get into touch with you then to start setting up an incentive program. 寧靜 Fox.png 17:54, April 27, 2019 (UTC)

Your Bogus Warning

Dear Saxheel, your warning to me on Michaela’s post is absurd. I’ve never abused the report feature ever. period. i’ve come to your talk page in order to not derail a post. Now, i reported a legitimately rule breaking post. I, as an african american man, was greatly offended by Michaela’s blatant stereotyping of African Americans by insinuating we all eat KFC. sure you did not have to take action on the post, your warning to her was enough i guess, but warning me for reporting a post, that’s absurd. it was a legitimate report, and you infact warned her for her post, a post which i reported. so, tell me again, how was me reporting a legitimately rule breaking post an abuse of the report feature? you obviously thought the post had some rule breaking traits since you yourself warned Michaela, so tell me exactly how i was “abusing the report feature”. Albert Cabbot Cole (talk) 18:21, August 14, 2019 (UTC)

Nukapedia - Vault Merger: voting has reopened


As you may have already seen, voting for the proposed merger has been reopened. Voting was originally postponed so that users could better discuss the proposal, and after a lengthy conversation, that forum has since come to a close. For more information, please see the discussion itself. The post is a little lengthy, but if you are truly interested in making an informed decision, I would recommending read through it.

Because this discussion may or may not affect how you voted initially or your rationale at the time, please review your post so that it reflects your current beliefs accurately.

This is only a notice of open polls and is not soliciting a change of vote. This is a generic talk page message intended only as for any and all voters, so as to avoid any indication of bias towards a particular outcome. Voting is slated to end on 5:01 pm November 1, 2019 (UTC).

The formal vote can be found here.


The Dyre Wolf (talk) 11:16, October 28, 2019 (UTC)

Letter of Gratitude

Thanks, you've been one of the better people I've met since being on the wiki, and it's been what...two years? Anyway thank you, you've made my experience on here less toxic.

--Riftocity (talk) 05:43, November 3, 2019 (UTC)

NTV Awards 2019

Voting concluded this morning with TSR and Dank being named Runner Up and Contributor of the Year. While you may not have won, hopefully your nomination was seen as acknowledgement of all your efforts on the wiki. And as another small token of appreciation for your efforts, here is a badge to celebrate your nomination in the 2019 process. And no, I did not count that "nomination" of yours, so no sneaking in a board credit

NTV2019NMN.png2019 NTV Nominee

Thanks again! The Dyre Wolf (talk) 15:33, January 27, 2020 (UTC)


Greetings, Friend-Argonian. I would make a Post regarding this, but I fear that someone would see it as mini-moderating again, which is never my intention. But alas, I was wondering if there is some kind of Off-Topic Post to discuss things on. Looking at the Monthly Off-Topic of the Elder Scrolls Fandom as an example, it's basically a place to chat about all things within the Rules. Usually these are things not quite related to the Fandom's purpose!

I suppose there is the Meme Post, but I always figured it as suited more for...well, for Memes lol. I ask this because there's so many things I would long to discuss with the Users on here, but it feels out of place. We have so many fans of so many things, and it's rare for me to come across such enlightened people! Thank you for your consideration on this matter, no matter what the future reply is ^_^ Warmest regards, Hexonith (talk) 02:43, February 1, 2020 (UTC)

Off-Topic Reply

I see, thank you for the consideration. I will do as you suggested when thinking of Off-Topic questions, thank you! Hexonith (talk) 21:19, February 3, 2020 (UTC)

Unformatted Message(s)

Note From Sax: If messages aren't titled they will be found here.

I would like to thank for your message providing me links directed to the BoS. Unfortunately, I never check my talk page so I'm.kinda late for that. Thanks anyway. --Very Cold Mothman Boah (talk) 02:56, February 6, 2020 (UTC)

Hi, I was wondering if I could make a post asking people to join a Wiki I created for Fallout 4 mods. Does that break any guidelines? --Сеня Набутовскй (talk) 14:14, August 25, 2020 (UTC)

Unsigned Message(s)

Note From Sax: If messages aren't signed they will be found here.

