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This Week in History
October 7, 2077 - Walter Scott discovers large quantities of liquid nitrogen in a Vault-Tec shipment for Vault 111, confirming his beliefs that the Vaults were to be primarily for human experimentation rather than survival.

This Week's Polls

Which Fallout house type do you like best?

  • House of Tomorrow / Lustron - type homes in Sanctuary Hills
  • Classic Craftsman - style homes in FO4/76
  • Brownstones (FO3/4/76)
  • Multi-unit / co-op style buildings
  • Trailer homes
  • Other - Comment!

Which game do you think has the best use of a non-fall season [pre-War or post-War]?

  • FO1/2
  • Another pre-Bethesda title
  • FO3
  • FNV
  • FO4
  • FO76

Which Vault do you think had the best experiment?

  • Comment!

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