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In case you've missed the news, major Fallout 4 details are being shown at QuakeCon today! The Nukapedia team would like to feature some highlights here (to be updated as we go). We welcome plenty of discussion on this blog post. Special thanks to Sarkhan the Sojourner for compiling the notes.

1. We have a confirmed location - a museum. We are shown a painting in the museum.

2. Codsworth (a Mr. Handy that serves as a companion) is shown addressing the player character as anything from "Shaun" to "Fuckface."

3. The head level designer for FO4, River, has a dog that was used to create the model for Dogmeat in Fallout 4.

4. The Sole Survivor is shown shooting a minigun from an airship's side. Now we know aerial combat is not limited to the classic Vertibirds.

5. It is confirmed that Preston Garvey may serve as a possible permanent companion, should he be accepted by the player.

6. An NPC named Piper can be found at Diamond City as an alternative to Preston. By default, she is seen wearing a red, leather jacket and a newsboy hat.

7. Including the aforementioned possible companions, there are "around a dozen available companions" in total.

8. The Pip-Boy has been expanded to show more information than in previous games.

9. Several items have been confirmed: nukes, gas masks, books, and med-packs.

10. The PC may become over-encumbered. The PC is killed by a raider since he could not escape.

11. 1 perk per level (unlike in Fallout: New Vegas)

12. Bloody Mess is back!

13. The PC travels into the town of Lexington, MA. Ghouls have swarmed into the town, causing its inhabitants to flee. The PC is told that a group is currently residing in Lexington.

14. The PC finds a Super-Duper Mart and sends the dog to search it. The player then proceeds to hack a computer.

15. Another confirmed location - a Corvega power plant.

16. A melee weapon is being used. It is metal with edges of razors.

17. The Brotherhood of Steel appear, dropped off by an airship and clad in power armor. They are seen to be fighting with the PC (at least for now).

18. The Fat Man is back!

19. An enormous "behemoth" mutant is shown. The PC kills it using the Fat Man (with VATS).

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