Some news bits from the german Gamestar magazine Fallout: New Vegas article from June 2010:

(WARNING: Expect some minor spoilers if you read on)


  • The Lucky 38 has a restaurant that circles around its own axis.
  • Another Vegas Building mentioned: "Ultra Deluxe Resort", a grey monolith with a big fountain in front of it. There are half-naked drunken girls playing in the water and a security robot as well as human "military cops" try to get them out.
  • The "Tops" Building has its own band called "The RAD Pack" ahahahhaha oh boy.
  • Vault 21 is also a hotel.
  • "The game isn't set directy at the pacific coast, but veterans may recognize some connection-points, the NCR for example." (!!!)
  • The Primm casino is called "Bison Steves Casino".
  • A rocket-factory called "Repcon" is mentioned, and it is rumored to be home to a colony of ghouls. Explosions can be heard frequently.
  • A place for poor people called "Freemont" is mentioned.

[Quest Spoilers]

  • There are NCR and Legion camps in a constant firefight northeast of Novac. The NCR camp is called "Forlorn Hope", the Legion camp "Nelson". As usual, the NCR camp has no connection to other NCR posts or backup supplies. You have to find a missing NCR troop who was supposed to get some supplies. (If you side with them) The missing troop visited the Helios One NCR outpost and got lost on the way back. You'll eventually find out they were killed by Cacadores (Bloatflies with butterfly wings) and retrieve the supplies. Later on you can help the NCR camps doctor if you have a high medicine skill. You'll need to amputate legs and arms. If your medicine skill isn't very high you can still gather some materials like Med-X, bandaged and bone-saws. Soon the camp will be ready to attack the Caesars Legion camp and you get to decide from what direction the NCR troops will attack (and if you are on the front or watch the fun from behind as a marksman)



  • A "claw-glove" is mentioned. Its special VATS attack is a "cross-chop". (Thats either a deathclaw gaunlet or something new.)
  • The Varmint Rifle has a better chance to score critial hits when fired at limbs.
  • The "Cowboy Repeater" can penetrate light armor.
  • Flamethrower moved to energy weapons.
  • Some mods are mentioned: Laser-pointer and Stabilizer(for lesser Minigun spread)
  • Standard-modifications don't need any talent, but advanced ones have a requirement. (What exactly isn't mentioned)


  • The new Survival skill influences how effective food and heal items are. You can also create consumable items like stimpacks with the right plans and material.


  • Golden- and firegeckos are considerably stronger than normal geckos as usual.
  • There will be wild Big Horns who can be easily provoked. (Not initially hostile creatures?)


  • Stiff animations are mentioned. Obsidian told them they improved them, but the reviewer noticed no difference.
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