Apologies for not posting yesterday. I was involved in writing some fan fiction and the time got away from me. When I finally realized it was Friday, I was being regaled with stories of dumb people who will be our neighbors someday, and I was lost in confusion the rest of the evening as to how someone can be so dumb and think they are so smart. In order, this things I was told that they said or did whilst visiting last night (I was inside and they were outside): "I want to build a cobb house!" (a cobb house is one made of dirt and would only work if you lived in, say, the Mojave Desert where there is little weather to melt your mud house, because our sandy and loamy soil just won't work), "I don't like seltzer water!" (Sure, that's up for you to judge - I love the stuff myself - but don't go shaking the bottle like a can of spray paint while proclaiming your hate for the stuff! The manufacturers put warnings on the caps for a reason!), "I'm gonna buy a blowtorch to scare off snakes! They're scared of fire, you know!" (no, they aren't... if anything, heat and flames make angry snakes even more volatile, trust me), and a variety of other things that got lost in me shaking my head all evening, unable to understand the stupidity. I've lived here all my life, and i know these things simply cannot work. They don't take advice for anything, either, even though they ask for it, and ask for it all the time! They ask for "advice" and then their eyes glaze over as you tell them (in the gentlest of terms) their latest scheme won't work and you need to do something else, and they go on and do what they originally intended, it fails (as I knew would happen), and then they need help and act like damsels in distress. Fuck that! I originally thought they could be friends when they started to come here a year ago, but no longer! I dread the day they will move here permanently and I'll be stuck with them and their hairbrained ideas on a constant basis.

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