Information from a 10-page Fallout: New Vegas preview in the German PC Games magazine:

  • Opening sequence: Courier is executed with a headshot. No ambush.
  • Character look creation: Mitchell holds a mirror in front of your face "I hope I put you back together properly so you recognize yourself."
  • Character creation: G.O.A.T. is replaced with a psychoanalysis test.
  • Weapons: picture of a hunting rifle included. Available modifications are scope, larger magazine and a 3rd one for faster load between shots.
  • Weapons: picture of a normal and a unique 9mm Pistol. Shown mods: scope and magazine enlargement. One gun shown with both scope and enlarged magazine.
  • Weapons: The unique pistol has a unique skin, engravings and a picture of Virgin Mary on the grip. This could mean that every unique weapon has its own skin. "These rare guns not only look UNIQUE, but have unique properties."
  • Weapons: Concept art of a guy in the trenchoat from the teaser wielding a Fallout 3-style minigun (It's a little bit smaller though)
  • Goodsprings: When you leave the Powder Ganger Quest unsolved, you'll encounter them later when they are more powerful.
  • Goodsprings: You can convince Mayor Trudy to ambush the Powder Gangers with a sufficient sneak skill.
  • Some choices you make during the game reveal their consequences far later.
  • Some NPC companions will have their own quests too, not only Raul.
  • Radar: A new yellow bar for companions is added by Obsidian.
  • "Caps" are mentioned as currency, not poker chips or dollars.
  • Hint that weapon modifications can be found in the wastes. (May be speculation)
  • Some statements hint that the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel somehow work together - you easily gain access to Helios 1 by having a good reputation with NCR and BOS
  • Dialogue with Fantastic in Helios 1 can be influenced with a high barter skill.
  • Game world will be as big as the one from Fallout 3.
  • Avellone on game development: "We are currently working on the dialogues and places. The rest looks pretty good for now."
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