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Friday actually lands on October 23 this year! Happy Great War, everyone!

Fallout News Stuffs
Fallout 76 is free for the week (through October 26) for the Bombs Drop Sale. The free trial week of 76 includes a free trial of Fallout 1st, and as is usual for this time of year, virtually all Fallout titles are on sale on Steam for the week too. Fallout 76 itself is discounted by 60% ($16 USD currently).

Fallout Community News

Haven't had a mod display in a while. So, here's some fresh pics provided by Fallout 4: New Vegas.

Half of the pics, anyway.


On the left we've got Goodsprings as it looked in 2017, when the map's terrain was just getting built out.
On the right is the present-day version of Goodsprings.

Ditto for Primm. That freeway looks better than it did in NV.

This Week in History
October 23, 2077 - The Great War. Y'all should know how this one played out, I hope.

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