I like cucumbers without condiments. This means no pepper, no salt, no dressings of any kind. Not to say I don't like cucumber pickles (I love them, actually), but I can't stand eating fresh cucumbers with added spices or condiments. Dad says I'm weird, but he's one to talk: he eats cucumber pickles with peanut butter. Pot calling the kettle black.

This Week's Trivia

In 1972, in Jackson, Mississippi, police flagged down a car that was zigzagging randomly through traffic lanes and discovered that the driver was blind. He was being directed by a friend in the passenger seat who said he was too drunk to drive himself.

Its one of those things where you have very little to say, but just shake your head or roll your eyes.

Last Week's Polls

How do you deal with a barking dog?

  • Third was a tie between comment and you don't have a dog. Cats are so much more quieter (generally speaking).
  • Second was you try to ignore it. Dad jams in earplugs. Myself, I could never stand having something jammed into my ears. The feeling bugs me.
  • And first was tell it to be quiet. Ah, but does the dog listen? That is the question...because I know mine doesn't...
  • Honorably mentioned is that there were no votes for nonsensical gibberish! I am proud of you. Too many people I've known use that blight on the English language and it just makes me cringe.

What if there was a game with no Easter Eggs?

  • Third was comment. I'm too lazy to wait for the comments section to load so I can craft a response to it.
  • Second was just a few. You can have games just cram packed with Easter Eggs, but they are still so sad, like F.E.A.R. 2.
  • And first was NO! YOU LOVE THOSE THINGS! I know I chuckled when I heard the reference to Brahmin Tipping in Skyrim. Don't know where it is? Talk to the kids in Whiterun. That's the only hint I'll give you.

What do you think of the radiation spike in Radroach Meat from Fallout 3 to Fallout: New Vegas'?

  • Third was another tie, this time between you didn't mind and you still don't mind, because you only sell it. Deathclaw Eggs fetch a good price, if you don't want to bother crafting the omelet.
  • Second was gross! I never ate the stuff! I used to eat it all the time in Fallout 3, but stopped in New Vegas, due to the increased rads. Still, in real life, you wouldn't catch me eating the stuff, one: I'm a vegetarian, and two: cockroaches are sticky when you squish them, and I'd imagine that the Radroach Meat would be this same...consistency.
  • And first was they changed the rads? Sure they did. I was quite miffed at first, but eventually got over it. There's better food to be had, like Prickly pear fruit, which more or less was my replacement for "Most Used Food."

This Week's Polls

That's all, folks!

That's all this week! If you have any ideas for me, leave them on my talk page!

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