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This Week in History
April 2, 2077 - John-Caleb Bradberton, CEO of the Nuka-Cola Corporation, enters into Project LEAP-X, getting his head surgically removed and placed into a jar attached to a life-support machine, allowing him to effectively live forever - at the cost of his life being an extremely boring two centuries.

This Week's Polls

If you had to choose one of the abnormal Fallout routes of being given an indefinitely long life, which would it be?

  • Harold [as a tree]
  • Bradberton [head in a jar]
  • Vault 112 resident [stuck in Stanislaus Braun's simulation]
  • Mr. House [body preserved, mind still able to view computer and camera info]
  • Big MT Think Tank [human scientists upgraded into robot scientists]
  • Other - Comment!

Would you consider becoming a non-feral ghoul to be worth the downsides?

  • Yes.
  • Maybe.
  • No.
  • Other - Comment!

Did you let Bradberton die?

  • Yes, he'd been down there long enough.
  • No, I let Sierra keep him alive.
  • I don't have Nuka-World.
  • Other - Comment!

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