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  • Mishaxhi

    Hello there, my name is DragonBorn96 and I'd like to welcome you to Gizmo's workshop. This is a feature that I, along with a few others users are currently working on, and it's all about game mods. Sadly at the moment I can only work with Fallout: New Vegas, though if anyone has a copy of other moddable Fallout games and would like to get involved, then send me a message and I'll see if we can include you.

    This week, we'll be looking at Beyond Boulder Dome.

    Beyond Boulder Dome is a fanmade DLC project created by a group of users on the New Vegas Nexus. This mod takes the player to an area that should sound familiar to those of you who read around our wiki, especially to those of you that have done any reading about Van Buren (the cancelled Fa…

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  • Mishaxhi

    Caeser and his Legion have taken Hoover Dam, and have marched into the Mojave in triumph.

    Following the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Caesar marched into the Mojave with the assistance of the Courier. The NCR, suffering heavy losses across the board, made a hasty retreat from the Mojave Wasteland as the forces of the Legion marched nearly unopposed on the remaining bastion's of the NCR's tattered military force left in the wastes.

    Upon the ending slides coming to a close, the player finds themselves in the Lucky 38's penthouse, with Caesar stood in front of House's large screen, Legion forces surround him, as do the smashed remains of any securitrons left online following the invasion.

    Caesar describes the Mojave's situation, and how pockets o…

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  • Mishaxhi
    Fallout: New Vegas DLC Pitch - The Bones of Old

    In this new DLC, we will return to the Boneyard, a large location in Fallout 1 built around the ruins of what was Los Angeles. Death is no stranger in the Boneyard, so named due to the bones that litter it's streets, and the vast skeletons of once busy skyscrapers that dot the skyline, a gruesome reminder of the reality of the war, and it's end.

    Dialogue with Razz suggested to the players that despite being part of the New California Republic, those who live in the areas do not live an easy life, one still full of hardships. From this small part of dialogue, I feel we have a large scope to work from.

    Only a small area would be explored, due to the vastness of the area. The player would find them…

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  • Mishaxhi

    Savannah is the tribal leader of the settlers that live in the ruins of Searchlight Airport in 2281.

    The leader of the Searchlight tribals in 2281, he is the tribes current appointed Shaman, and is staunch in his belief of the Green Man, and that he or it is nothing but a "demon". Despite his tribal beliefs, he is knowledgeable in the ways of the Wasteland, but leaves trading and economic matters to Nix, the towns local merchant.

    He was born in the airport sometime around 2265, and has only left it's boundaries a few times, Growing up solely based on stories, and during the settlements descent into more tribal tendencies, he grew to be deeply superstitious of the world around him, believing most of the stories he was told, including the legen…

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  • Mishaxhi

    Apprentice Challenge 3 - Searchlight Airport


    The Searchlight Airport is a pre-War airport in the south-eastern Mojave Wasteland, south of Camp Searchlight. Its only entrance is a tunnel on the northern side of the airport.

    In the year of 2281, the airport is occupied by a small group of tribals and settlers.

    Fleeing from Legion destruction, a small group of settlers embarked into the wastes in order to find a place to live free from danger. In the year of 2248, not long after leaving Arizona, the settlers wandered into Searchlight airport. Though weary, they were equipped enough to swiftly remove the radscorpions dwelling in the ruins.

    Year after year passed, and the settlers eventually began to clear the ruins from the airport, and gained acce…

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