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  • Skire

    A Farewell

    February 20, 2016 by Skire

    Hello all,

    This has been long overdue. As of right now, I am no longer an administrator at Nukapedia.

    Attending university over a thousand miles away from home has meant that 1.) I cannot be up to date with the Fallout series (since I am a console-only gamer and my system is at home), and 2.) I no longer have the time to properly serve this community and carry out my duties as an administrator.

    I have realised that it is simply irresponsible for me to hang on to these rights without actually using them. I check back occasionally to find a game I know next to nothing about, a community I have become unfamiliar with, and even new features that are foreign to me. So while I still might pop every once in a while, I won't be able to do so regularly. …

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  • Skire

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and Happy New Year! Following a board meeting, we have named the 2015 Nukapedian of the Year, runner-up, and Best Newcomer. And for the first time ever, we have Fallout 4 Bobbleheads as the awards!

    Congratulations to this year's Nukapedian of the Year: Leea!

    Leea took up the responsibility of managing the Saturday Polls, one of Nukapedia's longest running community features. Her enthusiasm in this role has kept our Nukapedia community going strong, as the polls remain quite a popular feature for users, both registered and anonymous. Leea's consistency in running the polls throughout, before and after the release of Fallout 4, has made her a fitting winner.

    Congratulations to this year's runner-up: Energy X!

    Energy X ha…

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  • Skire

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the second stage of NotY 2015!

    In this stage you will be able to vote for your favourite candidate, with the top 3 moving on to form the final 3. Note that this is a change from last year, where the vote produced three two of the top four and the board chose the remaining two. The change is due to there being only 6 qualified nominees this year, as well as time constraints. The board will decide the winner from the top 3 selected by the community.

    This poll will be open for one week.


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  • Skire

    Nukapedian of the Year (2015)

    December 11, 2015 by Skire

    Hello, hello! Welcome to Nukapedian of the Year!

    As the holiday season begins, we will have our annual contest to show appreciation for those users who have had a great influence on the wiki. As many of you may remember from previous years, the Nukapedian of the Year is to be the user who has had the greatest positive influence on the wiki in the year 2015. The very idea of "positive influence" is open to interpretation, so its definition may vary between each user.

    Here we have the first stage of the contest: nominations.

    To nominate someone, post his/her username in a comment indicating a nomination, along with an optional reason, e.g.:

    “I nominate __________, (optional:) for ___________.”

    In order for your nomination to be approved, it must be…

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  • Skire

    In case you've missed the news, major Fallout 4 details are being shown at QuakeCon today! The Nukapedia team would like to feature some highlights here (to be updated as we go). We welcome plenty of discussion on this blog post. Special thanks to Sarkhan the Sojourner for compiling the notes.

    1. We have a confirmed location - a in the museum.

    2. Codsworth (a Mr. Handy that serves as a companion) is shown addressing the player character as anything from "Shaun" to "Fuckface."

    3. The head level designer for FO4, River, has a dog that was used to create the model for Dogmeat in Fallout 4.

    4. The Sole Survivor is shown shooting a minigun from an airship's side. Now we know aerial combat is not limited to the classic Vertibirds.

    5. It is confirmed th…

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