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    Saturday Poll - 10

    July 7, 2012 by Yes-Man

    Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar Weekly Saturday Poll, you're gonna go far. You're gonna fly high, you're never gonna die...

    That was Pink Floyd, and this is Yes-Man. So, welcome to this week's edition of the polls, and let's get on with it! Not much has been going on in my life recently. Just the same old, mundane cycle. Going through the motions, I suppose. Which makes me think... does anyone believe in fate? That the moment you're born, your life is planned out before you? I sort of believe in it, but not in the way most people interpret fate. The way I see it, there are no second chances in life. Everything that you do, there's no way of turning back time and trying it again. In a way, that's fate... that's how things played out and y…

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  • Yes-Man

    Saturday Poll - 9

    June 29, 2012 by Yes-Man

    ♫ Good morning starshine, Yes-Man says hello. And welcome to the Weekly Saturday Poll

    Thank you, thank you very much. For our next number, I'm going to prattle on about stuff you probably already know. I'm your host, Yes-Man, though you probably knew that. And in case you were wondering, this is a community poll where you vote on your preferred choice in whatever it is I've been asked to showcase. Anyway, you probably want to know what's going on in my life this week. Ehh... not much, to be honest. So, I'll just resort to telling you that my favourite Disney movie is Hercules. Yes, I still watch Disney movies. And if you deny watching them then you're clearly a liar. Hell, even Adolf Hitler's favourite movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwar…

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  • Yes-Man

    Saturday Poll - 8

    June 23, 2012 by Yes-Man

    Hola amigos, it's time for the Weekly Saturday Polls! Arriba Arriba!

    Clearly I learn all my Spanish from Speedy Gonzales cartoons. Anyways, I'm an awesome person and this is an awesome blog, so let's get on to hearing my story this week. Some of you might have noticed that commenting for last week's poll was closed early. I apologise for this inconvenience, but it was in response to a rather hostile vandalism attack in which an unfriendly fellow constantly spammed pornographic and otherwise insulting links and comments on my blog. I was rather unhappy, and when I noticed he wasn't going to stop after at least ten minutes, I locked commenting for the remainder of the day. Luckily our heroic and brave administrator, TwoBears, came to the rescu…

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  • Yes-Man

    Saturday Poll - 7

    June 15, 2012 by Yes-Man

    Put your hands together folks, and give a warm welcome to the Weekly Saturday Polls! Exclusive to Nukapedia, the Fallout Wiki.

    Yadda yadda, I'm Yes-Man. Now let's get on to business. First off, what do you guys and gals think of the new avatar? I know it doesn't fit with the Yes Man theme, but I couldn't resist a pink Batman saying "Fabulous". It spoke volumes to me, it really did. That, and I think if I were Batman I'd do the same thing... seriously, who wants to wear the same old costume every day? Must get all sweaty in there, what with the crime fighting. I always wondered what would happen if Batman had to meet Bruce Wayne in person. I'm sure he has some sort of ridiculous gadget or spray that helps him to produce a clone of himself. Or…

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  • Yes-Man

    Saturday Poll - 6

    June 9, 2012 by Yes-Man

    I'm running out of clever ways to introduce the Weekly Saturday Polls... so this will suffice.

    In case you've been living under a rock the past six weeks, I'm obliged to remind ya'll that I'm Yes-Man, with a hyphen for added flair. Not much has happened since last week. I hear the Queen has turned a million years old or something. They should put her in a museum... anyway. I'd like to congratulate Relics for graduation from the NUN. Any of you newer editors who want to learn the ropes around the Wiki should sign up. Both of the project's graduates have gone on to receive Patroller and Rollback rights! Who knows, you might even be paired with yours truly. If anyone is interested, leave a message for Agent c or sign up on the New User Network …

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