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    This is my new fan-fic.

    The story is set in post-war Moscow in 2294. Most of the USSR was nuked in 2077 by the UK on October 23rd when the bombs fell. The UK found intel that Russia were working with China. Thinking it was Russia, they nuked Russia. At the time it was ruled by the USSR.

    The story revolves around a religion called Moratoligy. Moratologists believe that the nukes were a message that war should be stopped. The religion was started by Anton Gennady. The made an army to aid the Prime Wasteland (Moscow Wasteland). However, there were people who did not agree with the rules of the religion, and left to form a protesting religion. They are known as the Lost Prophets owned by Vadim Bogdan. The Moratolists did not like treachery so th…

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  • Tezzla Cannon

    Deviantart Competition

    February 18, 2011 by Tezzla Cannon is hosting a competition for Fallout 4 fan concept art at the Fallout Club. It can be characters, weapons, scenery, items, story, etc.

    Contest details

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    Fallout new tidbits

    January 19, 2011 by Tezzla Cannon

    Another tidbits post. This time around, we have an interview, Bethesda's new engine, and even more awards for New Vegas.

    Fallout: New Vegas has won some awards and nominations. NMA rounds them up.

    Game Informer has an article about Creation Engine, used by Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. While not directly related to Fallout, it's reasonable to expect that it will be used in future Fallout titles too. For more about Skyrim, see the Skyrim Wiki.

    Brian Fargo, the founder of Interplay (currently at inXile), has been interviewed by interview series Matt Chat. Video below.

    You can also read another interview with Fargo at Gamasutra. For more info on his latest, upcoming game, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, see the newly started Hunted Wiki (and help c…

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  • Tezzla Cannon

    My computer lags when i try to edit chapter 14 so i have to make a new page for it. User blog:Tezzla Cannon/Viva La Revolucion

    Captain Antonio Miguel



    Atlantic Ocean

    Miguel was going to head back to Massachusetts through the river network, but was attacked by NCR troops on the ground. So, he drove into the Atlantic. As the second most wanted target of the NCR, with several NCR boats behind him, Miguel drove into the inner Atlantic to shake them off. With no idea where he was going, things looked bleak.

    His boat was almost out of fuel. He looked in the distance and saw an island with a lighthouse, with skyscrapers lit up like a Christmas Tree everywhere. He drove over to the beach. He saw that the island was not hit by the bombs a…

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  • Tezzla Cannon

    In Play Magazine #199 which came out on the 25th, a free Fallout: New Vegas guidebook came with it. It has detailed guides on trophies, quests, and 79 locations.

    Also, GameStation has a special offer on Fallout: New Vegas until the 1st December. You can buy the game for £14.99.

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