Hello Sax, am I doing this right? Well I’d like to appeal my ban from a while back... let’s talk about this more on discord—-that’s more convenient than this. Reach me at Bloodworm#3420 when you get the message.

  • "Kind of reminds me of that dm you sent me on discord. The one where you have it set up so i couldnt respind. Lol. Its not that i dont agree with rules or the reasons for having them.Its when you dont see obvious kidding around for what it is and think you need to barge in and "wave your badge around" ", From Yeti

Nukapedia Fanfic Competition

Greetings, Friend-Argonian. Apologies for the late response, I was probably sleeping! Haha. I must admit that I was somewhat surprised that you asked me to judge a Fanficition writing contest, as you've almost undoubtedly seen me Post before. Regardless, I will accept. Though I will list some things first, in an attempt to explain why choosing me might not be a great option. Not so much to dissuade as to enlighten, really!

First: Judgement, especially of people, isn't my forte. It is probably my 8th largest weakness, after the typical bullets and knives trope. I also should mention that I don't write, so there's that as well. I will point out that I don't even know what is regarded as 'good' writing in the first place. My favorite movie is 'Gladiator', where does that stand on the scales?

Then it dawned on me, perhaps that's the reason I was contacted. No experience, no idea what's going on. A blind babe to offer perspective on things! So while I am sounding unwilling, I am actually very excited to serve the community however I can. I just thought it would be fair to explain what you'd be getting. How else can we measure someone if they are not truth-speaking? Anyway, hope to talk soon!

Warmest regards, Hexonith (talk) 23:22, April 13, 2020 (UTC)

Nukapedia Fanfic Competition 2

I am afraid I'm not quite sure. I imagine it should be related to Fallout, right? I am not sure if something akin to this has been done before, I but I always thought it would be cool to see some people's takes on Supervillains/Superheros Fallout style! Maybe an effect of Radiation or mutations or whatever. Maybe even a Super Soldier Serum situation like Captain America, you know

But then again I'm a big fan of the comic book stuff, not sure on how other people feel regarding it!

Hexonith (talk) 01:00, April 14, 2020 (UTC)

Nukapedia Fanfic Competition 3

The draft looks good, I personally appreciate the 'y'all' touch. The rule regarding one submission per person and not account makes sense, wouldn't have even occurred to me. I've always just had one account, never understood the need for more than that lol

I do have a Discord, believe the name is Hexonith#2192. Not on it too often because it's not allowed on the clock, but I check it once I get home

Hexonith (talk) 21:44, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Badge question

I saw that i can copy the fanfic badge to front page...what is that exactly? My bio? Or where it currently says "i edited this" Kvile2000 (talk) 17:05, June 1, 2020 (UTC)

Fallout books

I didn’t want to derail your announcement totally...yeah I remember those comics. I do not find comic book format entertaining. I do want a novel, that would be awesome!

Kvile2000 (talk) 00:47, July 3, 2020 (UTC)

Thank you!

I appreciate your vote of confidence on my admin application. I promise to get better at many things, primarily posting things in discussions without messing up. That will be my first order of business! -Kate (Kdarrow (talk) 09:37, July 20, 2020 (UTC))

Political Post

(copied from KM talk page) Hi Knife Maker. Contrary to what you recently stated on the Enclave post, we do not have a rule against using a picture of a current events figure in a political manner. Rule #9, Fallout Wiki's politics rule, does not prohibit people from expressing political views, only warns that different users may hold strong, opposing views. Fandom possesses no politics rule, but does have a rule against offensive content. Are you attempting to make the case that the OP's picture is offensive enough to warrant the post being deleted? (As it is impossible to remove a picture from a poll). Thank you, message me on my talk page at your earliest convenience, don't want to let any threads on Discussions get sidetracked while this matter is discussed. Saxhleel12 (talk) 01:43, August 11, 2020 (UTC)

