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Best regards, Jspoelstra (talk) 18:59, February 2, 2019 (UTC)


Mind not to unnecessairly capitalize words. We have policies about that. ☢ Energy X ☣ 12:34, March 7, 2019 (UTC)

Right, thanks for the note. When porting over content from in-game, the in-game grammar should not match the wikia. Got it, will do in the future. Cheers. CamelChip (talk) 17:52, March 8, 2019 (UTC)
Please read the capitalisation policy carefully and refrain from proving a point by disrupting the wiki.
- FDekker talk 19:33, March 8, 2019 (UTC)
Yes, will do. Please do note that I meant no ill intent, and was not trying to "proving a point" or knowingly disrupt the wiki. I was merely trying to add content to a page, and made a mistake doing so en masse. It was purely accidental. Thank you. CamelChip (talk) 22:11, March 8, 2019 (UTC)
- FDekker talk 22:14, March 8, 2019 (UTC)

Fallout 76 plansEdit

Hiyo. I read your talkpage message on Fallout 76 plans and I agree that all the plans probably need their own separate pages. It's a big job, which is why I imagine it hasn't been done yet. That being said, I'm game to try and tackle it if you'd like to help out as well. I've been mostly focused on the consumables and junk items (a long lonely road) but those are mostly done now, so it'll be a nice new thing for me to focus on. --L84tea Tea kettle 11:04, March 20, 2019 (UTC)

Sure, I'd be happy to help out! I think it'll be especially useful for showing what workshop plans unlock. CamelChip (talk) 23:24, March 20, 2019 (UTC)
Yeah I 100% agree it would be helpful. I've bought so many Pendleton plans just to find out it didn't unlock what I wanted.
So my current plan is to finish running by all the vendors and taking stock of their plans to update the main Fallout 76 plans page with before starting to make all the individual pages. This means the plan locations (at least vendor-wise) can be added when the page is created which means we don't have to update in two places for every single plan which would kill anyone I think. I've currently got a list of vendors which I have already checked and updated the plan for saved at User:L84tea/sandbox.
P.S. I like what you're doing with the settlement objects page - it's been imageless for too long. --L84tea Tea kettle 10:44, March 21, 2019 (UTC)
Sounds like a plan; vendors first, then individual pages. And thanks! CamelChip (talk) 16:12, March 21, 2019 (UTC)

Atomic ShopEdit

Hey, just a heads up. I updates many links on the Atomic Shop page. We use common spelling, instead of the capped in-game spelling. I also removed links from Pip-Boys and bundles. I believe we don't need separate pages for those, and the overview suffices. Thanks for your work on that page btw. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 21:18, April 4, 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for updating the links. As for the spelling, I was wondering about that! The previous versions all had the capped spelling, so I (wrongly) assumed there must've been some weird exception.
And as for content that's left the shop (like the Vault 76 cap), should items be migrated down to an "unavailable content" header? Or should they be moved to a separate page? CamelChip (talk) 22:56, April 4, 2019 (UTC)
I think place that under limited time content, just a with we do with the Creation Club. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 13:34, April 5, 2019 (UTC)

Little bit of clarification Edit

It appears a previous edit of mine on the Atomic Shop page made an error and removed the Gold .44 and Pink/Silver armor paints

This was not intended, i think it mainly came about what with you publishing an edit after i started and before i published my own causing a conflict and error occured

Just clarifying so you don't think I remove entries for no reason, 'twas an error and nothing more ^^ Prof. Sugarcube (talk) 23:58, April 23, 2019 (UTC)

No worries, just make sure to check your edits after the fact (or with the "show changes" button in the editor). If something accidentally gets removed on such a big page, it might not get noticed! CamelChip (talk) 21:46, April 24, 2019 (UTC)

Atom Shop naming and page changes Edit

Just a heads up, since i've basically, somewhat adopted the Atomic Shop page as a pet project of mine to keep it running an up to date, since you are also doing the same in that regard, I've introduced many changes to the page that should make it easier, more informative and straightforward to access

One of them however i'm bringing up to a forum to finally grab a consensus from the unreached consensus people are having, and I would like to get your opinion on the suggested change seeing as you frequent the page whether you support the decision or not, the more people that respond to the vote the better after all

Also in regards to cut content or discontinued content, I have fleshed out the page, upgrading the legend and assimilating discontinued and limited content on the page with identifiers such as alternate prices and bundle listings and all that (as well as access to xedit) - so don't worry about where to put the limited/discontinued content, i'll handle it ^^

If you have any questions of changes i'm making to the page feel free to ask, i'd be happy to show you the thought processes of specific changes. The only thing I can't do realistically is get the images of the various items which you have done stellar of so far. Prof. Sugarcube (talk) 09:40, April 26, 2019 (UTC)

Reverted edits Edit

I have reverted your edits. They added no new value and took away existing value. You show a strong dislike of Raider power armor and a strong bias for ultracite. That's fine for a player but should not be in the wiki unless factually supported.

