The Dowry is the sixth expansion for Fallout 3, and adds a new Point Lookout-sized area to explore and a new quest-line. Half of the expansion takes place in the confines of the Abbey of the Road, and the other half in the lush forests outlying the Abbey, named the Gardern of Eden. The expansion can only be began after completion of The Waters of Life quest.


The Dowry takes place within Edgewater, Chicago, Great Midwest Commonwealth. After the Great War, Chicago became known as the Metropolis Wasteland, after the city wasted no time in picking itself up from the disastrous effects of the bombs, and was one of the very few cities prior to the event to spend many years committed to contingency plans and post-War survival. Most of the Chicago Loop (Inner Circle) was entirely untouched by the bombs, and was the only American city to use experimental short-range warhead defence technology. After the War, most of the skyscrapers and highrises in the Loop were deconstructed to aid in the reconstruction efforts throughout the rest of the Metropolis, and only a small handful of skyscrapers are left. Known as the CHIMERA Project, it was led by Poseidon Energy, who ran almost all of Chicago's urban planning by the 2060s, and figuratively owned a deed to the city. Farming, public transport (trains, trams, and large riverboats), employment, housing, policing, electrical power, a highly advanced wind farm, and a nuclear power station continue to exist, and the Metropolis' residents live mostly safe and sheltered lives. In recent decades prior to 2277, due to infighting, scarcity of resources and diminishing politics and conditions, the state of the Metropolis has worsened, and no longer has a unified government, which was called the CHIMERA Order, and instead has a peacekeeping military force keeping a continuity government and order, named TEMPUS. Further to the north of the Metropolis in what was Edgewater is the Abbey of the Road, which became a protectorate of TEMPUS, and shared resources and wealth, and provided each other protection, as the Abbey insisted on their continuation as an independent organisation carrying out the will of the Lord.

The soldiers of TEMPUS wear specially painted Mark II reinforced combat armor suits. Higher-ranking soldiers wear a Mark III helmet with a HUD system, which was in prototype stages before the War, and was awaiting release.

The name "TEMPUS" being chosen even though it was a Latin word rather than Greek, was a deliberate act, meant to show the changing of the times, the infighting and ideological splits throughout the Order, and a representation of a new era dawning for the city, as well as its evolution.

The Abbey

The Abbey of the Road was formed after the opening of Vault 10 in 2184, and was officially twinned with the Vault 11 experiment. Vault 10 was built under one of America's largest cathedrals, which was turned into a high-grade military prison during the Korean War in 1951. With 1,600 residents, the Vault was equipped with a GECK, and only accepted devout Roman Catholic individuals and families, and the experiment was to test the residents' faith, and push the boundaries and discover how far they would go to adhere to the rules of their religion. The Vault had no overseer, and the residents had to learn to run the technology of the Vault themselves, and the Vault was run by a ZAX mainframe. It would use terrorist tactics to tempt the dwellers into abandoning their religious constraints in order to stop their suffering or their own personal gain. At one point, it seemed as though the Vault was to became yet another failed experiment, with all residents going into anarchy into killing each other to the last man. However, the rules of the wasteland still applied to the Vault - the weak perished, and the strong thrived. By 2098, 75% of the Vault decided to officially go on a strike of all food, water, etc., and 25% abandoned their religion and sided with the ZAX, under promises of no further harm should they exterminate all non-compliers. The instinct for survival took over them, warped them, and drove them to lead an attack to murder them all. However, much to their surprise, they all fought back, and exterminated all of the individuals with their allegiance to the ZAX. One resident of the Vault who became the head technician since entering the Vault, believed he had found a way to shut down the ZAX, but it would have meant the destruction of the reactor, and would have doomed the entire population of the Vault until the ZAX did it itself. After studying the Vault further, he discovered ways to reroute the water and air filtration systems, inputs, and sources, thanks to changes to the underground power grids and geography by CHIMERA, the residents of Vault 10 were able to bypass the ZAX mainframe's controls to the Vault's main systems and reactor. After several days of discreet work, the war was already won by the residents, and the ZAX had no power over them. It then admitted defeat, gave itself up, and gave the Vault's newly appointed Overseer control over itself. Since then, the Vault ran as it was advertised, and they rebuilt what they had lost, and started their lives afresh, and began to grow. In 2184, the Vault opened itself, which the residents could never find a way to override. They activated their G.E.C.K., and began to restore the Edgewater Cathedral in a mostly Gothic theme, which was completed in 2188. During the meantime, they began to draw out their plans for the future, and for the American wasteland.

They began to construct their organisation, and set out the rules and goals of their order. They decided to remain independent of CHIMERA, but remained open to the idea of commerce and association with the group. Agreed on the 7th November, 2186, the Abbey of the Road came into existence, and aimed to provide humanitarian aid to the wastelands, spread the word of the Lord across America, recover religious relics, and unite all pockets of believers and organisations of the Faith. However, another construct of the Charter that was signed was to have a militaristic side. They decided that in the new world, fighting was a vital part of survival and protecting the Lord's name, people, and work, whether they liked it or not. The army of the Abbey would protect the innocent wherever possible, but all members must adhere to the Oath of Repentance, agreeing that every person has the chance and ability to repent and change and must be given it wherever possible, but that they must be killed if innocent lives are at stake and that there is no sign of them willing to repent and surrender their goals.

