Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Following two board meetings, we have named the 2018 Nukapedian of the Year, runner-up, and Best Newcomer.

The decision

This year, we had no user who jumped out in the popular vote like we had last year. Sadly, in the end, there is only one first place for Nukapedian of the Year. The board has decided to add 2 names to the pool of nominees, namely FDekker and User:AllYourFavorites|AllYourFavorites. In the end, the board decided to respect the popular vote in as far as possible and honor the first two candidates from the vote as first place and runner-up. As it was a tie, we did take a further look and eventually decided on the following winners:

The Nukapedian of the Year

The Golden Bobblehead! And it will be the Strength Bobblehead, as NomadMC has shown the strength of maintaining a blog series for years and manages to combine it with editing.

Congratulations to this year's Nukapedian of the Year: NomadMC!

The great dedication that NomadMC has shown this year to the community in blogs and in editing have resulted in the board breaking the tie in favor of him. For over two years now, NomadMC has been running the very popular Fallout Friday Polls with great dedication and follow-up. Meanwhile, he combines this with editing and presence in the chat room. He is always available and has shown his great character in everything he does. Congratulations!

The Runner-up

The Silver Bobblehead! And it will be the Science Bobblehead, for all of The Dyre Wolf's work in making sure the content of his posts is well researched!

Congratulations to this year's runner-up: The Dyre Wolf]]

The vote ended in a tie which also put the board in front of a dilemma. While NomadMC was chosen as winner, The Dyre Wolf was considered to be a very good competitor and we are proud to announced The Dyre Wolf as runner-up Nukapedian of the Year. The Dyre Wolf has shown great dedication making high effort posts on discussions which have been greatly appreciated by the community. Furthermore The Dyre Wolf has been visiting our community blogs actively as well, truely making our community a nicer place for everyone. Congratulations!

Best Newcomer

We have seen many dedicated new editors who've contributed greatly to the Wikia this year. With so many good candidates to choose from, the decision was certainly not easy. In the end, the board decided to award the 2018 Best Newcomer Award to Jgrsoto

Jgrsoto arrived here this year and has shown great dedication from the start, on the wiki and in our chatroom. This has also been reflected in how rapidly he climbed the ranks this year. While the board that decided on this consisted of four members instead of three, we still managed to come to an unanimous decision on the winner.

The Golden Bottle Cap!

The board also decided to make an honorable mention to L84tea, but decided in favor of Jgrsoto as he has been proving himself already for a longer period of time.

Your board for NOTY and runner up consisted of the following users:

Your board for best newcomer consisted of the following users:

Thanks to all who participated! And I wish all wikians, anons and everyone around you a healthy, safe and joyous 2019!

Greets Peace'n Hugs (talk) (blog) 17:48, January 1, 2019 (UTC)

Special thanks to our members of the board!

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