Specific problems: You use "slightly less" for a 4% to 5% difference and also for a 13% difference. 13% is not "slightly" different. Your statement that T-60 doesn't require screws leaves out that it also doesn't require black titanium, ultracite, springs, or nuclear material. You removed the statement that ultracite does not have to be crafted. This sets it apart from the other two quest related armors. At least you didn't re-insert your original error and state that it did have to be crafted.

Please keep your edits accurate and factual. Avoid non-specific adjectives. Everyone has biases, but try to keep your personal biases out of the wiki.

--Lakewalker (talk) 13:53, May 4, 2019 (UTC)

Thank you for your interest in the power armor page. However, after careful consideration of your edits, I would ask that you kindly review the wiki's guidelines and policies. You can find them at Fallout Wiki:Policies and guidelines.
Firstly, I do not show a "strong dislike" for raider power armor nor a "strong bias" for ultracite. Ultracite power armor is factually superior to raider power armor. This is accurately represented in the level availability table. Ultracite provides 453/393/393 resistance, while raider provides 341/341/341 resistance at its highest level. Is 453 not numerically greater than 341? Is 393 not greater than 341? Unless something has drastically changed in the mathematical world, ultracite armor is factually superior to raider armor.
Secondly, note the writing conventions from the wiki's guidelines. In particular, "Do not be overly specific when writing, only as specific as necessary." Overly specific statistics, such as percentages, should not be included in the summaries of each armor. If anything, they should be presented in the main articles. This also applies to the explanation of the T-60 armor's repair costs and the ultracite armor's quest relations. They are simply too specific to be included in the summary and should instead be moved to the model's main article.
Please review the wiki's policies and the usage of the words "factual" and "biased." Be sure to keep your edits clear, concise, and grammatically sound, especially on summary sections. Thank you for your passion and continued contributions to the wiki. CamelChip (talk) 19:57, May 4, 2019 (UTC)
I agree that less is sometimes more. I considered the page finished a couple of months ago. It was concise and answered the question that most players visited it for, which is: I am at level xx, what are my power armor options? That is really the only thing that the vast majority of wiki users needed from the page. If a player needs to know how the stats on T-45 change with different levels, there was a link for that. I would prefer the short and sweet version that we had then.
When I say that you had included your own preferences I was not referring to a comparison between raider and ultracite. I was referring to "Raider... offers equally minute... resistances" vs. "T-45... offers equally decent... resistances" when they are so close, most players wouldn't notice the difference. I prefer to give them the table to easily compare the numbers organized by level and say nothing more. As for ultracite, you rated it remarkable, X-01 superior, T-60 decent and T-51 considerable. I'm pretty sure that "remarkable" trumps the other superlatives. An argument can be made for any of these armors to be the best, but that should be left to the players not the wiki editors.
I propose reverting the page back to the short and sweet table that compares armors arranged by level and has no other information except where it relates to multiple armor types (like paint and notes). If you really feel that players need a general page that lists all of the levels arranged by armor type rather than just using the links to see that information, leave those tables. Let's agree to remove all of the text descriptions.
Thanks,--Lakewalker (talk) 02:02, May 5, 2019 (UTC)
The thing is, the power armor page is an overview of all power armor in Fallout 76; just having level availability doesn't quite do it justice. It's a general page that displays everything "power armor" in the game. This would, of course, include the armor models available to players and the short backgrounds of each.
With regards to the introductory "comparative protection" bits, I agreed that they were too general. Some armors are numerically superior in certain regards, but ranking them by overall protective capability was too general. In fact, I removed them in the last edit.
The new format echoes the Power armor (Fallout 4) page which has undergone the test of time and plenty of transformations into what works best for all users. What may seem like a finished page to one editor may not actually be finished. It is important to realize that pages like these are for the reader, not the editor. While you may think it best to not have text descriptions, the tempering of over 400 edits on the Fallout 4 page says otherwise. Note that even though Fallout 4 is a different game, it still shares a great deal of similarities to Fallout 76 in its various systems.
Moving this discussion to the talk page. CamelChip (talk) 05:26, May 5, 2019 (UTC)

Excavator legsEdit

Can you take another look at the FO76_Excavator_left_leg.png and FO76_Excavator_right_leg.png images? They're exactly the same images. Would appear to me they should be somewhat different to eachother. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 12:32, May 7, 2019 (UTC)

Whoops. Yup, they're the same image. They both use the same model in-game, so should've just had one generally listed as "Excavator leg." Could one be renamed and the other deleted? CamelChip (talk) 16:01, May 7, 2019 (UTC)
I renamed so it can be used for both legs. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 16:08, May 7, 2019 (UTC)


Category:Nuclear Winter images is not a category in which images should be placed, it's an overview category. You need to choose one of its subcategories or make one if it doesn't exist yet. (except a few that already were in it, armor/weapon images shouldn't be in there anyway.) Jspoel Speech Jspoel 14:53, June 15, 2019 (UTC)


Hey! I'd just like to say I'm really impressed with the Fallout 76 images you've been uploading. They are of very good quality, excellent work. Keep it up! :) DisgustingWastelander (talk) 19:20, July 22, 2019 (UTC)