Are you asking if Red Baiting a political figure is considered offensive? Consider the linked WP article. Time magazine characterized the red baiting of Van Jones as a "vicious smear campaign" and an effort to use "lies and distortions to distract and divide". So yeah, besides warning passage regarding political content you cited, it violates general wiki rules on civility and making a personal or libelous attacks on a living individual. Given that this particular figure polled higher than his democratic rival in 2016, well over half of Americans would agree that it is offensive to the figure, and by extension their own political views to the extent they agree with that figure. I would think that moderators would appreciate the need to be especially cautious about such content advocating any position or employing such likenesses especially given the divisive political atmosphere as America approaches November 3rd. If it is ok to post derogatory images of current political figures, then I can think of a lot of figures I could dress up in fallout bad guy clothes for posting on the forum. But it would be a pointless food fight, right? But if you think it is fine, then ok. Thems are the rules, but be prepared for the entirely predictable consequences.
But let's not go there. My assumption is that the poster likely was not aware that it is deeply offensive to make the association with this figure and the communism the figure spent his career advocating against. I am not saying I agree with him, but the fact is his views are not that different than other FDR- another figure who was actively redbaited by the right wing in the 50s.
If poll questions cannot be edited to alter the image, it should not be too much trouble to repost the poll since it just started. Mak (talk) 02:31, August 11, 2020 (UTC)


Thanks for the vote.--Branebriar1930 (talk) 20:38, September 24, 2020 (UTC)

Re: Editing

Hi Sax, I don't have any experience with editing on Nukapedia or any other wikis. I know some of the very basics, but I haven't taken the time to explore all the options yet. It's definitely something I'm willing to learn though so I can contribute to the wiki in the future. --The Appalachian (talk) 15:50, October 7, 2020 (UTC)

Editing/Discussions Moderator

I've been thinking about it, and I'm interested in running for Discussions Moderator. I've been trying to familiarize myself with how editing works by studying existing pages and editing my own profile, and I understand most of what I've seen so far. If I have any questions about editing I'll let you know. I think I have a fairly good idea of what the position involves, but I do have a few questions:

  • You said I meet the required posts count, but I read the requirements for becoming a dmod, and they state that you must have made 2500 posts, which I do not have yet. Do I have to wait until I reach it before running? It probably won't take too long since I'm only a few hundred posts away, but it's still important to know.
  • What are the expectations with regard to when a moderator should be online/active? Because I cannot always predict when I will be available.
  • I know the Wiki has a Discord channel, do you also use this as a place to discuss things with moderators and other staff? I'm asking because I currently don't have a Discord but I'm willing to make one for this purpose.

--The Appalachian (talk) 13:29, October 10, 2020 (UTC)

Fallout 76 Player Character

Hey there! I saw your comment on the vote: "Not sure why people are saying that isn't official, it's in-game."

The reason is that Bethesda explicitly told us what the protagonist designation is (see below). There's also a ton of other reasons listed here. Hope this helps, have a great weekend! --Intrepid359 (talk) 06:20, October 24, 2020 (UTC)

Confirmation from Bethesda spokesperson LadyDevann

If "Vault Dweller" is selected, we could absolutely set it up to reflect the variety of nicknames used in-game. Right at the top of the page, it could say "Vault Dwellers, occasionally referred to as..." and then we can list the common alternate names. The big thing is that "Vault Dweller" is the most prolific name in and out of the game (we literally hear it almost every day). It's what players identify as. "Resident" appears only in Vault 76 during the player creation phase that lasts about 5 minutes. Once you leave Vault 76, you're locked out forever. You will literally never be referred to as the "Resident" ever again. I appreciate the discussion! --Intrepid359 (talk) 22:19, October 24, 2020 (UTC)

Call to Action

There have been quite a few sweeping changes to the wiki lately, and now that the Unified Community Platform has come to fruition here, it's more important than ever for our leadership to get together and inspire innovative changes for the next generation of wiki editors/readers.

