Okay since alot of people are complaining on Bethesda and fallout 3 i came up with a good idea, comment and tell me how you would want Bethesda to change how they made fallout 3 and implement that in fallout 4 and tell me what you wanna see in it. I personally would wanna see a more canon story, and put the storyline in like 2084-2120 A.D. Comment and I'll put the list of everybody's ideas on here.

Ideas: Canon story, Canada, New York, much more weapons, more homemade weapons (railway rifle anyone?), more badass bosses, more raiders, mutant like creatures, a storyline from 2084-2120 A.D, a new version of the pip-boy, more use out of ham radios, chocolate cake, Indiana, Florida, Mutated Alligators, more enclave and brotherhood of steel battles, much bigger battles, make karma mean something, make the combat armor look cooler, the Commonwealth, A never ending story, I want the game to be over when I say enough & I start over or move on to another game, for the game to basically be extremely fun, for the ending battles and ending cool, no black and white faction, extremely fun exploration (one thing fallout new vegas never had), Chicago, mutated catfish, and make swimming in the water dangerous ( I wanna be scared in the water), making not even water safe anymore, and when I drink water and nuka-cola I should be able to get an empty bottle and fill it up at any water source, Detroit.

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