Grahm's Meat-CookEdit

Your quest reward box is giving errors at the end of the page. Can you correct that? Jspoel Speech Jspoel 23:26, August 7, 2019 (UTC)

Yup! Fixed it, thanks. CamelChip (talk) 23:29, August 7, 2019 (UTC)

Plan ValuesEdit

Hey, I just wanted to ask why the listed values for the X-01 mod plans shouldn't be the same as they appear when purchasing them in game? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Enclave Soldier Elliott (talkcontribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

It mostly has to do with the fact that listed values aren't the same for each player (they depend on Charisma, perks, etc.). So the value you may have in-game usually isn't the same for everybody else. It's safe to display the base item value because it always remains the same regardless of stats or perks.
At least, that's my understanding of the topic. Feel free to ask staff if you need a better (or more official) explanation! :) CamelChip (talk) 21:07, August 26, 2019 (UTC)
Okay, I guess I forgot that it was possible that the base value of the plan would only display after purchasing. Enclave Soldier Elliott (talk) 21:17, August 26, 2019 (UTC)

Holiday ScorchedEdit

You created a revision error on Holiday Scorched, you can see it at the bottom of the page. Can you take a look at it? Jspoel Speech Jspoel 22:07, December 13, 2019 (UTC)

Thank you. Fixed! On a side note, those expanding lists could really use a user-friendly template. CamelChip (talk) 02:24, December 14, 2019 (UTC)

Fallout 76 armor modsEdit

Hey thanks for your work on the Fallout 76 armod mod pages! It must have cost you a good amount of time to create those, with all the information you added. Nice. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 11:29, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

NTV Awards 2019Edit

Voting concluded this morning with TSR and Dank being named Runner Up and Contributor of the Year. While you may not have won, hopefully your nomination was seen as acknowledgement of all your efforts on the wiki. And as another small token of appreciation for your efforts, here is a badge to celebrate your nomination in the 2019 process.

NTV2019NMN2019 NTV Nominee

Thanks again! The Dyre Wolf (talk) 15:29, January 27, 2020 (UTC)

A giftEdit

Fo76 Nukashine bottle
You have been given a bottle of Nukashine.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
For your constant quality contributions to the wiki. May cause blackouts. AllYourFavorites! (talk) 02:16, June 9, 2020 (UTC)

Cattle prodEdit

Are the Cattleprod (Nuclear Winter) and Cattleprod (Wastelanders) the same weapon? They have some the same stats and some differ. Baseid is the same. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 17:13, July 6, 2020 (UTC)

Yes, the Nuclear Winter weapon uses Cattleprod (Wastelanders) as a base, sharing IDs and base stats. However, Cattleprod (Nuclear Winter) is a gamemode-specific version that always has the separate "_Babylon" modification that increases the base version's damage. The NW version is also never legendary, while the standard WL version is always legendary.
Other Nuclear Winter weapons are more clearly different from their base counterparts (like changes in magazine size or fire rate), but melee weapons are somewhat similar. Still, they can be differentiated and are affected by different perks. It's a bit of a tricky situation for consistency across pages.
It should also be noted that the damage for Nuclear Winter weapons doesn't scale (i.e. is always a single value) since they always appear as the same level. CamelChip (talk) 18:47, July 6, 2020 (UTC)

Gears and Gear Edit

Hello Camel,

I am currently going through your recent FO76 weapon edits and find the odd Gear (Fallout 76) in the tables, which redirects to the Auto part (Fallout 76) and not the crafting material.

I know it is hassle with the amount of tables you are creating recently and just wanted to let you know.

Findabair (talk) 05:53, July 10, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The actual component in-game is singular, which is why Gear (Fallout 76) seems to appear on different pages. As the redirect page to auto parts had no incoming links, the component page has been renamed accordingly. CamelChip (talk) 17:58, July 10, 2020 (UTC)

Thank you!Edit

Why thank you for your niceties on my admin application. I appreciate you saying so a lot! -Kate (Kdarrow (talk) 09:16, July 20, 2020 (UTC))

Good Work Edit

Howdy, how's tricks?

Good work, keep it up!

Richie9999 (talk) 06:10, August 22, 2020 (UTC)

Patroller rightsEdit

You've done a fine job here these past few months. I've given you patroller rights, giving you the opportunity to grow and climb up the ranks! Jspoel

Thank you, much appreciated! CamelChip (talk) 21:34, September 14, 2020 (UTC)

A presentEdit

FO76 Lead champagne
You have been given a glass of lead champagne.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
To celebrate becoming patroller! AllYourFavorites! (talk) 21:41, September 14, 2020 (UTC)

Patroller 101Edit

Icon party hat

I am ecstatic to welcome you to the team! I crafted a brief crash course for you, in order to see a general overview of expectations and instructions for your brand new role. The other folks on staff (and me!) are here to support you completely and are happy to help out in any way we can, so don't be shy. So happy you are here! -kdarrow Pickman heart take her for a spin! 07:54, September 15, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks, the crash course was helpful! CamelChip (talk) 18:33, September 15, 2020 (UTC)
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