As someone who is somewhat inactive myself, I understand how life gets in the way, and I'll fully understand if many of you are unable to commit, but I'd still like to try my best to appeal to you all in getting involved in a few of our currently active projects; especially so since rights-users participating in our discussions/votes are at an all-time low, and many internal decisions are having to be made between a select few users, which is bad for building consensus on important matters.

As such, I would like to ask for you all to look into two of our most important projects right now, as it would mean a lot to me and the wiki if as many people as possible got directly involved in helping shape our future:

  1. The Vault Academy is a program for the training and acclimation of new and even veteran users, training them on how to get involved in the various facets of the wiki, as well as helping them build bonds with their fellow users. The program has kicked off in a big way, and we are in desperate need of more rights-users to sign on as mentors, as we're having to share multiple mentees between each mentor. If you're looking to leave your mark on the wiki, then signing onto TVA program will be your way of doing so.
  2. As a minor update, we now have a new plagiarism point of contact. Should you suspect plagiarized content is at play, please get into point with the user FDekker who will be the initial handler of all such cases going forward.
  3. We have an upcoming meeting of the minds coming up on the 20th of this month, and we need people to come forth and pitch their ideas for adapting to the recent UCP changes, and to possibly adopt some of the ideas that our new datamining friends have been pitching to us.

Thanks for your consideration, and I do hope to hear back from you all! Even if it is just some of you dropping by to check the place out and say a quick hello. 寧靜 Fox.png 14:12, 13 November 2020 (UTC)

No problem at all! I certainly don't expect everyone to adhere to anyone's personal philosophy, and I'm just glad to hear that you've been going out of your way to help out the cause independently. Keep up the great work! 寧靜 Fox.png 14:51, 13 November 2020 (UTC)

Hey, um, thanks.

Thanks for deleting that post before too many people saw it, that would've been embarrassing, should've got my facts straight. Sorry to trouble you. - D-Class Personnel, February 22, 2021 (EST)

My Final Response

This is a reply to your talk page post which I also copied on my talk page. First off, I don't feel the need to use a talk page to discuss something with a /d mod that quite frankly behaved in a petty and temerarious way considering the position and the example that /d mods should be setting, a reaction which was quite frankly unprovoked and the only rational explanation I can find is that you had your reservations about me beforehand. As a result, this is the only form of reply I will take on the subject (on talk). The matter after this point, as far as I'm concerned, is closed.

The comment concerning veteran users leaving was taken out of context, just like my discussion points on the /d post in question, in that it was a blanket "If this is how even YOU are starting to behave when presented with criticism, no wonder the old faces are leaving". As in, if one of the /d mods that I have respected for this long has also decided to stoop to the same level as those he has frequently criticised, then no wonder the old faces have given up, sure.

Beforehand, you were incredibly rude and sarcastic when I posited that your assessment of speciesism vs racism was inaccurate, you then disregarded my discussion points against you as a simple "No u" response rather than actually reading and responding in a more intelligent manner to the points that I had made, you then proceeded to chastise me for "ignoring" your points when I had, in fact, answered them one by one, and then you dismissed what I had said as a joke, stating "Those can't be serious points", simply because you didn't agree with my assessment. You think you got slandered? You chose to behave like that, as opposed to simply presenting your counterpoint. I also made it clear when you were under the impression that I had said you made your discussion points up, that I hadn't actually said that, and the proof is right there on the discussion post. I also found it quite odd you recommended reporting you when being sarcastic and rude don't actually break the rules, which we both know would just be an abuse of the report function. You were certainly not a /d mod I expected to refer to the report function and (indirectly) the rules and guidelines, since I considered you one of the /d mods that believed being one amounted to more (by example) than simply following the rules you enforce.

