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As I understand, many of our discussions users don't know what a talkpage is, or even how to find it. These useful, but well hidden (on mobile at least) pages are the primary form of communication on the Fandom site between editors, rights holders and other users. User talkpages are in essence, a free for all on what can be discussed on them, but standard etiquette still applies; insults and harassment will result in a block as they would if on the discussions board.

So how do I find my talk page?

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First up is the Discussions app. As much as I harp on about how much I don't like the app itself, the look of talkpages is nice. First, find your article search button (on android it is the magnification glass on the home screen, other OSes may differ).

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From here, simply search for User talk:Your username. Users who have a lot of interaction on the wiki will often have "Archive" pages, you don't want these, just the one with your username on its own.

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When you open your talkpage, each message will be collapsed under the subject title. Just click the title and you will see the full content of each message. If you want to read another, just click on the next title.

But I can't leave a message via the app

You're right, you can't do anything via the app. You need to go to your browser. Simply go to the wiki (http://fallout.wikia.com for those who have never been to the wiki on browser before). You will land on either our mobile mainpage, or for those on desktop our normal mainpage.

Mobile only

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When you click the menu button in the top left corner (right), you cannot access your profile or talkpage from here. What you need to do is go to desktop.

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Scroll to the bottom of the main page (all the way past the ads etc.) and right at the bottom of the screen there is "View full site". This will take you to desktop.

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Click on your profile picture in the top right and you will see your account settings. "My Talk" will take you to your talk page. If you want to access another users talk page, simply use the search to the left of your profile picture. The search method is exactly the same as the Discussions app.

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From here, you will be on your talk page. If you are on another persons talk page, the edit button at the top is replaced with Leave Message. Simply click on this to leave a new message.

What if I can't find another users talk page on the site?

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If a user has never had a message left on their talk page, you cannot find it from the search. Instead, log into discussions on the browser and find a topic or reply they made. From here, click on their username and it will land you on their profile page.

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From here click on the Talkpage link (It may be red or blue) and this will take you to their talkpage.

So how do I write a talkpage message?

Essentially there are 3 parts to a talkpage message: Title, message and signature. The title is simply ==Your title==. The message starts on a new line below it and the signature is generated by putting ~~~~ at the end of the message. From there just press publish. For example:

==Hi I'm Sakaratte==
Nice to meet you.  ~~~~


Hi I'm Sakaratte

Nice to meet you. Sakaratte - Talk to the catmin 21:14, November 30, 2017 (UTC)