Project V13 concept art: "Frozen Shipyard"

Interplay has released another piece of Project V13 concept art at its forum. The image may be familiar to those who've been following the concept art posts; it's one of those which Duck and Cover and The Vault already User blog:Ausir/Another batch of V13 concept art|obtained from court filings more than a month ago.

Concept artist Serg.S posted the following along with the picture:

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to clarify the purpose of these exploratory concept art pieces that I been posting. They were really early pre-production images that we were exploring with Jason Anderson at the beginning of the project.

The purpose of images is to "explore" ideas, settings, color, mood, environments and to see how far we can push them visually. Some may be way out of the realm of possibilities, others have elements that will be used and/or expanded on.

These images also help the designers like Chris Taylor to fuel design ideas and stories.

These images are not the actually in game art, or anything in that nature. They were randomly selected to show the fans and see what the reaction would be. I feel it’s a good way of keeping in touch with the fans. It's great to read your “constructive reasoning" and input on these images.

There are many more images that we have that you will one day get to see.

On a final note; Think of the concepts as notes, or drafts before one was to write a book. Not all of these note or ideas end up in the final book but they do serve a purpose.

Thank you all for all the feedback.
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