I've been cleaning out old things, lately. Mostly its been 23-year-old food cans that dad bought for what-might-have-been apocalypse Y2K (or the year 2000 computer glitch). I was around 8 when he bought them; I'm going on 32 now when we're finally getting around to opening the rusty old things. As expected, having people you know that know nothing about sealing cans can your food supplies for you can end in disaster. The can of corn (run-of-the-mill corn, not popcorn or anything... though that was bad in another way) was full of dead bugs and half-eaten, because the corn had them before it was canned, and no one bothered to look for weevils when they canned it. So the corn was really gross when I opened it yesterday. The rice was rusted onto the cans and the dried vegetable protein was grey and musty-smelling. Even some of the beans were bad, too, rusted onto the cans as well, or even stuck together in one big clump. The only thing good was the wheat berries. These things weren't in liquid like the stuff you buy in the stores; it was dried and should have lasted more than 30 years... if it was canned by professionals. I opened at least 30 cans and there's 64 left to go, though it seems there's only wheat left and no foul-smelling lima beans or clumped rice. I'm glad there was no apocalypse and I had to subsist on the stuff that was like that!

This Week's Trivia

In honor of a nature program I watched, I give you this trivia this week: sharks never sleep. No, they don't. They can shut off certain parts of their brain akin to sleep, but they don't actually go to sleep. So, they are always hunting. No wonder they've had horror movies about sharks!

This Week's Poll

Ever found something that should have lasted but didn't?

  • Yes, it was a disappointment
  • No, nothing like that
  • I don't keep anything in storage
  • I don't have anything to keep in storage
  • Something else

That's all, folks!


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