Hi everyone. So the other day Agent c and I were just chatting, and I mentioned to him a possible idea I thought could be implemented here on this wiki – a Nukapedian of the Year Award! Together we have decided on a process to go about this, and so the first stage will require nominations.

The Nukapedian of the year is to be the user who has had the greatest positive influence on the wiki in the year 2012.

Basically to nominate someone, just post his name in a comment indicating a nomination, along with an optional reason, e.g.:

“I nominate ________, (optional:) for _________.”

In order for your nomination to be approved, it must be seconded by a registered user in the community. To second a nomination, simply post a reply comment saying so. If you wish to show support to a candidate who has already been nominated and seconded, you can still second/show your support for the candidate. Please note however that the user with the most nominations or support here may not necessarily be the final winner - a neutral board of un-nominated members in good standing (whom I will choose) will decide the final winner.

Each registered user can nominate only once but can second/show support for an unlimited number of users.

Anonymous users may nominate but they may not second.

As organiser, I have decided that I will not be up for possible nominations, nor will I be nominating or seconding anyone at this stage.

Thanks and have fun! --Skire (talk)

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