A lightning storm passed through about midnight last night. We have one of those "weather radios," so the thunder started from a distance just as the radio's warning was over.

Boy, was it a light show, and not generally the good kind. There's something about lightning storms that if they happen to come in the night whilst you're sleeping, it, for some reason, keeps you awake. Must be the "charge" in the air. There were so many flashes in the night that if you sat by a window, you could have read a book. No kidding.

Me? I prefer light rain (or just rain in general) with no lightning, 'cause that can short out the electricity in your house, which is a big bummer.

This Week's Trivia

Ever heard of a "fulgerite"? It is a type of stone created by lightning strikes. No kidding! Lighting may actually liquify the sand or stone that it strikes, and when the liquid solidifies, it creates root- or branch-shaped stones called Fulgerites.

Last Week's Polls

Ever pick up money from the ground?

  • Third was You can pick up money from the ground?! Sure you can. Look at the ground next time you're in a store or in a parking lot and you may get lucky!
  • Second was only if its a bigger denomination. Pennies and nickels can add up after time, you know.
  • And first was all the time! A great way to supplement a not-so-rich income.

How often do you finish the main questline of a game? (on aplicable games)

  • Third was sometimes. Hey, they make side quests for a reason, you know?
  • Second was all the time! But in games like New Vegas and the base Fallout 3, you can't play after the main's finished. Make you want to wander around even more than you might have in the first place.
  • And first was most of the time. 'Cause after every last misc. and side quest is finished, there's not much else to do than hoard things. Might as well finish the main quests before my psychosis really blows up.
  • And for an honorable mention, we have one vote for Never! With packed games like New Vegas and Skyrim, its extremely hard not to finish the game at all.

Ever thought that something in a game was cheesy?

  • Third was "Cheesy?" I ain't talking real cheese, just ... well ... cheesy stuff in games!
  • Second was sort of. I guess it all matter on how sensitive your "cheesy meter" is.
  • And first was Yeah! Svaknir in Skyrim. 'Nuff said.
  • And for an honorable mention, there were no votes for "never!" and not remembering. Finally! I thought you'd people'd never give up on that option!

This Week's Polls

That's all, folks!

That's all for this week! If you have any ideas for me, leave them on my talk page!

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