• YoDsanklai

    Back on the subject of the Fallout 4 quest types, the current denomination is suboptimal and can induce confusion. This is done within the Fallout Wiki:Fallout 4 quests project. You can find below a comparaison between what we have and what I want us to have.

    Main questline Side quest Repeatable side quest Miscellaneous quest Repeatable miscellaneous quest Unmarked quest Repeatable unmarked quest
    Not faction-dependent Main quest
    Reunions Side quest
    Dependency No example available Miscellaneous quest
    Clean the Water Supply No example available Unmarked quest
    Virgil's Cure Unmarked quest
    Fertilizer Woman
    Faction-dependent Faction main quest
    Synth Retention Faction miscellaneous quest
    Duty or Dishonor Faction radiant quest
    Ghoul Problem No example av…

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  • YoDsanklai

    About FO4 quest types

    December 28, 2015 by YoDsanklai

    I'm thinking of using new quest types to differentiate more accurately the different quests available. The exact names are up to discussion but I can't see how I can reduce or expand the number of types. The point is to help the visitors to see if the quest is tied to a faction or not, i.e. if completing X quest requires being friends with a particular faction or not. Here is the list I would like to use :

    • Main questline acts 1 & 2 : unaligned main quests
    • Main questline factions : faction main quests
    • Independant side quests : side quests
    • Faction side quests : faction side quests
    • Miscellaneous : miscellaneous quests
    • Unmarked : unmarked quests
    • Companion : companion quests

    The types we currently use are :

    • Main questline (acts 1&2 + factions) : main q…
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  • YoDsanklai

    I would like to add a "Crafting" section in some of the location descriptions since I think it would be a practical addition to some maps. There is no need to add this section on the settlement maps since you can build your own crafting stations there.

    I would really like the point of view of a moderator or a link to a page telling me I should or should not do this kind of addition.

    • Categories are easier to read than walls of text. It is also clearer.
    • Crafting is an important part of the game. It allows you to extract mods and recycle some weapons you otherwise would not care about carrying all the way back to your settlement.

    • Too many categories make the already existing categories less visible.

    • Andrew station
    • Libertalia
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