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Sadly, Agent c couldn't make this one due to personal circumstances, so I'm jumping in for this week.

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ShoddyCast explores Point Lookout and the lore of Call of Krivbeknih

The Storyteller FALLOUT S2 E3 - Point Lookout

The Storyteller FALLOUT S2 E3 - Point Lookout

J.E. Sawyer speaks

Why was Fallout: New Vegas so much more flat than Fallout 3?
Sawyer is still enthousiastically answering questions from fans on his Tumblr, and was recently asked why Fallout: New Vegas lacked top-down action a bit.
Most of the vertical elements in F3 were found in the ruined sections of DC. When we developed the parts of New Vegas away from the strip, we tried to reflect the building style of Las Vegas itself, which is flat in overall topography and relied heavily on Usonian/ranch-style houses as it expanded. The Strip wasn’t the place to have vertically-oriented combat because those were population hub areas. In retrospect, we should have partitioned the different neighborhoods of New Vegas into their own world spaces (data/load-wise) and found ways to emphasize more vertical elements. When we worked on the various DLCs, we did emphasize vertical elements much more in both exploration and combat.

The Blood Stripe

Mr. House on kickstarter
René Auberjonois, better known to us as Mr. House is will be covering the role of Art in a new movie by Remy Auberjonois. A kickstarter is up for those who would be interested.

Nope, still no Fallout 4 news

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