Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the second stage of NotY 2016!

In this stage you will be able to vote for your favourite candidate, with the top 3 moving on to become three of the top five. Note that this is a return to the older system, as we now have plenty of candidates again. This year, the vote will produce three of the top five, and the board will choose the remaining two.


This year, voting will be done by replying to the post I make under this blog with the name of the candidate of your preference. Please only vote on 1 candidate, if you vote on multiple candidates, your votes will be removed. After removal, you are free to vote again for 1 candidate (same rules apply as before). Please don't use the replies that are used for voting (so as replies to the posts I'll make with the candidates their name) for off-topic discussions. Discussions are allowed in blog comments that are started by yourself or other wikia users. If there is something that isn't clear, feel free to let me know. This change of voting is made because our old voting system is no longer supported in the new wikia coding. Only registered users can vote.

This "election" will be open until sunday.


The contestants will be given the chance to promote themselves and tell the community why they should vote for them. There is in no way an obligation to do this, this chance is just given for those that prefer extra promotion. If you're nominated and want your text added, please leave it in the comments as a new comment, or leave it on my talk page. Message to other admins: if you see these texts being placed, feel free to add them here.

SSJ3 Rusticus

Nominated by: Agent c


Nominated by: Soviet Wanderer


Nominated by: Muggy215


Nominated by: SSJ3 Rusticus


Nominated by: Sigmund Fraud


Nominated by: NewRGI


Nominated by: Leea

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