By 2266, the Abbey became a massive organisation, with individuals all throughout the Plains Commonwealth and the Great Midwest Commonwealth venturing to the location to offer their services and lives for the mission of the Faith. The Abbey had done a massive job of recovering religious artifacts, and had an entire museum level inside of the Vault filled with artifacts recovered all throughout America, with groups travelling all across America to recover them since the Abbey's formation in 2186. They were one of the strongest military forces in the Metropolis, and one of the most powerful organisations in the Metropolis. The Abbey is led by the Archbishop, and the leading council of the Abbey are the Disciples.

Bottlenose Tribe

A large neighbouring community in the eastern side of what was to be the Garden of Eden made contact with the Abbey. This community was a militaristic tribe descended by the pre-War prisoners of ADX Edgewater, a military supermax prison holding 6,711 prisoners. In the years leading up to the Great War, China occupied almost all of northwest Japan in their planned conquest of the country, and already had special combat units for Japanese defectors. Many Japanese fighting for the Chinese were captured by the US, and were imprisoned were. 1,421 such individuals were held at Edgewater. Straight after the bombs fell, the Japanese prisoners took over the prison and led the surviving prisoners, calling themselves the Bottlenose Tribe, named after the codename of the leader of the ancient military unit in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces that most of the original Bottlenose prisoners were assigned to during the war with China. By 2189, the Bottlenoses brokered an agreement with the Abbey of the Road, and would be usurped into the Abbey in exchange for their shelter and activation of the GECK. The Bottlenose Tribe then provided a large amount of their army's manpower, training, and expertise, and still carried World War II tactics to the modern day, e.g. Banzai attacks. The Bottlenoses grew fond of the Garden of Eden, and slowly began to take charge of the cultivation and farming throughout the Garden.

The Movement

The Movement are a close-knit tribal community who are based at their campsite in the Garden of Eden. They are the descendants of Irish Travellers who lived in Vault 10, with individuals from Texas, North Carolina, Ireland, and England invited by Vault-Tec to live in the installation. After the Vault finally opened, most decided to split off from the rest of the populace and write their own future. They run enterprises throughout the wastelands in-between the Abbey and the Metropolis, such as offering scavenging and trading, farming, repairs, and other such services.


In 2277, the daughter of Zac Myrtle, the director of TEMPUS, named Isabelle Myrtle, became engaged to Joseph Lomas, a famous businessman and landowner throughout the Metropolis, owning 20% of the city. The wedding was planned to be carried out in the Abbey of the Road, and was to be a very high-class wedding. A dowry was to accompany the wedding, with Zac Myrtle passing on a large sum of money, and a famous post-War diamond known as the Black Star of Redding, which was stolen from it's owners back in 2212 and has been passed and stolen around the wasteland since, and ended up in Myrtle's hands in 2270. However, months before the wedding, it was stolen, and taken to an unknown location. The Abbey of the Road managed to trace the gem, and discovered it had been locked up in the Museum of Technology's Archives Level in the Capital Wasteland. The Lone Wanderer can meet the team, led by the Valour Disciple, and speak to her about aiding them in their task. After retrieving the Star, the player can possibly bring along Knight Captain Colvin, an ex-Abbey soldier, who can become a follower throughout the add-on, along to a raid on Service Station Reston to steal a Vertibird. They will then fly to the Abbey, and the player will be introduced to the leaders of the Abbey. They will then be tasked exploring the Abbey and the Garden of Eden and combing the abandoned and uncharted areas and regions to discover the perpetrator of the Star's theft, and become involved in a conspiracy that would change the very balance of power throughout the Metropolis.



  • Lone Wanderer
  • Archbishop Aidan Bow (leader of the Abbey of the Road)
  • Valour Disciple (the warrior of the twelve disciples of the Abbey, and leader of the Abbey's army)
  • Knight Captain Colvin
  • Kenji Aiko (leader of the Bottlenose Tribe)
  • Director Zac Myrtle (leader of TEMPUS)
  • Isabelle Myrtle (daughter of Zac Myrtle, bride of Joseph Lomas)
  • Joseph Lomas (businessman and landowner throughout the Metropolis)
  • Vessel Claremont (tech sergeant of the Valour Disciple's recovery team in the Capital Wasteland)

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Abbey of the Road

  • The Abbey
  • Cathedral
  • The Garden of Eden Entrance
  • Vault 10
  • Tinker's Den (headquarters of the Movement)

Capital Wasteland

  • Abandoned Hotel
  • Museum of Technology: East Wing (GigantoMax Theater, Darwin Theater) South Wing (Tower of Terror Exhibit, Artifical Intelligence Exhibit), Archives Level
  • Service Station Reston (underground Enclave Vertibird refuelling station)

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Main Story

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