You also edited your comment (amongst others, over an actual matter of days) stating that I should move my comments to a talk page because you were under the false belief that I had a problem with you. I don't believe I need to make clear that I honestly don't think about you that often, and was actually quite on side with a lot of statements you made regarding the wiki and the role of a /d mod, however I feel that perhaps your position has changed since then, or maybe I was mistaken on the rapport that we had beforehand. You also edited your comment (which you declared that time) stating the statement was a "shocking personal accusation", hence I've felt the need to create a more elaborate reply, days after the discussion. I believe the statement implied that you were actually one of the people I didn't expect to behave in that manner, but I never stated that it was because of you (as you claim), only that the behaviour has resulted in veteran members leaving, which is true. I actually perceive your exaggerated reaction to be symptomatic (and I see the likelihood by the manner of the first response you made to be high) of you having your reservations about me beforehand, disregarding the times I have actually defended your position on the wiki and supported you. Alas, neither of those things really matter now.

Apologies if I hadn't made the statement about veteran users clear, however since to be honest for quite a while I have seen no real evidence to the contrary, when it comes to your debate participation and open-minded consideration of points you don't agree with, that's the conclusion I am going to make based off of that interaction, and a few of those veteran users that have left citing they departed due to that kind of behaviour, I actually know. To that end, I think it was a fair assessment and it's a statement I won't be retracting, and if you have a problem with it and choose to get upset over your interpretation of the statement rather than the actual intention and meaning of the statement itself, being that I was disappointed it was coming from you, then I am afraid that is a problem I cannot alleviate. It would also be unsurprising considering the trend of that entire discussion, and what I have mentioned beforehand.

I furthermore assert that this post is an accurate representation of my beliefs, and I can only state with certainty regarding my actions, which I believe were, quite frankly, justified.

This will also be my final response, as I have stated in the subject title and at the beginning, because I don't feel in this situation that continuing this matter is going to benefit anyone, and I also wasn't the one to exaggerate it. I have made concessions and apologies where necessary for things said on /d in the past, which is something other users rarely actually do, however in this situation I don't believe one is merited.

Nevertheless, despite that situation and the unpleasantness of writing this response and going over the events of a few days ago, I've felt over these last three years that I've known you on the wiki, that you have been an incredibly positive force on /d and a defender of fairness, and I hope it continues, but your display in that interaction and the way that you behaved is blatantly indicative now to me that no, we are not "friends", and the feeling is mutual. TechnoCrusader (talk) 16:02, 26 February 2021 (UTC)


A board badge was promised, and thus, a board badge is delivered.

FO76 Board.pngBoard Member 2020 NTV

Thanks again for being one of the only two staff to step up and help out! The Dyre Wolf (talk) 15:54, 8 April 2021 (UTC)


i know it’s been awhile since you’ve asked why I’m not a dmod, but I just noticed it today. I would be interested and gladly would be one. I’ve wanted to run for dmod since I found out about I could. Acj1225 (talk) 23:35, 24 May 2021 (UTC)

Main Wiki Side of Things

Same as I've always used the phrase. Just a general term for anything that uses the wiki editor and falls under something you can get to via the wiki search tools. |\| () |\/| /\ |) | Talk | Discord | NMC 17:50, 18 June 2021 (UTC)

NOTY 2021

Congrats on Social User of the Year! It is well deserved and a fitting reward, especially if you are still planning on having to step back this year as IRL has to take some precedence. And if that's changed, it's news I would warmly welcome. You have been an awesome mod and a valued community member, and I am glad to see the community shares this sentiment. Here's what I know you are really excited for, the shiny new badge for your user profile.

NOTY 2021 - Winner.png2021 NOTY - Social User

Fingers crossed for solid 2021. Aish and Kate hopefully shook the Madden curse off the award last year... though Aish may have shuffled duties a bit :P The Dyre Wolf (talk) 15:45, 6 January 2022 (UTC)

Re:Post Categories

Yeah thanks dude. I was in a hurry and had a brain fart. Appreciate ya looking out. Jon the Don -JBour53 (Talk to my consigliere) 04:38, 6 May 2022 (UTC)

For your perfect attendance and donut eating expertise

Slocums buzzbites.png
You have been given A Prestigious Present for Being Presented a Present for Being Present..
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
For your contributions to the focus group and for not eating all the donuts. You have my gratitude. TheGunny2.0 (talk) 18:37, 8 May 2022 (UTC)