aka King Catmin

  • I live in England
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Software Support Analyst
  • Bio Resident catmin of The Outer Worlds, Starfield and Divinity wikis. I am strangely drawn to violinists. Just don't get me started on the E string.

    You can save my life if you stay all night
    But you don't owe me in the morning
    You could read my mind, you could make my heart beat
    But you never gonna own it
    Let me know, let me know
    Are you out?
    Are you in?
    Will you say so?
    Yeah, we can't hold on and we can't let go
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  • Sakaratte

    Some people might have noticed certain templates don't work how they used to, or that Dakiatte has been a busy bot over the last few days. What has been going on is that I have been moving parser heavy templates and templates that could benefit from infinite parameter capability to Lua.

    Templates, such as Icon are commonly used in articles 2,3,4 times in a row (e.g. ) which means a template is being called 3 times. Reducing the template call to 1 for 3 icons actually speeds up performance slightly as the scripts required do not have to be closed and re-opened each time by the parser.

    templates that use parser hooks (such as

    The and templates have had their functionality moved to Module:Icons. What this means is that all icons are handled fr…

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  • Sakaratte

    I know we have had a few options opened up, in the scenario that we can't resolve things with Wikia (Gamepedia and Exodus) and we have today covered another option: sharing server space with UESP.

    UESP actually came to us a month ago with an offer to let us share server space with them, as an alternative to independence. We had some initial discussions with them and for some reason (beyond my recollection) discussion fell by the wayside. What they are offering is essentially "Exodus lite", where we focus on the content and they handle the servers and advertising.

    1. Mediawiki 1.23.
    2. Access to mediawiki extensions from the Mediawiki repo and custom extensions.
      • Example: ESO Build Editor
    3. Use of our choice of domains.
    4. Forum options and the probability …

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  • Sakaratte

    User talk pages

    April 21, 2018 by Sakaratte

    The topic of who can title and unsign talk pages has come up a couple of times in Discord lately, so I want to gague user opinions via a quick poll.

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  • Sakaratte

    I have been in discussions with a Discord server over the last few weeks regarding an affiliation between ourselves and their server and have come to the agreement of running a 3-6 month trial starting April 1st (apologies for being a little late). If all goes well, we will pass the affliation to vote for permanent affiliation.

    Fallout Tabletop is a roleplay server dedicated to the Interplay canon and mechanics of the original Fallout games, although we like to make some exceptions. Powered by the almighty d-20 and the skills from Fallout 1 & 2, we give new life to the tabletop community with our spin on a classic setup. With channels set after Fallout 1, 2, and an Independent New Vegas, we have plenty to offer to those interested (whether …

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  • Sakaratte

    This is an idea I've had for a while and is purely for fun. Right now I want to see if the interest is there and what numbers we will get.

    The general premise is to build a settlement at the designated location, using only the materials allowed and must be function for the given criteria. For example: A settlement at Oberland station to house 5 settlers and a dog using only 100 of each component.

    Be creative in what you do. it isn't just about functionality, but style.

    Settlements can be display via video/galleries/a combination of the two. Where videos are being used, they must be tagged at their upload source as being for the competition, so we can confirm you created it

    1. Settlements can only be constructed using settlement assets from the v…

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