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Fallout 76 news:

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  • Steel Dawn PTS update: Some additional Steel Dawn quests as well as underground shelter content have been released on the Public Test Server (PTS), with Bethesda deciding that a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is no longer needed - so jump right on in to your heart's content!
  • Bombs Drop Day: Starting October 22nd, this event will commemorate the beginning of Fallout, awarding double XP to all players until the 26th. Think that's not spicy enough? Well keep your eyes on your loot, as there are reports of treasure hunting mole miners that will be loose during this time as well.

Geek culture news:

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  • Free States Militia A bit of news that has been stirring up the Fallout community, a Facebook community dedicated towards Fallout 76 was recently caught in a massive Facebook ban-wave to weed out groups using their platform to incite hate and violence. While this was clearly a mistake, the damage has been done, and only time will be able to tell if the group will be able to get back on their feet after this incident. Nukapedia supports our brethren, and we wish them only the best going forward.
  • Kotaku on Fallout 76: Kotaku recently wrote up a piece on the state of Fallout 76 now, from the perspective of an individual, and it makes for an interesting read. Worth reading if you happen to be on the fence whether to try the game or not.

Discussions news:

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