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This Week in History
January ?, 2077 - The annexation of Canada is completed. Military units swarm the Alaskan Pipeline, and Canadian protestors and rioters are shot on sight.

This Week's Polls

Question 1 was helpfully provided by sneakarcheress via Discord.

Which group do you think will see the most growth in future Fallout titles?

  • Ghouls
  • Super mutants
  • Synths
  • Sentient deathclaws
  • None of these
  • Other - Comment!

Which game do you think has the best system of SPECIAL/perks/traits/etc?

  • FO1/FO2
  • Another pre-Bethesda game
  • FO3
  • FNV
  • FO4
  • FO76

Do you think traits should be brought back into a Fallout game again?

  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • Yes.
  • Other - Comment!

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