I had two consecutive large paragraphs taken from me in stories because each time, before I could save them (they were on Microsoft Notepad), the electricity went out. Twice. In a couple minutes. A storm blew through. It really annoyed me, but there was nothing i could do about it, and nothing i could to to save them (they were gone each time the power went off), so... nothing i could do about it. Wasted time, then.

This Week's Trivia

In radio, all AM stations crackle and hiss, no matter how well you're receiving them or how close you are to the station. I was told this is how it is with AM (not FM) because there are federal regulations regarding radio bandwidth and so all AM stations will crackle. Makes me wonder why, then, anyone at all has an AM station if its gonna crackle all the time.

This Week's Poll

Ever had a power outage take something away you were working on?

  • Yeah, it was annoying
  • Nah, I managed to save it in time
  • I don't use anything connected to a power source
  • Comment

That's all, folks!


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