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  • Skire

    Hello all! And Happy Fourth of July to my American readers.

    As we await the release of Fallout 4 with great anticipation, I wanted to show you the beauty of our real-world Boston as it appears during the July 4th weekend.

    Having grown up in the Boston area, the city has always been a place of enchantment and excitement, an escape from the tranquil suburbia that I've grown accustomed to. So let us embark on a guided tour of the great city of Boston (and Cambridge)!

    This monument commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War. The engagement ended as a Pyrrhic victory for the British over American militiamen.

    The Bunker Hill Monument sits in the neighborhood of Charlestown, the oldest in Boston. The obelisk is accompa…

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  • Skire

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! After much voting and discussion, we have produced our 2014 Nukapedian of the Year, runner-up, and Best Newcomer!

    Congratulations to this year's Nukapedian of the Year: Peace'n Hugs!

    Peace'n Hugs is one of our patrollers and the host of the ever-so-popular Hide and Seek with Helena blog series. Ever since joining the wiki, Peace has worked hard with editing, adding countless images to our articles. Besides his diligent work adding content and patrolling, Peace's popular blog has remained a key component of our community's entertainment sector.

    Oh, and he's also a nice guy to talk to in chat!

    We are also pleased to announce our runner-up: T234LovelyCassie!

    Although she's been around since 2009, Cassie went to heavy ed…

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  • Skire

    Hello everyone!

    Following the results from our poll, as well as those from our board meeting, we have produced your 2014 NotY top 4!

    They are:

    T234LovelyCassie won the poll, with JASPER42 coming in second. Peace'n Hugs was chosen by the board, as was Richie9999 (although I should point out that BrandonFox came close as well).

    Your board members were:

    Thanks to The Gunny and -bleep196- for serving as substitutes! Because of the holiday season (as well as the reduced activity around the wiki in general), we have a smaller board, as well as top 4 (instead of top 5).

    Stay tuned for full results, which will be announced on New Years Day!

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  • Skire

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the second stage of NotY 2014!

    In this stage you will be able to vote for favourite candidate, with the top 2 moving on to become two of the top four. Note that this is a change from last year, where the vote produced three of the top five, while the board chooses the remaining two. This year, the vote will produce two of the top four, and the board will choose the remaining two. The change is due to there being only 8 qualified nominees this year.

    This poll will be open for one week.

    With all that being said, let's meet the contestants!


    Nominated by: Agent c

    Hello Nukapedians, names Cassandra, when I was here for the first time back in 2009, I'm really busy on my college days, that's why I…

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  • Skire

    Nukapedian of the Year (2014)

    December 3, 2014 by Skire

    Once more, my friends, it's time for Nukapedian of the Year!

    Although this year may have been a little quieter , many users continue to have a positive influence on the wiki. As many of you may remember from previous years, the Nukapedian of the Year is to be the user who has had the greatest positive influence on the wiki in the year 2014. What makes for positive influence, you ask? Well, that's wholly up to you!

    So let's get right into it with the first stage: nominations.

    Basically, to nominate someone, just post his/her username in a comment indicating a nomination, along with an optional reason, e.g.:

    “I nominate ________, (optional:) for _________.”

    In order for your nomination to be approved, it must be seconded by a registered user in the…

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