Welcome to the Nukapedian of the Year awards!!!

As Christmas and New Year are at our doorsteps, we will have our annual contest to show appreciation for those users who have had a great influence on our Wikia this year. As many of you may remember from previous years, the Nukapedian of the Year is to be the user who has had the greatest positive influence on the Wikia in the year 2016. The very idea of "positive influence" is open to interpretation, so its definition may vary between each user. In the past years, this blog series had been organized by one of our former admins, Skire, who sadly resigned this year. I'm honored though to continue this tradition this year and would like to thank him for giving us the great tradition.

Here we have the first stage of the contest: nominations.

To nominate someone, post his/her username in a comment indicating a nomination, along with an optional reason, e.g.:

“I nominate __________, (optional:) for ___________.”

Anyone who is nominated and wants to take part in this contest must accept the nomination by commenting and indicating so. If you wish to show support to a candidate who has already been nominated, you may still type your support in reply to the post that nominates this candidate. (although the amount of support in this stage does not affect the contest).

Additional rules:

  1. Each registered user can nominate only once but can show support for an unlimited number of users.
  2. Anonymous users may nominate.
  3. A user may not nominate himself or herself.
  4. The most recent winner (Leea) is not available to be nominated this year.

As host, I will not be up for possible nominations, nor will I be nominating or seconding anyone.

Nominations will be open for five days. After nominations end, the qualified nominees will go to a voting stage, where the community will be able to select their top three. Another two users will be selected by the board to join them in the top five. Besides myself, this board will contain 2 other Nukapedians, who aren't qualified nominees.

The board (possibly in a different composition) will then proceed to determine the final winner as well as runner-up, to be announced around New Year's Day.

That's it from me. Good luck, and have fun!!! Greets Peace'n Hugs (talk) (blog) 00:17, December 15, 2016 (UTC)

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